Is Marco Polo Coming Back for Season 3? Everything You Need to Know!

Season 3 of Marco Polo is here, and the story of the legendary explorer and merchant continues. When Kublai Khan’s grandson Khubilai becomes emperor of China in 1294 AD, he inherits a prosperous and relatively peaceful country under Mongol rule.

However, Khubilai faces new challenges from within his own family, most notably the betrayal of his brother, Ariq Boke. Not only did he have to deal with internal strife within his own dynasty, but he also had to deal with external threats from places like Japan and the kingdoms of Southeast Asia. We invite you to join us on a fantastic journey around the globe.

Season 3 of Marco Polo was in limbo for quite some time. With only two seasons under its belt, Netflix decided to cancel the original series in 2016.

Fans have been waiting anxiously for a return to the show since it was canceled. Reddit users have shown their unwavering commitment to the production of Season 3 of Marco Polo by expressing their eager anticipation for the show.

Many viewers and Redditors felt the series deserved a better ending and expressed their displeasure with the episode that served as the series finale.

Is Marco Polo Coming Back for Season 3?

Biography of Marco Polo

John Fusco developed the American television series Marco Polo for two seasons. The show is based on the early years of the Venetian explorer Marco Polo at the court of Kublai Khan in 13th century Mongolia.

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The Netflix original TV series Marco Polo, created by the Weinstein Company, ran from 2014 to 2016.

In the first two seasons of Marco Polo, the main roles were played by Lorenzo Richelmy and Benedict Wong.

With an initial budget of $90 million and a staff of 500, Netflix released the first season of Marco Polo on December 12, 2014. The adventure series was renewed for a second season by Netflix on January 7, 2015.

Most of the output came from the countries of Malaysia, Italy, Hungary, and Slovakia. The pretty countries were chosen so that Renaissance Romans could think about their city in a setting that would inspire them to love it more.

The initial production of Marco Polo set the production budget at around $200 million, as per the show’s official Twitter account.

However, the general public and viewers gave him an 8.0 rating on IMDb despite the negative reviews they read.

The Plot of Marco Polo Season 3

For Season 3, we don’t yet know what the story will entail or who will play key roles in the production.

The Netflix original series Marco Polo focuses on the early years of the explorer’s life at the court of Kublai Khan, the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, and the founder of the Yuan state/dynasty. The Yuan state and dynasty were founded by Kublai Khan, the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

The stunning visuals and period accuracy of this series of historical dramas won over viewers all over the world. Those looking for a dramatic historical experience with spectacular special effects will love this show.

With a few notable exceptions (like Marco’s uncle), the cast is racially and ethnically diverse.

Is Marco Polo Coming Back for Season 3?

Characters and their roles

Marco Polo, the son of a Venetian merchant, is played by Lorenzo Richelmy. He goes to China, is left there, and ultimately becomes an important member of Kublai Khan’s court.

Kublai Khan, the fifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, is portrayed here by Benedict Wong. The Christmas film “One Hundred Eyes,” in which Wong also appears, is another of his many acting credits.

Empress Chabi (Joan Chen), the Khan’s most beloved and influential wife and trusted confidante.

  • June Rick plays Kaidu, Khan’s cousin and rival, and head of the House of gender.
  • Season 1 featured Amr Waked as Yusuf, the Khan’s Vice Regent.
  • Prince Jingoism, the legitimate heir to the Khan’s throne, is portrayed here by Remy Hii.
  • Zhu Zhu disguised as Nergui, also known as Princess Kokachin, a servant of the Blue Princess of the Bayat tribe.
  • Tom Wu portrays the blind Taoist monk Hundred Eyes, who is willingly enslaved by the Khan and acts as a sifu to Jingim and Marco Polo. One Hundred Eyes,” a holiday special, also features Wu.
  • Mahesh Jadu(Instagram) plays the role of Ahmad, the Khan’s Minister of Finance and adopted son who is a Persian Muslim from Bukhara.
  • Jia Mei Lin, played by Olivia Cheng, was the concubine of the late Emperor Lizong of Song and the sister of the Song court chancellor Jia Sidao.
  • Byamba (Uli Latukefu), the Khan’s scumbag son, was a powerful military leader in both the Mongolian horde and the Chinese Empire.
  • Mei Lin’s brother, Jia Sidao (Chin Han), was the chancellor under the Song dynasties Huaizong and Duanzong.
  • As Marco Polo’s father, the Venetian merchant Niccol Polo (played by Pierfrancesco Favino),
  • Season 2 Ron Yuan as Kublai’s uncle and Nestorian Christian Prince Nayan
  • Khutulun, Kaidu’s daughter and favored child, is the niece of the Khan and a superb warrior. Claudia Kim plays her (season 2; recurring, season 1).
  • Kaidu’s mom, Shabkana, played by Jacqueline Chan in season 2
  • For Season 2, Leonard Wu plays Kaidu’s son Orus.
  • Season 2 Thomas Chaanhing as Kaidu loyalist khan Gerel
  • Chris Pang reprises his role as Kaidu’s loyal Khan Arban from season 2 in this role.
  • Pope Gregory X, played by Gabriel Byrne (season 2
  • Lotus, played by Michelle Yeoh in the second season, is a Taoist nun and the boy emperor of the Song Dynasty’s designated protector. The holiday film “One Hundred Eyes,” in which Yeoh also appears, is a seasonal staple.

Is Season 3 of Marco Polo Officially Announced?

Marco Polo Season 3 could be expected to premiere as early as the end of 2023, despite the low likelihood of the show being picked up by Netflix or another production company.

Assuming they decide to give Marco Polo the third season, we could see it premiere by the end of 2023.

After Season 2’s conclusion in July 2016, production on Season 3 of Marco Polo was put on hold indefinitely.

Netflix has announced that it will immediately cancel Marco Polo Season 3 on December 12, 2016, due to a massive loss of around $200 million. The Weinstein Company, the show’s creators, gave their blessing for this to happen.

Despite the fact that Marco Polo was canceled after only two seasons, there has been persistent speculation that there will be a third.

Fans were overjoyed when talks with Netflix began, with many hoping that a third season would soon be announced. Neither Netflix nor the show’s creators have made any public announcements about Season 3 of Marco Polo.

Is Marco Polo Coming Back for Season 3?

The Hollywood Reporter’s Full TV Executives then hosted a roundtable discussion in which Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Operating Officer, discussed the future of Marco Polo Season 3.

A lot of well-known people from the TV industry were also there, like Richard Plepler from HBO, Josh Sapan from AMC, and Bonnie Hammer from NBC Universal.

The meeting resulted in no new information or agreements, regardless of the topic. Due to the lack of transparency surrounding the meeting, it is currently unknown if there will be a Season 3 of Marco Polo.

However, there is no doubt that the conversations have given fans who are anticipating the outcome a renewed sense of optimism and confidence.

  • Season 2: July 1, 2016
  • Season 1: December 12, 2014


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Was Marco Polo Canceled?

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources, Netflix lost about $200 million on the two seasons and made the decision to cancel together with The Weinstein Company.

How Old Was Marco Polo When He Got Married?

In the year 1300, Marco settled down with Donata and the two of them tied the knot. Donata was only 20 years old when she wed Marco Polo, who was 46.

What Does Marco Polo’s End Mean?

Even though Kublai and his wife do end up reconciling, the price they pay is too high. As a result of the Empress’s plans to ensure her family’s rule for the next several generations, poor Kokachin loses her mind and commits suicide rather than live with the guilt.

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