How Rich is Stephanie McMahon? When Did She Announce Her Retirement?

In this post, we will cover some fascinating details about Stephanie McMahon’s life, including her dating status, job, and net worth. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

Who is Stephanie McMahon?

Stephanie McMahon Levesque is a former professional wrestler and American businesswoman. She is the current chairperson and co-chief executive officer (CEO) of WWE, the largest professional wrestling corporation in the world, and is a prominent presence on the Raw, SmackDown, and NXT brands.

She is a fourth-generation wrestling promoter as the daughter of Vince and Linda McMahon and a member of the McMahon family. At the age of 13, she began modelling products for various WWE catalogues.

In 1999, McMahon began making regular on-air appearances for WWE (then known as WWF or World Wrestling Federation) as part of a plot involving The Undertaker.

Name Stephanie McMahon
Birth September 24, 1976
Profession Businesswoman
Nationality American
Net Worth $150 million
Gender Female
Relationship With Paul “Triple H” Levesque

Early Years of Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie Marie McMahon was born in Connecticut, United States of America, on September 24, 1976. Her family moved to Greenwich shortly after her birth, and Stephanie attended Greenwich Country Day School.

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Linda and Vince McMahon, her parents, are prominent wrestling promoters. Stephanie joined the Business Wrestling Federation at the age of 13, where she modelled goods, and became deeply entrenched in the wrestling world.How Rich is Stephanie McMahon

She graduated from Greenwich High School in 1994 and enrolled at Boston University. She received her Bachelor of Science in communications in 1998 and began working full-time for the World Wrestling Federation shortly thereafter.

The Career of Stephanie McMahon

Her long and fabulous career gives us an idea that How Rich is Stephanie McMahon. Now, let’s talk about her Career, Stephanie began her career as a receptionist and advanced to the position of account executive. In 1999, she made her ring debut as part of a storyline starring The Undertaker. At the time, she was 23 years old and portrayed a nice and innocent girl in order to fuel the rivalry between her father and The Undertaker.

The plot grew somewhat over the top when The Undertaker kidnapped her and threatened to marry her, but “Stone Cold” Steve Austin rescued her. She then established a relationship with Test and continued her on-screen performances. This relationship initiated a long-lasting dispute with her brother, Shane McMahon.

Test proposed to Stephanie at an in-ring ceremony, but Triple H interrupted him to disclose that he had drugged and wedded Stephanie in Las Vegas. Stephanie and Triple H were dating in reality, and no illegal substances were used.

After all the commotion surrounding her engagement, Stephanie lost a tennis match to her mother and disappeared from television for two years.

She returned with a villainous demeanour and engaged in a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The next three years were filled with turmoil after drama, until Stephanie finally vanished from RAW in 2008. Her long and fabulous career gives us an idea that How Rich is Stephanie McMahon.

In 2013, she became the World Wrestling Entertainment Chief Brand Officer. They reappeared as a powerful duo and were dubbed The Authority. In 2016, she became the commissioner of RAW.

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She has been on numerous ESPN programmes, including Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Howard Stern Show, throughout her career. She is one of the richest women in the United States and has been dubbed “The Billionaire Princess.” Stephanie announced her retirement in 2018, citing her desire to spend more time with her family. Her long and fabulous career gives us an idea that How Rich is Stephanie McMahon.

How Rich is Stephanie McMahon? And What is her Net Worth?

How Rich is Stephanie McMahon, let’s check! Stephanie McMahon is an American business executive who used to work for World Wrestling Entertainment as a wrestling valet and wrestler. At the time this was written, Stephanie was worth $150 million(this is the amount that gives us the indication of How Rich is Stephanie McMahon).

That is how much Stephanie and her husband, wrestler and WWE Executive Vice President Triple H, are worth together. However, Stephanie’s holdings in WWE’s common stock are the main reason why the couple has so much money.

Stephanie McMahon’s Earnings During Her Career

Stephanie is a wrestler who is good at a lot of different things and knows exactly what her fans want and expect from her. She made a lot of money over the years because of how good she was in the ring and how well she represented the WWE.

Here’s a rough idea of how much Stephanie McMahon makes each year and How Rich is Stephanie McMahon:

  • In 2013, Stephanie McMahon made $2 million.
  • In 2014, Stephanie McMahon made $2.3 million.
  • In 2015, Stephanie McMahon made $2.5 million.
  • In 2016, Stephanie McMahon made $2.6 million.
  • In 2017, Stephanie McMahon made $2.5 million.
  • In 2018, Stephanie McMahon made $2.8 million.
  • Stephanie McMahon’s Salary In 2019 was $1.5 million.
  • Stephanie McMahon’s Salary In 2020 was $1.5 million.
  • Stephanie McMahon’s Salary In 2021 was $1.65 million.
  • Stephanie McMahon’s Salary In 2022 was $1.7 million.

Stephanie is no longer wrestling, so she no longer amazes crowds with her skills. But she won’t be poor thanks to all the money she’s earned over the years.

Personal Life of Stephanie McMahon

Paul “Triple H” Levesque, a WWE wrestler and manager, is her husband. During their planned romance, they began dating in the year 2000. On Valentine’s Day 2003, they got engaged, and in October 2003, they got married in Sleepy Hollow, New York.How Rich is Stephanie McMahon

After they got married, Stephanie legally changed her middle name to McMahon, which was her husband’s last name.

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The couple has three daughters: Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, born in 2010, Aurora Rose Levesque, born in 2006, and Murphy Claire Levesque, born in 2008. McMahon and her husband, who are both Republicans, gave $2,700 to Chris Christie’s campaign for president.


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