Money Heist Star Diagnosed With Cancer, Fans Terrified After Reading The News

Money Heist Star Diagnosed With Cancer, Fans Terrified After Reading The News

In the Netflix Spanish drama “Money Heist”, the Professor leads his pursuers by the nose, but in real life, the star has already had to face his very own opponent, cancer.

“Money Heist” Star Suffering From Cancer

While fans worldwide are patiently waiting for the new and final season of the successful crime series, behind the scenes of the series, there are very own dramas: Alvaro Morte, who plays the character of Professor in the show, is a cancer patient. A shock for many fans. But the good news first, it’s good to hear that the star is currently doing well and that some new projects are also on the agenda after the “Money Heist”.

Alvaro Morte: Cancer Diagnosis

The actor was diagnosed with cancer back in 2011 when a tumour was detected in his left leg. A moment that would change the life of the actor forever: “I still remember exactly how the doctor came into the room. Whitecoat, stethoscope around your neck,” Alvaro recalls in an interview, “He said: it’s a bad diagnosis, but you still have time.” But how much time?

 The Professor Has Conquered Over Cancer

As in the Netflix series, the actor who plays Professor on the screen is not giving up easily in real life. The diagnosis was followed by rapid and intensive treatment of the tumour. Alvaro refused to let cancer rule his life. And even though the diagnosis bothered him and he “thought he was going to die”, Alvaro worked on himself and still tried to think positively. Amputation of the leg is said to have been in the room. But it turned out well for the “Money Heist” star.

 “I was thinking logically and only focused on the positive and that was the only way,” said the actor. This statement could be from someone who is completely similar to the Professor. So far, his cancer has not come back, and Alvaro Morte is entirely healthy. 

Money Heist Season 5 Arrives Next Month

The first part of the two-part final season of Netflix’s Spanish crime drama Money Heist will premiere on September 23, 2021, on the streaming giant. The show has been one of the most popular Netflix shows in past years and is the most anticipated show of the year as per its fans and critics. The show revolves around a gang of thieves who plan a heist to get everything out of the Royal Mint of Spain.


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