When Did Good Girls Season 4 Release: Everything You Need To Know!

Good Girls is one of the TV shows that doesn’t get enough attention. The crime dramedy with Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman as three suburban housewives from Michigan.

Who decides to rob a grocery store and get pulled into a life of crime with all of its complications is about to start its fourth season. Here is all the information you need about the next season.


Good Girls is about three stay-at-home moms from a suburban area who decide to rob a local grocery store to get out of debt and become independent. They then add money laundering to their stay-at-home mom routines.


As the Secret Service gets closer to the friends’ counterfeiting ring, the stakes will get even higher in season four. Money problems are what led to the cancellation of Good Girls, according to TVLine.

When Did Good Girls Season 4 Release

An NBC insider told TVLine, “We really wanted to bring Good Girls back for one more season to finish the story, but we couldn’t make the finances work.”This means that at the end of season four, there will probably be a few cliffhangers or loose ends that won’t be explained.

Who’s in Season 4 of Good Girls?

For Season 4 of Good Girls, Christina Hendricks is back as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland, Mae Whitman is back as Annie Marks, and Retta is back as Ruby Hill.

Reno Wilson plays Stanley Hill, Matthew Lillard plays Dean Boland, and Manny Montana plays both Christopher and Rio/Christopher. James Lesure, David Hornsby, June Squibb, Allison Tolman, Rob Heaps, Charlyne Yi, Jackie Cruz, and Sally Pressman also have roles.

When Will Season 4 of Good Girls Be on Netflix?

Like many other shows that air on TV, Good Girls has a large audience that watches the series when it comes out on Netflix after it has aired on TV. Even though there isn’t a set date for the Netflix premiere, Season 3 came out exactly one year after its broadcast premiere.

When Did Good Girls Season 4 Release

If Season 4 follows the same pattern, it will be on Netflix on March 7, 2022, if this pattern holds. But the first two seasons came out on Netflix not exactly a year later, but on January 1 of the following year. This means that Season 4 of Good Girls could come out on January 1, 2022. No matter what, it’s likely to happen in 2022.

The Good Girls Season 4 Ending, Explained

When season 4 of Good Girls ended, there were still rumours that the show would go on for another season. This is why the season finale leaves some plot lines open. At the end of season 4, Beth Boland, played by Christina Hendricks, wins a seat on the city council.

Her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard), her sister Annie (Whitman), and their friends Ruby (Retta) and her husband Stan (Reno Wilson) are all planning to move to Nevada to get away from their criminal lives. But before they can do that, Mick (Carlos Aviles) comes to Beth’s house and shoots her.

When Did Good Girls Season 4 Release

The show jumps ahead, and we see that Beth, Dean, Ruby, Stan, and Annie did, in fact, move to Nevada. Beth realises, though, that their new lives are just as complicated as their old ones. She convinces her friends to pull off another robbery, during which she is shot again.

Beth wakes up back in Michigan and realises she was only dreaming about Nevada. Her gunshot wound is not fatal, and the whole shooting thing was just a set-up. Mick left his gun behind, and it was the same gun that was used to kill Lucy (Charlyne Yi), who made fake money, in season 3.

Beth figures out that her fingerprints are on that gun, which could land her in jail. Ruby suggests that they all go to Nevada to leave their criminal pasts behind. Beth says she doesn’t want to leave it behind, so she says no to Ruby’s idea.

But Annie knows Beth could get into a lot of trouble, so she turns herself in for the crime and takes the blame so Beth doesn’t have to. In the meantime, Ruby and Stan have to decide if they really want to move to Nevada or not.

When Did Good Girls Season 4 Release

Stan gives her a choice: she can either come with us, her real family, or she can stay with Beth and Annie. Ruby is seen packing in the last scene of the show. Will she go, though? Or perhaps she was just unpacking? We can’t find out.

In the last scene, Beth and Rio, the money launderer she has worked for and flirted with for three seasons, sit on their park bench, but the tables have turned. She’s been a small-time thief her whole life, doing what he wants because he’s always been in charge of the relationship.

She finally tells him, “Now you work for me,” and he says, “You got it, boss.” Now that Beth is on the city council, she has more power than ever before, and she can finally be a big-time criminal.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Will Good Girls Have the 5th Season?

NBC was expected to cancel a number of shows in the 2020-21 season, with Good Girls being one of the shows mentioned. Even though the opposite was true, in June 2021, it was said that the show would not be back.

Is Season 4 the Last One of Good Girls?

EW has confirmed that the show has been cancelled by NBC after four seasons. There was a chance that Netflix would bring the show back for a fifth and final season, but talks fell through, and season 4 will be the end of the show.

Is It Worth It to Watch Good Girls on Netflix?

Good Girls is smart, funny, and impossible to stop watching because three of the best actors in the world are in it. Even with all the jokes and zingers, it’s still a drama about three mothers in a Detroit suburb who are having trouble making ends meet.

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