Jarvis.ai Review (Conversion.ai): Yay or Nay? Get Free Credits!


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Let us introduce you to your new efficient copyright assistant, Jarvis.ai 

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Jarvis.ai, which was earlier known as Conversion.ai, is an AI copywriting tool. It generates content automatically using artificial intelligence. With the help of this unique tool, you can write the entire content for your blogs, websites, marketing emails, books, marketing campaigns, etc, very quickly and efficiently. 

There’s no language problem as well because Jarvis knows more than 25 languages and can write and translate your content in any language you want. Jarvis is a very well-trained AI tool with an understanding of nearly every niche there is. This is because it has gone through the majority of the public internet and so it pulls all the useful information and content not from just one single source but all sources combined, which thus ensures that the entire piece of content is word-by-word original and there’s no plagiarism. 

What makes this tool different from others is the fact that it is trained by its creators who happen to be industry experts in marketing. Not only is Jarvis well-trained and modified but also knows over 50 different skills which are based on real-world examples and frameworks. All of this is helpful for the users and enables them to write and fulfill their tasks quicker and better.

Below is a detailed review of Jarvis.ai. We will be discussing how Jarvis.ai is as a standalone product, what and how are its features, cost, design, content output, and also several other aspects of this tool. 

How Does Jarvis AI Work?

Jarvis.ai is an advanced tool that takes existing prompts using artificial intelligence in order to generate new original content from it. With the help of this tool, you can prepare long-form content, website/blog posts, or even other things from simple sentences. 

As far as the backend functioning and system of Jarvis.ai is concerned, it has a GPT-3 OpenAI API using which it generates content. GPT-3 is a modified and well-trained neural network, pre-trained with millions of words, which uses deep learning to provide the best content pieces to the user. Artificial intelligence can refer back to its training in the process of generating contact while simultaneously enhancing the additional user input so as to provide an incredibly coherent output. 

It has completely transformed the content generation process over these last few months. 

Not only is there a stark difference in the interface, but Jarvis.ai is also comparatively very well-funded and sets the bar high while consistently acquiring its competitors to improve its own product. 

In terms of the quality of content produced, this tool is better or at least on par with most of the authors. 

Jarvis, like other artificial copywriting companies, makes use of a credit-based system as besides being open-source, calls to the API do cost some money. 

One unique thing about Jarvis is acquiring its own competitors and taking the best of all those platforms to implement it on their own. This ensures that you, the user, get the best service possible. 

You can use it to generate content in two ways – using the longform editor or the templates. The editor is a good option when you want to generate longform content like an e-book or lengthy blog posts whereas using the templates will help you in completing specific tasks with the AI. 

Jarvis.ai Templates

Jarvis.ai offers users a myriad of templates and is constantly improving and adding more to this huge template list for enhanced user experience. The user also has the liberty to request specific templates. Here AI is used to generate specific types of output. With the help of these templates, you can save a lot of your time and effort spent on specific tasks. 

Jarvis.ai Editor

You can consider Jarvis AI editor as a tool similar to MS Word or Google Docs. There is a basic WYSIWYG editor using which you can add different headings, format text, etc. Going to the left of the screen, you can make a title, content description, add various keywords, and much more. You also have the option to set the output length of the AI-generated content. 

The Jarvis editor is very well designed and extremely easy to use. Further the recent plan i.e., The Boss Mode increases the features and productivity of this longform editor even more. 

Content Originality

When it comes to content, originality, and quality are some of the most important factors. Like any new user/audience, you might be skeptical regarding the originality of content produced by Jarvis. Well, you need not worry. Jarvis gives you completely original, high-quality, and correct content. It might be a hard pill to swallow that an AI tool is this good and provides such well-written pieces. To further clear any of your concerns/doubts, you can run the content through various plagiarism checkers like Quetext. 

Jarvis Starter vs Pro Plans – Which Plan is Right For You?

With various options comes the dilemma as to which option/plan is the perfect fit. Well if you are also stuck in this debate like many other new users, here is the complete information about each plan.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is the most basic and cheapest plan of all the plans offered by Jarvis. This is a $29/month plan using which you can get 20k words each month which in fact is a great value for such a small amount. This volume of words is more than enough to be used for a high-converting copy for Facebook ads, product descriptions, etc.

