When Did Season 7 of Suits Start: All the Latest Updates Here!

In season 7 of “Suits,” our favourite corporate firm starts a new era. So far, there hasn’t been a single season that hasn’t blown us away.

There are many reasons to watch “Suits,” such as the Litt-astic quotes, the real characters, and the amazing dramedy plot lines. Even though season 7 will change a lot, “Suits” promises to stay the show we fell in love with, so we can always be “Suitors.”

What’s Going to Happen in Season 7?

As the show’s creator Aaron Korsh told The Hollywood Reporter, “The band is back together for season seven but they’re back together in a different way than the last time they worked together.”We loved Mike’s story arc, but it’s time to move on to other stories that don’t have to do with keeping his secret.

Suits Season 7


Donna is sick of doing things for other people but not for herself. She’s starting a new part of her life that needs more from her. Just like she told Harvey in the season 6 finale, she needs more from her life than being an executive assistant and being friend-zoned by him.



Rachel has also grown up and become herself. Mike and the other lawyers at Pearson Specter Litt are now on the same level as her. How she fits into her new job at Pearson Specter Litt will be a big question for her storyline.

In an interview with Deadline, Korsh said that she “serves two masters, pro bono and corporate cases, because they’ve shown in the past that these things are often at odds with each other.”


Mike has a lot more to do now that he is in charge of his own division in the company. He always had to answer to someone, like Harvey, who could clean up his messes. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) will be too busy to fix Mike’s problems, especially if they affect an entire department.

Suits Season 7

Korsh made it sound like clients might be hesitant to hire him because of his past. Mike will have to worry about more than just getting over this speed bump. He will have to think about staffing, the order of cases, etc.


Harvey’s character will change the most because his role is now much bigger than it used to be. Harvey used to be able to do whatever he wanted and run wild. Jessica took care of most of the problems behind the scenes at the company. Harvey is now behind the wheel.

This sounds perfect, but it wouldn’t be right for a man who usually does things for himself. This will not only add to Harvey’s stress because it’s his job, but it will also make it harder for him to fill Jessica’s size 13 shoes (according to Louis.)

Korsh said more about this in an interview with Deadline. He said, “Let’s say he’s following in Jessica’s footsteps. Will he worry that he won’t be able to fill her shoes? Because Jessica was such an important part of his life, all of this will play out over the course of Season 7.”


In terms of Louis’s character arc in Season 7 of “Suits,” Korsh also talked about how Louis felt about Harvey’s new job. He asked, “How does Louis feel about Harvey’s new role?” What will Louis be like now that Tara is gone?”

St Louis’s personality will change a lot this season. Like his new boss, Harvey, he’ll have to learn not only to swallow his pride and do what he’s told but also to keep his emotions in check.

Suits Season 7

Tara’s death hurt him a lot. But it gave him the motivation to work on himself and catch up to everyone else in terms of character growth. We’re glad Louis is finally getting this attention because he deserves it.


  • Mike Ross is played by Patrick J. Adams.
  • Harvey Specter was played by Gabriel Macht.
  • Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane.
  • Louis Litt is played by Rick Hoffman.
  • Sarah Rafferty played Donna Paulsen.
  • Gretchen is played by Aloma Wright.
  • Jessica Pearson is played by Gina Torres.
  • Alex Williams as Dulé Hill.

A Quick Summary of the First Half of Season 7

A lot happened in the first ten episodes of season 7. The rocky relationship Harvey had with his therapist, Paula Agard, was looked at. At Pearson Specter Litt, we also saw Harvey and Mike working together again.

Mike kept having trouble with cases and legal procedures that took a long time, and his relationship with Rachel was also a big part of the first half of season 7. Also, Harvey was in a very close court case with his old DA colleague Andy Malick (Usman Ally), but his old boss Jessica Pearson came to his rescue (Gina Torres).

Suits Season 7

Harvey, Mike, and the new Deputy Attorney General, Andrew Malick, played for power, which hurt Jessica’s career. She lost her licence to practise law after admitting that she knew Mike was a fraud.

On the other hand, Louis was seen trying to deal with Tara leaving, Alex coming to work, and the sexual harassment claim. Louis agrees to have one last fling with Sheila Sazs before she gets married. They met by chance in New York, where Sheila was getting ready to get married.

Louis realises in the end that he still loves his old love. In the most popular fan moment from season 7, Donna and Harvey finally talked about how they felt about each other.

Even though Harvey and Paula’s relationship was going well and Donna swore to Mike that she and Harvey didn’t want to be together, they ended up kissing in the last episode of the first half of season 7.

When Did Season 7 of Suits Start

On August 3, 2016, the seventh season of the American legal drama Suits was ordered, and on July 12, 2017, it began airing on USA Network in the United States.



Frequently Asked Questions

In Season 7 of Suits, What Happened to Harvey?

Harvey has to go to Chicago to help Jessica, so Louis and Mike are left to deal with a lawsuit filed by former PSL partners led by Stanley Gordon. In a risky move, Zane agrees to become a name partner at Specter Litt and bring along enough of his senior partners to make up a majority in any vote.

Are Suits Season 7 on Netflix?

Yes, You Can Watch Season 7 of Suits on Netflix.

Who Made the Show Suits?

Aaron Korsch

Aaron Korsch, who made the TV show Suits, is talking about what it’s really like to work with Meghan Markle. Last week, the showrunner did an open Q&A on Twitter, where fans sent in questions and he answered them.

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