Black Spot Netflix Season 3: Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

Black Spot is a French TV show that takes place in a small town where murders happen often. This area is worse because cell phones don’t work well here because they are too far away.

The series, which in French was called “Zone Blanche,” was bought by Netflix in 2017 and made available to people all over the world through streaming.

Black Spot Netflix Season 3

It was also a big step toward Netflix’s entry into the French market. Mathieu Missoffe came up with the idea for the show, which is run by Julien Despaux and Thierry Poiraud.

Antonin Martin-Hilbert, Florent Meyer, and Juliette Soubrier are all blamed for different events. Pascale Breugnot serves as executive producer; Pierre-Emmanuel Fluerantin, Christophe Louis, Vincent Mouluquet, and Pascal Wyn act as producers.

Is Season 3 of Black Spot Going to Happen?

Even though the show had a talented cast and a different way of telling the story, the second season failed to impress viewers. On the first day, the show came out, and about 1.9 million people watched it.


This is less than the 3 million people who watched the first season when it came out. The number of people who watched when season 2 came backdropped by a lot, and it’s likely that the creators no longer want to bring it back for another season.

Black Spot Netflix Season 3

But if Amazon or Netflix buys the show, there’s a good chance that Black Spot will come back for a third season. So don’t give up hope and wait until you hear more.

What Happens in Season 3 of Black Spot?

Villefranche is a small, made-up town in France that is the setting for the short story “Black Spot.” It is on a mountain in the middle of a thick forest. Even when the sun is out, the weather in this place is always bad. People in the town do this a lot more than people in other places.

There aren’t that many people living here, and the number keeps going down steadily every day. This is because of two things. First, anyone who has lived in Villefranche for a long time knows how hard and dangerous it is to live there. It would be smart to go now while you still have the chance.

If you don’t, you might be sent away because there are a lot of deaths. To be the exact, the rate of murder. It has more than six times as many murders as the average town in the country. This makes it one of the most dangerous towns in the country.

Black Spot Netflix Season 3

This town’s police chief is Major Laurène Weiss. She has lived here all her life and has been very sick a lot. While she is obsessed with trying to figure out some of the mysteries of her past, the town gets worse. All of this starts when a dead body is found.

A woman is stabbed to death and then hung from a tree, just like in another sad story. In the meantime, the daughter of the town’s mayor has gone missing, and a nearby sawmill that employed many people has closed down.

Franck Sirani, a prosecutor, is sent to Villefranche to help with the investigation and find out what is going on in the town. As a stranger, he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, but the group teaches him everything he needs to know quickly.

Season 3 of Black Spot: Characters and Cast

If Black Spot has a third season, we can expect to see all the main characters come back and play their roles again. Here are the characters’ names:

  • Laurene Weis was played by Suliane Brahim.
  • Samuel Jouy will be back as Bertrand Steiner
  • Nounours will be played by Hubert Delattre.
  • Franck Siriani will be played by Laurent Capelluto as Franck Siriani.
  • Cora Weiss, played by Camille Aguilar, will be back.
  • Louis Hermann, played by Renaud Rutten, will be back.
  • Sabine Hennequin will be played by Brigitte Sy.
  • Lela Barami, played by Naidra Ayadi

If season 3 is kept going, we can also look forward to new characters.

This Is a Summary of Season 2 of Black Spot

The town is completely surrounded by trees and dark forests, so the sun never shines there. Most of the people have moved away because the death rate has gone up.

Major Laurene Weiss, a hero from Villefranche, has spent her whole life away from the rest of the world, and she is just now starting to understand what it all means.

Black Spot Netflix Season 3

The town’s settings make it one of the most dangerous places, as shown by the large number of bodies found and people taken. Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s movie The Darkest Minds 2 has not yet been given a sequel.

However, a book based on the movie is in the works. Will you be able to catch a glimpse of the scary and exciting world of American science fiction once more? In the last episode of season two, it turns out that something in the woods has something to do with Laurene.

Is It Possible to Watch a Trailer for Season 3 of Black Spot?

At this time, there isn’t a new trailer for Black Spot season 3. However, you can watch Season 2 of the show here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be a Third Season of Black Spot?

This thriller, which has won over fans and viewers alike, is getting ready for its third season, in which two murders happen every day. Black Spot is a French-Belgian drama series that takes place in the dark and small town of Villefranche.

Where Did They Make Black Spot?

The French TV show was shot in Belgium and around the Vosges mountain range, which is in both France and Germany’s east.

Where Can I See Black Spot?

Seasons 1 and 2 of Black Spot are now available on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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