The Rise of Phoenixes Season 2 Release Date: Unconfirmed by Netflix!

‘The Rise of Phoenixes’ is one of the most-watched shows in the globe, and with season 2 of the show yet unconfirmed by Netflix, fans are doing their best to attract the streaming giant’s notice, and let them know that there are many fans of the epic Chinese drama who want to see fresh episodes.

Read the article to know more information about The Rise Of Phoenix’s Season 2.

About The Rise Of Phoenixes Season 2

Genre Historical fiction political romance
Based On Huang Quan
by Tianxia Guiyuan
Directed By Lu Yi Zou Yue Lu Jing
Starring Chen Kun Ni Ni
Composer Dong Yingda
Country of Origin China

When Will the Rise of Phoenixes Season 2 Be Released?

The premiere of Season 1 of the Rise of Phoenixes occurred on September 14, 2018. However, there are currently no updates on the second season of the show. The fans are raving about the show and sending a series of tweets to Netflix to let them know that the show has a large fan base.

The amount of love and support for the show could mean that it will come back for another season. This section will be updated as soon as we know The Rise of the Phoenixes Season 2’s release date.

The Plot of The Rise of Phoenixes: What is It About?

The plot revolves around a kingdom, its throne, and the falsehoods, discords, and deceit that surround it, as well as the secret agendas of the wronged and the reed of the others.

the rise of phoenixes season 2 release date

It depicts a young prince who spends every day of his life hiding behind a facade in order to exact vengeance on those who framed his mother and sibling for high treason.

After being falsely accused, the story’s protagonist must cross-dress as a man and begin a new life apart from her clan.

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The novel is not just about vengeance, but also about whether or not the protagonists can let go of their hatred and live a peaceful existence.

It is a classic tale of good triumphing over evil with a contemporary twist. Both principal actors are exceptionally accomplished and do their characters credit.

Who Are the Cast Members of the Rise of Phoenixes Season 2?

It boasts a large cast and staff. However, the following principal and supporting cast members are likely to return for the forthcoming season: Chen Kun portrays Ning Yi, the Prince of Chu, the sixth prince of the Tiansheng Kingdom. He is intelligent, determined, and rational.

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After his loved ones were betrayed by the system, wrongly accused, and murdered by political opponents, he never lost sight of the throne.

He maintains the appearance of a carefree prince who has no desire to ascend to the throne, while secretly constructing his political network and contacts from the ground up in order to exact punishment on those who wrongly convicted his half-brother and mother of treason.

the rise of phoenixes season 2 release date

Ni portrays Feng Zhiwei, the disfavored daughter of the Qiu family. She is the last princess of the Cheng Dynasty, which has fallen. After being wrongfully implicated in a crime, she is cast out of her own tribe. She assumes the identity of a guy in order to work and eventually enrol at the esteemed Qingming Academy.

Under the guise of a man named Wei Zhi, she too joins the royal court as a respected official. Ni Dahong portrays the Tiansheng kingdom’s ruler, Ning Shizheng. He is a shrewd and suspicious individual. Hai Yitian portrays the Crown prince of the Tiansheng Kingdom, Ning Chuan.

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He is ambitious yet inept and dependent on Chang Hai and other advisors to plot and prepare for him. Shi An portrays Ning Sheng, the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Tiansheng. A major candidate for the throne, he is both ambitious and nasty.

The Trailer for The Rise of Phoenixes Season 2

There are no teasers or trailers for the upcoming season, but you can get a sneak peek into the first season until an air date and trailer are announced for season 2 and released, respectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes are in the Rise of the Phoenixes? 

There are 50 episodes in the first season of the rise of the phoenixes.

Is the Rise of Phoenixes Based on a Real Story?

The film is loosely based on the historical fiction novel Huang Quan, therefore dramatic licence was likely taken. Therefore, the first episode can only be evaluated as a typical episode of a fictional series, based on the performances and entertainment value.

Is It Worth Watching the Rise of Phoenixes?

It is among the best historical Chinese dramas I’ve ever seen. Moreover, you will not have time to be disappointed with this drama in any episode.

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