Debbie Rowe’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does Debbie Rowe Have?

In this article, we are going to discuss some fascinating information about the life of Michael Jackson’s Ex-wife Debbie Rowe, including her age, height, weight, relationship status, family, and net worth. So, read on till the conclusion for more information.

Who is Debbie Rowe?

Deborah Jeanne Rowe is a nurse from America. The reason Rowe is most well-known is likely because of her marriage to Michael Jackson, a famed pop musician, and the birth of their two children. She currently resides in Palmdale, California.

Name Deborah Jeanne Rowe
Birth December 6, 1958, in Washington
Profession Nurse
Nationality American
Relationship with Michael Jackson (divorced)
Children 2

Early Life of Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe was born in Washington on December 6, 1958. Rowe is the daughter of Gordon Rowe and Barbara Chilcutt. A few weeks before her second birthday, Gordon, her father, and her mother were divorced.

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Her mother, a few aunts, and maternal grandmother reared her on their own. In 1982, Rowe wed Richard Edelman for the first time after converting to Judaism. 1988 was a few years after their divorce.

Debbie Rowe’s Career

While Jackson was receiving vitiligo treatment, Rowe met him. She became pregnant in 1996, and the two were wed in Sydney, Australia.

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was born to her in 1997. She gave birth to a daughter the next year, Paris Jackson, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Rowe has characterised herself as being a private individual who hardly ever gave interviews. Rowe and Jackson got divorced in 1999, and Rowe handed Jackson full custody of the kids.

She requested the termination of her parental rights for the two children in 2001 before a private judge. In 2004, Jackson petitioned the court to have the judgement overturned after being accused of 10 charges of child abuse.

She sold her Beverly Hills house the next year for $1.3 million and invested the proceeds in a ranch near Palmdale. A few years later, she filed a lawsuit against Jackson seeking two payments totalling $50,000 and $195,000 to proceed with a child custody dispute.

What is Debbie Rowe’s Net Worth?

According to, Debbie Rowe has an estimated net worth of $25 million. In November 2004 for $1.5 million, Debbie sold the Beverly Hills home she acquired from Jackson as part of their divorce settlement.

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She spent $439,000 in the same month to purchase a 2-acre+ property in Palmdale, California. Debbie, who loves horses, has an equestrian property in Palmdale.

Debbie Rowe’s Relationship with Michael Jackson

Jackson married Rowe in late 1996 in Sydney, Australia, following his mother’s suggestion. Most media responses to the marriage were critical, with much-expressing doubt about the couple’s sincerity of affection.

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Michael Jr., afterwards known as Prince, was the first child Rowe and Jackson had together in February 1997. After that, Jackson took the kid to Neverland Ranch. Rowe got together with Jackson and Prince for a hotel photo shoot six weeks after the baby was born.

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In order to avoid becoming overly attached to the child she had delivered for Jackson, she left after that. At Neverland, Prince was looked after by a staff of nannies and nurses in place of Rowe’s motherly presence. Paris, Rowe’s daughter and Jackson’s second child, was born in April 1998.

How Much Money Did Debbie Rowe Get From Michael Jackson as a Divorce Settlement?

Rowe made the decision to file for divorce as a result of the intense media attention that followed her marriage to Jackson. In the end, the divorce was granted in October 1999.

Jackson received full custody of Prince and Paris from Rowe, who also received an $8 million settlement and a mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Rowe also gave Jackson exclusive custody of Paris and Prince. Getting $8 million in 1999 is equivalent to getting about $16 million today.

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A few years after the divorce, Rowe went to a private judge to get the legal termination of her parental rights for her two children. A few years later, she tried to have the judgement overturned due to Jackson’s alleged abuse of young children.

Rowe sold her Beverly Hills house in 2005 and bought a ranch in Palmdale. The next year, she filed a $145,000 lawsuit against Jackson to regain custody of her kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Debra Rowe’s House?

Rowe is the owner of a stunning house in Palmdale, California.

Who is Debra Rowe’s First Husband?

Rowe was married for the first time in 1982 to Richard Edelman. He was a professor at Hollywood High School, which was her alma school. She adopted her husband’s Jewish beliefs when they got married. In 1988, the couple finally divorced.

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