Amo Houghton Net Worth – What Was the Cause of His Death?

In this post, we’ll talk about Amo Houghton’s age, his relationships, his family, and how much money he has. Keep reading until you get to the end for more information. As per Celebritynetworth, Amo Houghton is a politician in the United States who has a net worth of $475 million.

Who is Amo Houghton?

Amory Houghton Jr. was a Republican from the state of New York in the United States. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and his family, the Houghtons, was one of the most powerful business and political families in upstate New York.

Name Amo Houghton
Birth August 7, 1926
Profession Politician
Nationality American
Net Worth $475 million
Gender Male
Relationship With Priscilla B. Dewey

Amo Houghton’s Early Years

Amory Houghton Jr. was born in Corning, New York. He is the son of Amory Houghton and Laura DeKay Richardson and the grandson of Alanson B. Houghton. He went to school at St. Paul’s in Concord, New Hampshire, and graduated with the class of 1945. After that, Houghton was on the school’s board of trustees.

Amo Houghton’s Career

Houghton joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1944 so he could fight in World War II. He was assigned to the USS Macon (CA-132) and the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. He took part in the Battle of the Caribbean with his unit.

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Houghton worked his way up to being a private first class and was let go in 1946. In 1950, he got his Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University. In 1952, he got his Master of Business Administration from Harvard.Amo Houghton Net Worth

Houghton worked for his family’s business, Corning Glass Works, which was started by his great-great-grandfather Amory Houghton in 1851 and is now called Corning Incorporated (1812-1882).

He started working for the company in 1951 as an accountant, then as a process engineer, a manufacturing foreman, and finally as a sales manager. In 1955, he joined the board of directors. In 1957, he became vice president, and in 1961, he became president. Houghton was Corning’s chairman and chief executive officer from 1964 to 1983.

In addition to Corning Glass, he was on the boards of IBM, First National City Bank (which later became Citigroup), Procter & Gamble, Genentech, and B. F. Goodrich. As a Republican, Houghton won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1986. It was said that Houghton was worth $475 million and was one of the wealthiest people in the House.

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Houghton’s voting record was pretty moderate, and he started the Republican Main Street Partnership to encourage people to take a more moderate position on public issues.

He was often asked to act as a go-between between Democratic and Republican members on important issues because he was a strong supporter of making political parties more civil to each other.

On most budget issues, he voted with the Republicans, but he voted with the Democrats on issues like protecting the environment, civil rights, and funding for the arts and education.

How Rich is Amo Houghton?

Amo Houghton is a politician in the United States who has a net worth of $475 million. Amo Houghton was born in August 1926. He is best known for his antics in politics and his work in the House of Representatives.Amo Houghton Net Worth

He is also from the Houghton family, which is one of the best-known business families in New York. After being born in Corning, New York, he went to Concord, New Hampshire, to attend St. Paul’s School. He joined the Marine Corps after high school and fought in World War II.

Amo Houghton’s Later Life and Death

Houghton said on April 7, 2004, that he would not run for a tenth term in Congress. On January 3, 2005, Houghton’s term was over, and John R.RandyKuhl took over. He was a part of the Issue One ReFormers Caucus.

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In 2016 and 2018, he spoke out against Donald Trump’s presidency and said he would back efforts to get rid of him. On March 5, 2020, Corning Inc. said that Houghton had died the day before.

Amo Houghton’s Family

Houghton got married to Ruth Frances West, who was from Waccabuc, New York, in 1950. Amory, Robert, Sarah, and Quincy are some of their children. After he and his first wife split up in 1988, Houghton married Priscilla B. Dewey in 1989. (1924–2012).


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