Somebody Feed Phil Season 5: Is There Going to Be Season 5 on Netflix?

Phil Rosenthal returns with a new season of humor, wit, and, of course, delicious cuisine! The fifth season of Somebody Feed Phil was premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, May 25.

The travelogue series nominated for an Emmy Award returns with five brand-new episodes that are certain to make you smile. Rosenthal is not only the host of this travel-food show, but also its inventor, and his passion for food and travel is evident.

According to a Forbes preview piece, the season begins with Rosenthal attending a Mexican festival in Oaxaca, the cultural and gastronomic capital of Mexico. In addition to tasting tequila and learning about the mezcal-making process, he also participates in agave harvesting and pinata-throwing.

Throughout the remainder of season 5, Rosenthal travels to Maine for lobster, eats rainbow trout soup in Helsinki, Finland, dines with a Michelin-starred chef in Madrid, Spain, and explores the food trucks of Portland, Oregon.

If you’re excited to see the fifth season of Somebody Feed Phil, continue reading to find out when the new season will premiere in your area.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5

The Number of Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 Episodes

There are contradictory claims on the number of episodes for this season since it appears The Hollywood Reporter reported Netflix(Instagram) had renewed the show for ten episodes, five more than usual.

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However, the latest sources indicate that there will only be five episodes. It is probable that Netflix has divided the number of episodes into two seasons, indicating a sixth season may already be in the works.

The Storyline of Somebody Feed Phil

Initially, everyone felt Phil was a strange individual. He traveled extensively over the world but never visited local museums or spent all of his time on the beach. Instead, he gathered information about traditional cuisines from other nations.

He like his job since he was compensated for eating and smiling on television. Obviously, Phil is a highly fascinating individual, therefore he always laughed and told entertaining anecdotes during meals. Regardless of where he was, he always knew where to locate the best local cuisine. When viewing Phil’s exploits, onlookers are always drooling.

He is always trying something new and sharing his discoveries with others. Some dishes appear repulsive, but you must simply acquire a taste for them. Different philosophies favor different snacks and dinners.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5

The Release Date for Season 5 of Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET, all episodes of the fifth season will be simultaneously accessible for streaming on Netflix. If you live outside the United States, you can reference this guide to determine when the season changes in your area.

Somebody Feed Phil is a must-watch if you enjoy travel shows or shows about preparing and sharing meals with loved ones. It is pleasant and family-friendly, with each episode seeming like a conversation with an old friend.

Unfortunately, Phil’s parents have recently gone away, thus they will not be a part of the current season. This is terrible, as the interaction between Phil and his parents was always entertaining to watch. Nonetheless, we are eager to see what this season has in store and are confident that their presence will be felt!

What Destinations Will Phil Rosenthal Visit in the Fifth Season?

Rosenthal stated in a previous interview with The Wrap that he had not yet visited several locations on the series.

When asked about his travels, Rosenthal revealed that he hasn’t traveled to the following countries: India; Australia; New Zealand; China; Moscow; and several major American cities. Obviously, there are many more places he has yet to see that are not on this list, so the options are unlimited.

Looking at major cities throughout the world, Rosenthal may travel to South American cities like Sao Paulo, Brazil, or Peru’s Lima, Peru; to Asian cities like Tokyo, Japan; the Philippine capital of Manila, Philippines; or to European cities like Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or Berlin, Germany.

Rosenthal told Fine Dining Lovers in March 2021 that he “can’t wait to go to Kyoto,” so if there is a fifth season of Somebody Feed Phil, Kyoto could be on the itinerary.

With COVID-19 restrictions still in effect, another possibility for the series would be to confine travel to the United States, as it is currently the most convenient.

In the series, Rosenthal has already visited cities like New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. And as Rosenthal stated in a recent interview, “you can get a wonderful meal just about everywhere.”

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5


We don’t have any official trailer for this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Series Somebody Feed Phil Cancelled?

No, the Somebody Feed Phil television series has not been canceled.

Does Somebody Feed Phil Have an Upcoming Sixth Season?

There is no information regarding the forthcoming season.

When Was the Initial Release of Somebody Feed Phil?

Somebody Feed Phil was initially released on January 12, 2018.

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