Prince Harry Net Worth: What Is Prince Harry’s Source of Income?


In Paddington, London, he was given the name Henry Charles Albert David on the 15th of September, 1984. There are no last names given to members of the royal family. His mother and father divorced in 1992, and Prince Harry was born in 1993.

It wasn’t until 1996 that their divorce was formalized. The next year, Princess Diana tragically lost her life in a vehicle accident in Paris. William was 15 years old, and Harry was 12 years old.

Prince Harry Net Worth: What Is Prince Harry’s Source of Income?

A Military Profession

Since his time at Sandhurst in 2005, Prince Harry has received a fair amount of unwanted attention from the media. Second Lieutenant (Comet) in the Blues and Royals Unit, a Household Cavalry regiment in the British Army, he joined the Alamein Company. He became a lieutenant in 2008.

At the time of his deployment, Prince Harry declared: “There is no way I am going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse at here while my guys are off fighting for their country.”

Prince Harry was sent to Iraq in 2007. General Sir Richard Dannatt, the British Army’s commander at the time, was concerned that Harry would be a “high dollar target.” Prince Harry was known as “Lieutenant Harry Wales” while serving in the armed forces.

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Life at Home

2018 saw the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their first child’s arrival was announced not long after that. Archie, Meghan Markle’s seventh child, and heir apparent were born in May of this year.

Prince Harry Net Worth: What Is Prince Harry’s Source of Income?

The Diana Memorial Trust

Charles handed Diana a $24 million settlement when they separated. After adjusting for inflation, that’s around $40 million now.

On the day of their 25th birthday, William and Harry will inherit their mother’s money. The trust had grown to the point that each son received $20 million by the time they were 30 years old.

The Duchy of Cornwall, the trust that made Harry’s father enormously wealthy and will make William exceedingly wealthy in the future, will not help Harry.

To assist the heir apparent to the British throne, King Edward III set up a trust in 1337. The Duchy has a $1.3 billion real estate portfolio that generates $20-30 million in after-tax revenue for the Crown Prince every year.

Charles, Harry’s father, will continue to be the primary benefactor of the royal family’s wealth as long as Queen Elizabeth II remains in power. William stands to gain financially if Charles is crowned king.

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First, Harry and Meghan spent a few weeks in Canada before moving to Southern California, where they spent many months living in a mansion owned by Tyler Perry after they announced they were stepping down from their royal duties.

A $14.7 million mansion in Montecito, California (next to Santa Barbara) was acquired by Harry and Meghan in August 2020.

Prince Harry Net Worth: What Is Prince Harry’s Source of Income?

Deal With Netflix

Harry and Meghan signed a five-year “mega-contract” with Netflix on September 2, 2020. They will start a production firm through which they will produce narrative content, documentaries, and children’s programming.

The sale might be valued at as much as $150 million, according to reports.

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Spotify Deal

In December 2020 it was revealed that Harry and Meghan struck a three-year podcasting agreement with Spotify for $18 million.

Prince Harry’s Net Worth:

Amount: $60 Billion

The Net Worth of Prince Harry:

Prince Harry, the heir apparent to the British throne, has a fortune estimated at $60 million. Royal baby Harry is the eldest son of the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Diana (Princess of Wales).

His maternal grandparents are Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. When their father becomes King, Prince Harry’s brother Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) will be the heir apparent to the throne.

A trust fund put up by Harry’s late mother, Diana, provided the great majority of his $30 million personal net worth prior to Harry’s expected departure from the Royal family in 2020. When William and Harry reached 25, they each inherited $30 million in trusts. We’ll go into the specifics of this fund later.

Prince Harry Net Worth: What Is Prince Harry’s Source of Income?

When William’s great-grandmother died in 2002, they each earned several million dollars.

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After leaving the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan Markle negotiated an estimated $120 million worth of production deals, most notably with Netflix and Spotify. As part of the deal, Oprah Winfrey and Harry will develop a series on mental health on Apple TV+.

Their relatives in England had apparently cut them off from financial support and so they signed contracts. In a previous existence, Harry’s father shelled out almost $4 million a year to keep a tight rein on his son’s safety and well-being.

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