Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth: What Is Larry Fitzgerald Up to These Days?

Social media users describe Melissa Blakesley as a world traveler and fashion connoisseur.

As a result, her Instagram is chock-full of stunning images of her in high-end outfits and exotic locales. However, she is most known as Larry Fitzgerald’s girlfriend.

National Football League (NFL) wide receiver and football player Larry is a member of the Arizona Cardinals the NFL.

For the past decade, he has been playing professional football.

Larry’s love life is as well-known as his sports prowess and winning streak.

After their relationship was made public in 2010, Melissa and Larry became media sensation. However, it appears that the couple is no longer in love. What transpired, then?

This and other information can be found in the text below. If you want to learn more, you’ll have to keep reading to the conclusion.

Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth: What Is Larry Fitzgerald Up to These Days?

In Terms of Marital Status, Is Larry Fitzgerald Married or Dating?

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Over the years, Larry Fitzgerald’s personal life has drawn a lot of attention. No one can deny the fact that his personal life has been tainted by controversies.

According to several accounts, Larry is currently unattached. Melissa Blakesley, a social media personality, was his girlfriend at the time.

The ex-couple began dating in 2010 and had an on-and-off relationship. They welcomed Apollo Fitzgerald into the world on April 13th, 2013.

Melissa is expecting her second child, Apollo. She gave birth to a boy, Darion Dylan Blakesley, who is her first child. Melissa, on the other hand, has remained mum about the identity of the man who gave birth to her first kid.

Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth: What Is Larry Fitzgerald Up to These Days?

When Melissa Ceased Sharing Larry on Her Social Media

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On social media, she went further and said that he was dishonest and that she was to blame for preventing him from wrecking his life by exposing his lies.

The cheerleader Angela Nazario was Larry’s ex-girlfriend before he met Melissa. In 2006, the two were intimately acquainted.

Many were interested in their connection at the time because of their age disparity. Larry was just 22 years old at the time, while Angela was 35. Devine Fitzgerald was born to the former couple.

It didn’t take long for their relationship to begin to falter. He allegedly abused her, Angela claimed. Restraining Orders against Larry were granted to Angela by the court.

Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth: What Is Larry Fitzgerald Up to These Days?

Are Larry and Melissa in a Marriage?

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Gorgeous Early in the new decade, Melissa and Larry began dating and have been apart ever since. The couple, on the other hand, was upfront about their love and frequently appeared together in public.

Apollo Fitzgerald was born on April 23, 2013, as a result of Melissa and Apollo’s relationship. However, don’t be fooled; the two haven’t even got engaged yet, let alone married.

Apollo Blakesley isn’t the only child the stunning Blakesley has from a prior relationship; she also has a son named Darion Dylan Blakesley.

Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth: What Is Larry Fitzgerald Up to These Days?

The Net Worth of Larry Fitzgerald:

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Amount: $50,000,000

Full name Larry Fitzgerald Jr.
Age 38 years old
Date of Birth August 31, 1983
Place of Birth Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Profession NFL player
Net worth $90 million
Partner Single
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Carol Fitzgerald and Larry Fitzgerald Sr.
Instagram Click
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Facebook Click

The Net Worth and Salary of Larry Fitzgerald:

Football player Larry Fitzgerald has a net worth in excess of $90 million. As a National Football League wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald has made a fortune. The son of sportswriter Larry Fitzgerald Sr. and a Minneapolis, Minnesota native, he was born on August 31, 1983.

At Super Bowl XLIII, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. is reported to have been the first reporter to cover his son’s game. After Carol died in 2003, Larry’s younger brother Marcus became an American football wide receiver for a United Football League team in Sacramento.

Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth: What Is Larry Fitzgerald Up to These Days?

For a career, Fitzgerald is now fourth in the NFL in receiving yards per game. He played collegiate football for the University of Pittsburgh, where he was a star-wide receiver.

In 2003, he was awarded the Walter Camp Award for the finest player in the NCAA, as well as the Chic Harley Award from the Touchdown Club of Columbus, for his efforts on the gridiron.

Fitzgerald was picked third overall in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals, a team he had previously worked for as a ball boy for the Minnesota Vikings. When Fitzgerald caught three touchdowns in the 2008 NFC Championship game, he tied an NBA record.

As of August 20, 2011, he was tied with Richard Seymour for fifth place in the NFL with an eight-year, $120 million contract that he signed with the Cardinals on August 20, 2011. A son, Angelo Nazario, was born to him and his ex-cheerleader Angela Nazario.

When EA Sports released NCAAF 2005 and Madden 2010, they included Fitzgerald on the covers. The 2009 Pro Bowl MVP award went to Fitzgerald as well.

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