Drake Is Going Bald Due To Coronavirus

Drake Is Going Bald Due To Coronavirus

Canadian musician Drake is associated not only with incendiary hits but also with creative hairstyles. Now the rapper has a short haircut and shaves the heart on the left side of his forehead; it has already become the hallmark of the star. After his corona illness, Drake suffers from a lesser-known symptom of the virus illness: hair loss. Recently, fans have become worried: the drawing on the musician’s head began to look bizarre and less clear and even decreased. And the hairline itself has become dull and uneven.

Drake: Sick of Corona

Some stars and talents have already contracted the coronavirus in the last 1.5 years. The super successful rapper Drake also admits that he suffered from infection with SARS-CoV 2 with a previously less well-known symptom: his excellent look impaired.

Hair Loss After Corona Disease

On one of the fan pages on Instagram, followers began to discuss the fate of the “heart”. Suddenly, the artist himself came into the commentary and explained what was happening to him. It turns out that the disease is to blame for everything:

In an Instagram or comment, the rapper who currently wears a heart shaved into his hair on his forehead admitted that he is suffering from hair loss due to his infection with the coronavirus. “I have had coronavirus. That shit grew in weird I had to start again. It is coming back, don’t diss,” writes the 34-year-old on Insta.

Is Hair Loss A Typical Symptom Of Corona?

The symptoms that can be associated with corona disease are manifold. Almost every day, there is knowledge about new signs of the virus infection. Hair loss is one of them. According to experts, this is due to a high fever and the stress that patients like Drake endure during corona disease. The hair loss comes as the “One Dance” singer confirms, mainly after the actual illness.

The medical term for this is telogen effluvium and describes increased hair loss or the thinning of hair growth. After a severe illness that can be infected with Covid 19, some people suffer this phase – and lose more hair than usual.

With a superstar like Drake, fans, of course, notice every change immediately and one fan noticed the strange look of Drake’s hairstyle.

Drake: Don’t Worry About Looks

The 34-year-old doesn’t have to worry about his good look because after a few weeks, the hair loss phase is over, and the old splendour will return. As Drake himself says, “No stress.”


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