Jacob Elordi And Joey King: How Did The Stars Breakup?

Jacob Elordi And Joey King: How Did The Stars Breakup?

How did the relationship between Jacob Elordi and Joey King end?

Here are potential reasons why the actors of The Kissing Booth broke up.

The Story Of The Breakup

With the release of The Kissing Booth 3, many new rom-com fans have discovered that the two lead actors have been together in real life. Jacob Elordi and Joey King also dated outside the set, becoming one of the most loved couples on the web quickly.

The two met in 2018 on The Kissing Booth set, and the spark immediately took off. The couple was often paparazzi around the streets, and both actors were constantly posting photos of their relationship on social media. However, at the end of 2018, rumours began about their potential breakup when Joey King stopped sharing shots on Instagram, and Jacob Elordi took a break from social media. At the time, the couple denied that they had drifted apart, but when Jacob Elordi reopened his profile, all the photos with Joey were gone. Shortly after, the actress also decided to delete all the images together with the then alleged boyfriend.

Their choices have left little to the imagination, and, in March 2019, during an interview with Refinery29, Joey King confirmed the break. The actress talked about how she was experiencing it and how social media had played a fundamental role in their relationship during the conversation.

“When you are experiencing something, and the world wants to live it with you or have every detail about it, it becomes tough. Some things are not made for you”.

Joey King also talked about how he lived continuously receiving feedback on the relationship with Jacob Elordi from fans.

“They can’t understand; the reality could be quite different and not what it seems. I think it was difficult for me to update them on the situation because they had a fantastic idea of ​​what our life was like, but maybe it wasn’t really like that. “

So Why Did Jacob Elordi And Joey King Break Up?

It, therefore, seems that the fans had a role in the breakup, even if certainly without intending it. From the statements of Joey King, it appears that the relationship was not all roses as it seemed from the social networks, and perhaps it never was.

While we don’t know precisely why Jacob Elordi and Joey King broke up, the most quoted hypothesis is that simply the pressure of their work and the need to appear a certain way on social media was crucial. Some fans are motivated. Many carry on the theory that there was a betrayal by Jacob Elordi.


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