Zendaya And Tom Holland: Are They Dating?

Zendaya And Tom Holland: Are They Dating?

For several years, the star of the series “Euphoria” and actor Tom Holland refused to be romantically involved, but all the secrets became clear after recent photos. So why did Zendaya and Spider-Man hide their tender feelings for so long and now decide to open up to the whole world? We will tell you in the article.

After the movie world became aware of the joint filming of Zendaya and Holland in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, the stars began to appear on each other’s social networks. Back in July 2016, the actors took a cute photo while relaxing in the pool. Attentive fans tried to understand whether there were romantic feelings between colleagues. A month later, they appeared together on the red carpet and only fueled rumours in the media community.

Cover Stars

The star duo graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter in November. Then Zendaya talked about how happy she is to share this moment with rising Hollywood star Tom.

“Amid all the chaos and sadness, one good thing happened to me today. I am honoured to share this moment with the best Spider-Man. Thank you for this beautiful cover,” she wrote at the time.

A few weeks later, the girl also shared a video in which they visited a children’s hospital in New York together.

Summer Romance?

According to People, colleagues began dating during the filming of Spider-Man. They were cautious and tried to hide their romance from the public. But then the couple still left to rest together, and it seems that it was there that they were happy without the condemnation of the press. However, later, the actress denied this information from sources, laughing at the fact that she had not been on vacation for a long time.

Denial And Denial Again

In the fall, Zendaya made it clear that she and Holland were just “friends.” Just friends”. “He’s a great guy,” she told Variety magazine in August 2017. “He is one of my best friends. Over the past months, we have had to go on press tours together. Few people will understand what it is, at the age of 20″.

They Met Each Other’s Parents

Despite repeatedly denying any connection, the actors were spotted at a party with Zendaya’s parents in December. According to eyewitnesses, Tom charmed her mom and dad, which did not surprise fans at all. In March 2018, the stars appeared together at the Oscars. And if they walked on the red carpet separately, then the couple sat next to each other during the event.

American actress Skye Jackson and Zendaya’s close friend confirmed rumours of a celebrity romance. According to her comments, the relationship spun during the filming of the film. The pair soon teamed up to work on a sequel to the Spider-Man franchise.


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