Not only do you get such a hefty amount of content, but you also get additional 10,000 credits (words) if you sign up using this affiliate link provided here. So in short, you get a good return plus a nice bonus which is a great deal. 

If you still have any concerns, you can always opt for a 5-day trial first. 

Pro Unlimited Plan

This plan provides you unlimited words for every month. You also get a long-form assistant with the help of which you can write marketing emails, lengthy blog posts, and even e-books. And the best part is you get all this just for $109/month. You can easily make this amount back using affiliate marketing or selling any product or service by writing a monthly SEO-optimized blog, written using this Pro Plan. 

Subscribing to this plan is similar to hiring your own copywriter and salesperson. The only difference here is that you get unlimited content at just a fraction of the cost of a human copywriter. Now isn’t this amazing!

Boss Mode

As the name suggests, this plan is the ultimate package that helps to create the best AI copywriting content probably in the shortest time span. This plan is the most recent one. It is completely open-ended and so it allows the Jarvis AI to do its own thing.

This $119/month plan is the best of all the plans by Jarvis as it includes everything be it the Starter Plan or the Pro Unlimited Plan. It is only $10/month more than the Pro Plan. Along with this, there are also some additional benefits like :

  • 2 times faster AI content creation
  • Enhanced Jarvis Visibility – In this plan, Jarvis can learn comparatively a lot more characters i.e., 2-3k characters than that in the Pro Unlimited Plan (600 characters). 
  • Run Jarvis Commands – you can write out whatever you want the tool to write and run the command for the same and then watch Jarvis run with it. 
  • Unlocked compose button – using this plan, you can run the compose button as fast and frequently as you like and don’t need to write your own words in between each consecutive run.

Who This Tool Is Built For?

This tool is for those who write/require several thousand words on a monthly basis. Not only does it provide quality content in humongous quantity, but it also saves a lot of your time and money in the long run. If you run or are a part of SEO firms, content startups, digital marketing agencies, blog/content websites, etc, Jarvis.ai is the perfect tool for you. 

For someone who publishes a whole lot of content on blogs on a frequent basis, Jarvis.ai does the work by creating content in just a few minutes. 

Jarvis.ai is also great for small business owners who spend hours creating their own Facebook ad copy as it performs the same task in a few seconds. 

It is also helpful for copywriting. Let’s say you have a digital marketing agency and are building your website but in this entire process, you get lost when it comes to copywriting. This is when Jarvis.ai comes to your rescue. It will do the entire work for you in no time and that too on par with professional copywriting quality. 

Useful Integrations

Jarvis.ai as a standalone product is a great tool. What makes it more valuable and worth using are the recent developments and integrations. It now has integrations with tools like Surfer.seo which will make the overall content creation process even more simpler and efficient. The benefit of such integrations is that you can optimize the content and create it specifically to rank on Google. Such a feature would prove to be a massive timesaver.


As far as the pricing is concerned, Jarvis.ai is pretty reasonable given the enormous benefits. There are three pricing plans offered by Jarvis – Starter, Boss Mode and Pro Unlimited. 

First comes the starter plan for $29/month. With this plan, you can create 20,000 words/month.

Then comes the pro plan for $109/month. This plan provides you unlimited words as well as unlocks the longform contact features.

Lastly, we have the pro + boss mode plan for $119/month. This plan provides you unlimited words along with the boss mode features discussed earlier. 

Using this, you can write your content 2 times faster. 

To know the best plan for yourself, you can do a free 5-day trial

Comparing the cost of this tool with the cost incurred by paying authors/content writers/agency/copywriters, the cost-benefit analysis is pretty straightforward. Jarvis.ai is undoubtedly the best option among all these as it not only saves your money, time and headaches but also provides good quality content better than the majority of the writers out there.

Now, we are about to end this article but before you go – Do make sure to get the Free 10,000 word credits – It’s about free $200 value you are missing out on – Here’s the offer – Click Here to Get FREE 10,000 WORDS on Jarvis.AI for FREE!


It’s been a few months since we have started using Jarvis.ai for our personal as well as professional client projects and let me tell you that it has proved to be a great asset. By improving productivity and reducing our content budget, this tool has become an invaluable part of our regular workflow. This is an important part of the future of content, a tool that produces content and words second to none. 


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