Top 10 Family Series on Netflix: Updated in June 2022!

Netflix is one of the easiest ways for the whole family to have fun and unwind together. It has a huge library of shows that are good for the whole family.

Today, we’ve put together a list of the best Netflix family shows that you can watch all at once on your next family movie night. The list of shows that is great to watch with small children, older children, tweens, and teens.

1. The Inbestigators

Your whole family will love this funny fake documentary about elementary school kids who start their own detective agency and solve mysteries at school and in the neighbourhood.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

Even though the show is for younger kids, there are many times when the actors’ lines make you laugh out loud. Help your kids connect with you while they try to figure out who did it in each episode.


2. Family Reunion

The McKellan family is from Seattle, but they moved to Georgia to start a new life. This show is very heartwarming. Follow their adventures as they get used to living in a small town, which is very different from their life in Seattle.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

Even though the show may seem old-fashioned, there are some episodes that are great ways to get your kids talking about social issues.

3. Fuller House

This spinoff of Full House, a good show from the late 1980s and early 1990s, gives people who watched the original when they were younger a bit of a flashback. Fuller House is about D.J. Tanner, her sister Stephanie, their friend Kimmy, and their children, who all live in the old Tanner family home.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

Many of the people who were in Full House have come back to play the same roles in this new movie. This show’s values are the same as the original, and every episode has some fun parts.

4. Brainchild

Looking for a show that you and your tweens or teens can watch together? The best choice is Brainchild. This show, which is made by Pharrell Williams, explains STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) ideas through experiments.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

Sahana Srinivasan, who hosts the show, has a great way of connecting with the audience without being condescending. Brainchild talks about things you and your kids might already know about, but the way the topics are presented on the show keeps you interested. Some of the topics are:

  • Motivation
  • Dreams
  • Superheroes
  • The five-second rule

5. Free Rein

In 2018, Free Rein won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Series. The show is mostly for older kids and teenagers. It is kind of like a positive soap opera for kids.

In Free Rein, Zoe, a 15-year-old girl from Los Angeles, goes to England to see where her mother grew up. There, she meets Raven, the wildest horse in the stables, and they become friends.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

This coming-of-age story is great not only for people who like horses but also for kids who are still figuring out who they are because they can relate to Zoe and what she goes through.

6. A Series of Unfortunate Events

In this series, you meet Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, three orphans who live in the Baudelaire home. After their parents died in a strange way, their lives have taken a strange turn. The Baudelaire children are looked after by Count Olaf, a greedy relative (played by Neil Patrick Harris).

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

Count Olaf wants to get his hands on the wealth of the Baudelaire children. As the Baudelaires try to stop Count Olaf’s greedy plans, the series takes you on a wild, sometimes dark, weird, and funny adventure.

7. The Last Kids on Earth

If your kids like animated shows, you might want to give this one a try. In The Last Kids on Earth, 13-year-old Jack Sullivan and his friends try to stay alive after an end-of-the-world event turns their town into a place full of zombies.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

The adults are gone, so the kids have to figure out how to live on their own. There’s enough action to keep older kids interested, and the way the characters change is impressive even to adults. This show is based on Mark Brallier’s best-selling books of the same name.

8. Anne With an E

This is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s well-known classic Anne of Green Gables. The story of Anne with an E is about an orphan girl with red hair who is taken in by older siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

The story tells children, especially young girls, that they can do things and have a place in the world. The show also talks about how to stop bullying. This show will be a treat and a trip down memory lane for adults who liked Anne of Green Gables.


9. One Day at a Time

In this remake of the same-named 1970s sitcom, we see how each member of the Alvarez family tries to find who they really are. Penelope Alvarez, who is Cuban-American and served in the US Army nurse corps, is the head of the family.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

She has two kids. Elena is her daughter, and Alex is her son. Lydia, Penelope’s mom, helps raise her grandkids. This show can be a good place to start a conversation with your older children about things like sexuality, race, and cultural heritage.

10. Our Planet

This film is a fascinating look at our planet. People of all ages will learn more about the world we live in by watching this movie. It has great cinematography and shares important information.

Top 10 Family Series on Netflix

The show also shows how natural resources are being destroyed all over the world. Hopefully, it will move people to act in ways that will help stop more damage to our planet.

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