Everything You Need to Know About the Fourth Season of “Virgin River” on Netflix!

Virgin River, a drama available on Netflix, features characters whose stories are just as dramatic as the beautiful setting of British Columbia. Who wouldn’t want to settle down and fall in love in this picturesque rural setting?

Mel Monroe, whose relocation to the sleepy hamlet in Season 1 introduced us to the series’ ensemble cast, has learned the hard way that appearances may be deceiving.

The series’ main players went through even more dramatic developments in season three, but will they survive to return for another go-around?

Let’s break down what we know so far, some of which are good and some of which are negative.

Virgin River Season 4

Who Will Play the Roles?

Episode 301 of Virgin River, featuring colin Lawrence as the pastor and chase Petri W as Christoper, is available on Netflix as of 2021.

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Tearjerking narrative twists and heart-stopping cliffhangers are staples of Virgin River, but in the end, fans can rest assured that their favorite characters will be just fine. To put it another way: (Knock on wood.) Thus, most of the original cast of Virgin River is likely to return for season 4.

Newcomers to the Virgin River are guaranteed to cause a stir in the local social order. Both Mark Ghanimé and Kai Bradbury have reportedly been cast as season regulars, as reported by Deadline. Kai’s character, Denny Cutler, was introduced to viewers in season 3 when he revealed himself to be Doc’s long-lost grandson.

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Remember how Doc was trying to find a substitute physician? That settles it; Mark will be the one to take on that role. To be specific, he will play the role of Dr. Cameron Hayek, the clinic’s new gorgeous, witty, and personable physician.

Can We Expect Any Season 4 Spoilers for “Virgin River?”

Fans were left with many unanswered questions after the season 3 conclusion, but maybe all will be answered in season 4. (But then again, we have no idea who killed Jack.)

Those interested in learning more about what will happen on the Virgin River are encouraged to read Robyn Carr’s(Twitter) original novel series. There are a total of 25 novels, which should keep you busy until Season 4 premieres.

Virgin River Season 4

Where Will Season 4 of Virgin River Take Us?

Multiple major plot holes were left at the end of Season 3 of Virgin River. These will be the focus of future episodes.

Mel is expecting a child, but it’s possible the child isn’t Jack’s. Mark, who passed away (played by Daniel Gillies), might be the father. Showrunner Sue Tenney told TV Line, “You’ll find out before the end of the fourth season.”

What will happen to Jack and Kate if the kid isn’t his? The difficulty level is quite high, Breckenridge told E!. “That’s a tall order, especially for Jack. Having a child who is the biological child of Mel’s deceased spouse is bound to be difficult for him if he wants to stay around and show his devotion to Mel. That’s a lot to expect, to put it mildly.”

After Mel said she was pregnant, Jack got down on one knee and proposed.

Hope is still in the hospital, and she has a fever in the season finale, so she isn’t out of the woods just yet. Tenney recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her future plans “Things are progressing. For us, it’s all about her TBI recovery and the challenges she faces.

“The hospital and the rehabilitation process are not the natural habitats of our show. However, we are dedicated to finding the truth and will explore all possibilities to find the most advantageous outcome here.

“We know at this time what we prefer to do, which are intricate emotionally drama-based stories, and thus we always stay inside the limitations, medically,” the authors write.

COVID-19 was to blame for Annette O’Toole’s character disappearing entirely in season three.

“That was a major turnaround,” Tenney told EW in the summer of 2021. “We went to great lengths to maintain her prominent role in the production. Even if there is a fourth season, the pandemic will be far less severe because everyone has been inoculated. As a result, I’m holding out hope that Annette will rejoin us.”

When Will the Fourth Season of Virgin River Premiere?

This is REALLY happening! We’re so near to our impending binge-watching now that the release date has arrived. As of mid-May, Netflix had announced that the fourth season of Virgin River would be expected to premiere on July 20, 2022; first-look photographs have since been released.

Virgin River Season 4

The streaming company also generously provided an official summary for the upcoming fourth season. Expect some difficult issues to arise among our Virgin River group because love (and love triangles) are in the air. The spoiler not only reveals the season’s potential direction but also confirms the fatal outcome for Hope, the car crash victim.

  • Season 3: Friday 9th July
  • Season 2: November 27, 2020
  • Season 1: 6 December 2019


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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Season 4 of Virgin River Be Released on Netflix?

The fourth season will be available on Netflix as of July 20.

This is great news because it means we will only have a little over a year to wait between seasons, the same as the time frame for the last season’s release (July 9, 2021).

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of Virgin River?


Season 4 of Virgin River will premiere on Netflix on July 20. The happy news was shared on the drama’s official Instagram page on May 11 along with seven new photographs from the series.

Is Mel Pregnant in Virgin River?

A straightforward answer to Mel’s predicament at the end of Season 4 of Virgin River has been proposed by the show’s viewers. Mel finds out at the beginning of the series finale, A Wedding, No Funeral, and a Baby, that her IVF procedure was successful and she is pregnant.

Where Did They Film Virgin River?


Although many people have fallen in love with the Virgin River, an ideal community that only exists in our imaginations, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery without visiting a work of fiction. To be more precise, the “town” is a composite of many Vancouver-area filming locations.

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