Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3- Release Date| Cast| Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

Fans of Fate: The Winx Saga, gather your fairy wings: season 2 is officially here. The edgy teen drama, based on the popular Winx Club cartoon, transports viewers to the Otherworld, where fairies and specialists train at Alfea College.

This time, however, a threat was emerging from within the school’s gates, as a result of a violent takeover by the wicked Rosalind, who murdered the former headmistress, Farah Dowling (House of the Dragon’s Eve Best).

Fans who have previously watched Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 will know that the series finishes on a major cliffhanger, with Bloom (Abigail Cowen) getting closer to understanding her origins than ever before.

With some significant concerns hanging over the season 2 finale, fans are surely wondering what the fairytale has in store for them. So, here’s what we know so far concerning the possibility of a third season.

Will Fate: the Winx Saga Have a Third Season?

Netflix has yet to announce whether Fate: The Winx Saga will return for a third season, with a decision contingent on how the new episodes perform in their first month of availability.

For the record, the Fate: The Winx Saga cast seemed eager to return for another round. “We want to leave them wanting more, which I think we did,” said Paulina Chávez, who appeared in season 2 as the earth fairy Flora, said in a roundtable with RadioTimes.com.

“We just hope for a season 3,” Abigail Cowen, who portrays fire fairy Bloom, added.

When Might Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3 Be Out?

As of now, there has been no word regarding the third season, despite the fact that the second season was just released. Having said that, the show is rapidly becoming everyone’s guilty pleasure and is a trending series in the majority of countries.

Netflix has a tendency for renewing fantasy drama series, but it is also a platform that kills shows when they appear to be gaining traction. As a result, predicting the show’s future is a difficult task.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3

However, showrunner Brian Young recently indicated the goal of Fate The Winx Saga Season 3 in an interview, stating that it is intended to focus on the Realm of Darkness and will also build a relationship with the whole mythology.

With Bloom in the shadow world, a slew of new characters, and a new threat already at Alfea, it almost seems inevitable that there will be no third season. Fate The Winx Saga Season 3 will be able to focus on Musa’s newfound Specialist world, as well as a possible relationship with Riven, in addition to Bloom’s genesis narrative.

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Flora’s scars, as well as Aisha and Grey’s clandestine affair, could lead to something far bigger. Stella could be able to discover Beatrix’s sisters and possibly welcome the return of the ‘Trix’ to the show.

Who Could Return for Season 3 of Fate: The Winx Saga?

If Fate: The Winx Saga gets renewed, we could see more of our favourite Alfea fairies, performed by Abigail Cowen (Bloom), Precious Mustapha (Aisha), Eliot Salt (Terra), Paulina Chávez (Flora), Elisha Applebaum (Musa), and Hannah van der Westhuysen (Stella).

Saul Silva (Robert James-Collier), as well as crucial members Sky (Danny Griffin), Riven (Freddie Thorp), Dane (Theo Graham), and recent recruit Grey, would almost certainly return (Brandon Grace).

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3

Grey was discovered to be a secret blood witch at the end of season 2, but his regret for his involvement in Sebastian’s plan, combined with his blossoming affections for Aisha, leads us to believe a return is in the works.

Rosalind is played by Miranda Richardson in Fate: The Winx Saga. Netflix. The same cannot be said about Miranda Richardson’s Rosalind, Ken Duken’s Andreas, or Sadie Soverall’s Beatrix, as none of them survived season 2.

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Having said that, there was a cryptic suggestion about Beatrix having two sisters – a reference to the original Winx Club cartoon – so don’t be shocked if they play a role if the show returns.

Another important position that would need to be filled is that of Bloom’s mother, who is briefly seen in the final scene of season 2 but whose identity is never revealed. Could it go to a big-name guest star? Abigail Cowen joked that Nicole Kidman would be her preferred option for the position.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3 Plot: What Will Happen?

The Winx Suite fairies are down without their leader, Bloom, and are all dealing with their own issues in the aftermath of the battle with the blood witches.

Bloom walked into the Realm of Darkness to close the portal Sebastian had established. She hopes that by doing so, she will be able to close the Dragon Flame power on the other side, but she will have to lock herself over there.

But it could also supply her with answers about her mother and family history, which she was longing for.

Terra is doing well in her new relationship with expert Kat, but her relative Flora is not. She is plainly traumatized – both psychologically and physically – after nearly losing her life in the conflict. She might need some time to process what happened.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3

Stella is also in mourning after the unexpected death of her friend Beatrix. While they had their disagreements, Beatrix’s sacrifice to save the Otherworld was her first big act of selflessness, and it cost her her life.

Grey’s connection with Aisha was left unresolved at the conclusion, as he hunted her down in a field outside the school after being exiled for his involvement with the Blood Witches. It’s unclear whether she’ll forgive him but first loves to endure.

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Finally, there’s Musa, who refuses to use her empathic abilities. Instead, she’s growing closer to Riven as he instructs her on how to be a specialist.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3 Trailer: Is There Any Trailer Available?

Short of casting a time spell, something tells us we won’t be seeing any new video for a while. After all, Season 2 was recently released! We need some time to process what happened there before we learn anything else. However, as soon as new footage becomes available, we’ll post it here. You can watch the last season’s trailer, given below.


With some major issues hanging over the season 2 finale, fans must be wondering what the fairytale has in store for them. So far, here’s everything we know about the likelihood of a third season.

Netflix has yet to announce whether Fate: The Winx Saga will be renewed for a third season, with a decision based on how the new episodes perform in their first month of availability.

We hope you found this post interesting. We did our best to keep you up to date on all the newest Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3. For more information visit fedregsadvisor and comment below on what you think about the renewal status of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes Are There in Fate: the Winx Saga’s Second Season?

Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga has seven episodes.

Who Supervised the Winx Saga’s Seasons of Fate?

Fate: The Winx Saga is a Netflix Original teen fantasy drama series based on the hugely popular Winx Club cartoon series. Brian Young created the show, and the directorial duties were divided among three directors: Lisa James Larsson, Hannah Quinn, and Stephen Woolfenden.

Is Fate: The Winx Saga a Success?

Fate: The Winx Saga’s first season was a moderate success. The show was not universally praised by critics. However, it was well received by fans, and a second season will soon be available on Netflix.

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