Tom Dwan’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Famous Online Poker Player Have?

Professional poker player Tom Dwan is well-known for his rambunctious approach to the game. A select few professionals are willing to risk losing millions of dollars at the poker table, and he’s one of them.

Even though his name is well-known in the online poker world, he also participates in live tournaments. Tom Dwan is expected to be worth $10 million by the year 2022.


On July 30, 1986, Tom was born in Edison, New Jersey. When he turned 17, he started playing online poker for real money. He received $50 as a birthday gift and used it to fund his account at Paradise Poker, one of the first online poker rooms.

It was the sound he and his buddies produced when they were having fun that prompted him to adopt the online moniker “turn.” A year after he began, he had grown his $50 into a fortune of $15,000.

Dwan enrolled in the engineering school at Boston University since he had saved up enough money to cover the cost of his study. He dropped out of school in the third trimester in order to devote himself solely to the game of poker full-time.

Tom Dwan’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Famous Online Poker Player Have?

A Career in Online Poker

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Early in his career, he participated in a lot of sit-and-go tournaments. When he was ready for something more challenging, he moved on to multiplayer cash games and then to heads-up poker. PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker were two of Dwan’s favorite online haunts.

In 2007, he earned more than $300,000 from Full Tilt Poker alone. However, he lost $2 million in the same year. When it comes to Tom Dwan, he doesn’t let large losses get him down.

He was able to recuperate in a year because of his attitude. In 2009, Tom offered a $1 million prize to everyone who will play online poker with him, except for his personal adversary, Phil Galfond. After almost 20,000 hands, the challenge was over.

Tom Dwan’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Famous Online Poker Player Have?

Poker Professionalism

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To Tom, poker isn’t simply an internet game; he’s also played in live tournaments. When he was 19, he competed in the European Poker Tour and finished 12th in No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

At the age of 21, he participated in the No-Limit Hold’em Championship event on the 2007 World Poker Tour. The young man came in fourth place in the race. The second-place result at the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) meant he missed out on the title of World Champion.

He also took part in a few live tournaments in 2008, as well. NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship was perhaps his most high-profile appearance that year. By defeating “The Poker Brat,” he created a competition for Phil Hellmuth.

Tom Dwan’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Famous Online Poker Player Have?

Tom Dwan’s Childhood and Adolescence

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Tom Dwan was born in Edison, New Jersey, on July 30th, 1986, and is an American poker player. In addition to his numerous online games, he is recognized for his high stakes No-Limit Texas Hold’em Omaha games on the internet platform. He became famous because of his Full Tilt Poker play, where he went by the username ‘Durrrr.’

As well as several amounts of cash from live tournaments, Dwan has been in a variety of shows and events, including Poker After Dark from Seasons 4-7, the National Heads-Up Poker Championship on NBC, High Stakes Poker from Season 5-6, and Million Dollar Cash Game from Seasons 3-5 on Full Tilt Poker.

He attended Boston University for a time before turning to poker full-time but dropped out before completing his studies. Dwan started playing online poker while he was in school, and since then, he has made quite a bit of money from the game.

There is no doubt in my mind that his bankroll is now unfathomable. Before moving to cash games, he played in sit-and-go events at the beginning of his online poker career.

When Tom Dwan started playing heads-up cash games, the money he won from these bets went directly into his bank account, where it has been steadily growing ever since. HighStakesDB said that Dwan has earned $312,800 at Full Tilt Poker as of 2007.

Tom Dwan’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Famous Online Poker Player Have?

A Look at Some of Tom Dwan’s One Million Dollar Challenge Highlights

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During the month of January 2009, Tom issued a $1 million challenge to anyone willing to challenge him in an online poker room. To Tom’s dismay, Phil Galfond was singled out as a person he didn’t want participating in his $1 million challenge.

Only he and Galfond know why he has such a dislike for Phil; no one else does. The challenge was launched, and it required players to play 50,000 hands of $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha in Heads-up 4-tabling games.

According to Tom, if any of his opponents managed to outplay him after the stipulated number of hands (50,000), he would pay them an additional $1,500,000, and if they outplayed him in the game, they would each receive $500,000.

Tom Dwan was challenged by Patrik Antonius and Daniel Cates, but the challenge was eventually halted. At some point in 2013, Daniel Cates won the game and received $1.2 million in winnings after wagering $20,000.

Later, the challenge died of old age and was never finished. Cates claims that Tom abruptly stopped playing and refused to answer questions. Daniel Cates said in August 2017 that he had only got $800,000 from Tom Dwan as a fine for going back on his word.

Tom Dwan’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Famous Online Poker Player Have?

Tom Dwan’s Net Worth Is Estimated to Be in the Neighborhood of $1 Billion


Name Thomas Dwan Jr.
Nickname Durrrr
Profession Professional poker player
Born 30th of July, 1986
Net Worth $10 million
Twitter Click

The Net Worth of Tom Dwan:

An American professional poker player, Tom Dwan is worth $10 million. With the money he received for his 17th birthday, Tom Dwan first tried his hand at online parker. He enrolled in Boston University, but he dropped out to work as a poker dealer.

He claims that his bankroll swings by millions as he works his way through several websites, slowly earning more and more.

By the end of 2009, it was claimed that Dwan had lost more than $4 million, giving him an online Full Tilt earning of $1.4 million since 2007, although he was able to recover his losses early the following year.

Tom Dwan’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Famous Online Poker Player Have?

In 2009 and 2012, he was a Full Tilt brand ambassador for the company’s website.

With 10 money finishes and three final table appearances in 2014, Dwan has yet to win a bracelet at the World Series of Poker. After Dark, Million Dollar Cash Game, High Stakes Poker, and National Heads-Up Poker Championship are just a few of the shows in which he has appeared.

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