Tekashi 6ix9ine: Controversial Rise & Fall Career Of American Rapper

Tekashi 6ix9ine: Controversial Rise & Fall Career Of American Rapper

Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi 6ix9ine, is typically one of the most hated rappers in the US. The rapper who confessed to a child s*x offence once made history with his single ‘GOOBA’, which became the most-watched hip-hop video on YouTube in 24 hours. 

Gangs, house arrest, prison, courts, these are the words that justify Tekashi’s life in the previous three years. In November 2019, the rapper was arrested in New York on firearms and racketeering charges, additionally being involved in the Nine Trey Gangsta Blood gang. Tekashi’s role in the gang was to provide financial support while delivering constant hits and making money. 

The rapper became a government witness and shared all the information about the gang to avoid a jail time of 47 years. Instead, he was sentenced to spend two-year behind bars. The rapper got out of prison ahead of schedule (thanks to the coronavirus), immediately bought a car fleet, went out on social networks and trolled everyone in the world, thundered out a noisy instant message to rappers-haters, released a video, dropped a YouTube record, almost reached the top of the Billboard and immediately blamed the chart management in the calculation of streams.

Who is 6ix9ine

Daniel has a tricky background. The future artist grew up in a dysfunctional Brooklyn area in a family of Hispanic migrants. His father was shot when Daniel was in 8th grade, and shortly after that, the guy was kicked out of school.

What happened next? The early biography of the future artist is entirely consonant with the fate of the tramp Ben Gunn from the cartoon “Treasure Island”: he began to play a toss, got in touch with pirates and rolled. Only instead of a toss, narcotics trafficking, and instead of pirates, petty Brooklyn criminals.

So by the start of his musical career, Daniel had accumulated life adventures on a complete gangster action movie: here is the narcotics trade, and indirect participation in s*x with a minor, and a lot of little things – drugs, fights, robberies.

How his career began

SoundCloud, as usual. After the first attempts at writing in 2016, Daniel got himself the pseudonym Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi was the name of his friend, 69 – he is obsessed with this number), dyed his hair in rainbow colours, inserted grills and went to gain popularity.

The artist’s Instagram began to grow (mainly due to his bright image) actively, and the single “Gummo” was released, which threw 6ix9ine as a hype train to rap-tops and millions in everything in the world from views, subscribers and dollars to problems ( about them a little later).


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