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Greg Daniels and Steve Carell produced the American workplace comedy streaming television series Space Force for Netflix. Despite its enormously talented cast and crew, Space Force looks to be struggling with plot and critical reaction issues even after two seasons.

Space Force Season 3

Fans were eager to see the next chapter, but the wait and trip to finally binge-watch the series proved to be short-lived and sad, as it has been officially reported that the series has been cancelled completely. Here’s all we know thus far about Space Force Season 3.

What Will the Plot of Space Force 3 Be?

If Space Force does return, the narrative is quite straightforward – stop the asteroid, save the Earth. At the close of season two, Naird and his crew detected a massive asteroid headed towards Earth, leaving the gang unable to think of anything other than singing ‘Kokomo’ by The Beach Boys to remain calm.

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So, given the asteroid’s direct track towards Earth, season three would have seen the team find out how to stop it before it was too late. It’s not a huge deal. On top of that, Angela and Chan’s relationship was just getting started, and Naird was having to juggle his personal and professional lives as things became even more stressful.

Space Force Season 3

Erin, his daughter, would have been on a quest to figure out life beyond high school, and Captain Lancaster will probably still be wondering how the heck he’s meant to go back to Earth without going insane. I guess you’ll be stuck up there for the rest of your life, friend.

Expected Cast

The cast stayed consistent throughout the first two seasons, and it looks like the programme would have continued if all of the key characters had returned.

Steve Carell (General Naird), Diana Silvers (Erin Naird), John Malkovich (Dr Mallory), Ben Schwartz (Tony Scarapiducci), and Tawny Newsome (Andrea Ali), Jimmy O Yang (Dr Chan), and Don Lake are among those who appear (Brad).

Patton Oswalt also joined the cast (kind of, via video link) as Captain Lancaster, an astronaut living alone aboard a spaceship between Earth and Mars after his mission was abandoned en route (sounds ominous now, doesn’t it?)

Lisa Kudrow, who portrays Naird’s imprisoned soon-to-be ex-wife Maggie, is one performer we wouldn’t have expected to see again. While we’ll never know what Maggie did to land up in jail in the first place, her appearance on the show was restricted to three video calls throughout the course of season two.

There was no need for her to keep checking in when she was filing for divorce and her daughter Erin was spreading her wings as an adult. The character may be an outsider, but Lisa’s time on the programme appears to be done.

What We Expected From Season 3 of Space Force

By the end of Season 2, we find most of the characters in the same situation they were in at the start of the season. The majority of the protagonists have chosen to remain in Space Force, having earned salary raises and the future of the branch of the military ensured.

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Space Force Season 3

Of course, season 2 finishes on a cliffhanger with a large asteroid speeding towards Earth (yep, the narrative of Netflix’s Don’t Look Up). The team discovers the asteroid as a result of the Hawaiin telescope becoming online.

When the astronauts, scientists, and generals see the approaching asteroid and accept their imminent death, they break out in song (performing Kokomo by The Beach Boys), a throwback to season 1.

Is Season 3 of Space Force Coming to Netflix?

As of early April, there is still no word on whether Space Force season 3 will take place. It has not yet been greenlit by Netflix, but considering that season 2 spent a significant amount of time on the streamer’s Top 10 list, we would be shocked if the Steve Carell-led and produced comedy did not return for a third episode.

Netflix sometimes waits a little bit before confirming programme renewals; but, if What’s On Netflix is true in its forecast, the series might be axed by the streamer. The journal defends its reasoning by pointing out that the budget for season 2 was decreased and production was relocated to Vancouver to save money.

  • Season 2 Release Date- November 3, 2020

Space Force Season 3

Also, the initial episode count was dropped from 10 to seven episodes, which does not speak well for the show’s future. So, for the time being, it’s just a waiting game until an official decision is made. But don’t worry, we’ll keep our eyes and ears out for additional information.

If the programme is greenlit, production is scheduled to begin in late April or May, with the show ready for a potential release in early 2023, if it follows the same production pattern as the previous season. Of course, it is only our guess and has not been confirmed by Netflix.

Space Force Trailer


It’s just a matter of time before the authors of Space Force 3 announce a new season. And, while the staff is currently pained by the budget loss, the money will definitely be recovered once the audience is anticipating the start of the performance. Unfortunately, it may be too late to screen after that, maybe in 2023.

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