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Amy Roloff Net Worth – What Is Her Net Worth After ‘Little People, Big World’?

Amy Roloff Net Worth

After the success of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff is embarking on what she calls her “second act,” which is shaping up to be much bigger. Roloff has had a busy few years, what with divorcing her spouse of 27 years, becoming a single parent, and falling in love again. In this article, we are going to read about Amy Roloff’s early life, personal life, net worth & many other things. Let’s start reading.

Who is Amy Roloff?

American entrepreneur, TV personality & keynote speaker Amy Roloff. Roloff’s fame stems mostly from her appearances in over 320 episodes of “Little People, Big World,” a TLC reality show that has aired for 20 seasons. In addition to their many other accomplishments, the Roloffs have the record for the most installments of a reality show focused on a family. She has been featured in a wide variety of media outlets, from news magazines to reality TV series.

Name Amy Roloff
Salary $500 Thousand
Date Of Birth 17 September 1962
Profession Businesswoman
Gender Female
Net Worth $6 Million

Early Life of Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff’s birth date is September 17th, 1962 in Michigan, but she was originally known as Amy Jo Knight. She was raised alongside her siblings Katherine, Cyndi & Roger by their parents Patricia & Gordon, both of whom worked for Ford Motor Company. Patricia died in 2019 & Cyndi did so in 2015.

Amy’s parents & siblings were of typical height, but she was born with achondroplasia, a kind of dwarfism caused by a mutation in her DNA that led to improper cartilage production. Amy went to Franklin High and Central Michigan University for her business degree before landing a high-tech position in Silicon Valley & then switching to teaching young children.

Amy Roloff’s Career

The first episode of “Little People, Big World” aired on March 4, 2006, and the show has already accumulated more than 340 episodes across its 21 seasons. Amy has acted as an executive producer on both “Little People, Big World” and “Little People Big World: Wedding Farm.” The six-episode spin-off, “Little People Big World: Wedding Farm,” debuted on TLC in 2012 and was followed by the same name.

Roloff made her debut on television in an episode of “Martin” in 1993. Since then, she has been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Rachael Ray,” “Chelsea Lately,” and “Chopped,” among other programs. Amy Roloff is the proprietor of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, an online baking business, and is the author of the books “Short and Simple Family Recipes” & “A Little Me”.

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She has also established a career for herself as a motivational speaker, and she has delivered talks at events such as the Lakes Health Conference, the Women’s Power Lunch, and the Empowering Women in Business Conference.

How Rich is Amy Roloff?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress is worth an estimated $6 million thanks to her on-screen & off-screen efforts. Her parents are businesspeople. Amy Roloff’s net worth is due to her appearances on the TLC reality series “Little People, Big World,” which follows Amy, her Matt & their 4 children as they navigate life with dwarfism.

Matt & Amy Roloff created Roloff Farms near Helvetia, Oregon, in 1990 after buying a fixer-upper farmhouse in the town. Roloff Farms has a Medieval castle, mine shaft, subterranean corridors & a pirate ship. The Roloffs operated Roloff Farms Salsa for many years.

Assets of Amy Roloff

In 1990, the Roloffs paid $185,000 for the 100-acre farm outside Helvetia, Oregon. Amy and Matt were married and bought the house. On the main level, there are 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, and a powder room, as well as a 6-car garage, unfinished basement & 2nd-floor bonus room.

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Numerous recreational areas, an outdoor pool & a large terrace off the great room are among the exterior attractions. Despite their divorce, Matt spent $667,000 to purchase the majority of Amy’s ownership in the home in 2019. Amy paid Matt $975k in 2020 for an additional 3,228 acres.

Personal Life of Amy Roloff

After first meeting each other at a convention for the Little People of America in 1987, Roloff and Matthew Roloff tied the knot. Together, they had four children: fraternal twins named Jeremy and Zachary, a daughter named Molly, and a son named Jacob.

The couple announced their plans to end their marriage to the general public in 2014, and the divorce was finalized two years later in 2016. In 2019, Roloff and Chris Marek, who was her boyfriend at the time, became engaged. In 2021, the wedding took place on the farm that she had shared with her ex-husband in the years prior to the marriage.

Charity Works Amy Roloff

Roloff established a charitable organization in 2009 under the name Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, which she closed with a sorrowful heart in the year 2020. Additionally, she helps disadvantaged children and those with disabilities.

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In addition to this, she has been a supporter of organizations like as homeless shelters, low-income senior housing, and the Dwarf Athletic Association of America.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Matt Roloff Amass Such a Large Fortune?

After a buddy talked Matt into working for a computer business in Oregon, he & his then-wife Amy Roloff bought a 34-acre farm in the town of Helvetia, not far from the city of Portland. Meanwhile, it’s possible that the family’s show brought in a substantial amount of money.

What Are Amy Rolph’s Business Activities?

In 2016, Roloff created “Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen,” an online bakery. She offers seasonal baked pastries and co-owned the pumpkin salsa company “Roloff Farms Salsa” with her ex-husband Matt Roloff.


Amy Roloff is an American entrepreneur, TV personality, and keynote speaker. She has appeared in over 320 episodes of “Little People, Big World,” a TLC reality show that has aired for 20 seasons. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is worth an estimated $6 million. Roloff made her debut on television in an episode of “Martin” in 1993. She is the proprietor of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, an online baking business.

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