Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth – Early Life | Career | Personal Life and Everything You Need to Know!

In this article, we will look at the age, relationship status, family, and net worth of entrepreneur Sanela Diana Jenkins. Continue reading to the end for more information. As per Celebritynetworth, Sanela Diana Jenkins is a $300 million-plus Bosnian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and reality television star.

Who is Sanela Diana Jenkins?

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She now resides in California. Jenkins abandoned her own country during the siege of Sarajevo and moved to London to study at City University.

Name Sanela Diana Jenkins
Birth 1973
Profession Entrepreneur
Nationality American
Net Worth $300 million
Gender Male
Relationship With Roger Jenkins

Sanela Diana Jenkins’s Early Years

Diana Jenkins was born Sanela Dijana ati in Sarajevo in 1973. She was the eldest child of two born into a middle-class family. Her father was an economist, while her mother was a bookkeeper.

The family lived in a simple concrete apartment building, which was extremely typical of the Yugoslav communist era at the time. Diana’s younger brother Irnis was killed by Serb forces while he was only 21 years old.

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Diana was a student at the University of Sarajevo studying economics at the time of his assassination. She was compelled to evacuate Bosnia during the Siege of Sarajevo in April 1992 due to the onset of conflict.Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth

The war resulted from Yugoslavia’s disintegration. Until December 1995, a deadly struggle raged. Jenkins spent nearly a year as a refugee in Croatia before moving to London, England.

She was able to resume her studies at City University in London after two years. Diana wisely chose math as her major because understanding numbers do not need fluency in English. She finally received a BSc in Computer Science and Economics (with honors).

Many of her fellow Yugoslavian immigrants were granted permanent citizenship around this time, but Diana was granted permanent citizenship due to her exceptional educational record and the fact that she never requested government assistance.

Sanela Diana Jenkins’s Career

She purchased the swimwear company Melissa Odabash after graduating from City University in London with a degree in Computer Science and Economics.

Sanela founded and launched the Neuro line of functional beverages in 2009, situated in Sherman Oaks, California, where she currently serves as President and CEO.

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Diana Jenkins is the founder and CEO of D Empire Entertainment, a full-service music label that represents both new and established artists through traditional and innovative media strategy, branding, PR, recording, distribution, and licensing. Jenkins has joined Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What is the Net Worth of Sanela Diana Jenkins?

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a $300 million-plus Bosnian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and reality television star. Sanela Diana Jenkins has launched a successful drink startup while also establishing herself as a human rights activist whose work is widely respected throughout the world.

Diana Jenkins made her debut as the newest cast member of Bravo’s reality series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on May 11, 2022.

Sanela Diana Jenkins is well-known for selling a Malibu estate to Whatsapp pioneer Jan Koum, in addition to her reality show popularity, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. She sold the house to Koum for $87 million in February 2021.

Sanela Diana Jenkins’s Philanthropy

Sanela Diana Jenkins is an ardent humanitarian. She has donated and raised millions of dollars for a variety of charities that support a wide range of causes.

She founded the Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Memory of Irnis Catic in 2002. It is said to be Bosnia’s largest privately funded philanthropic organization.

She went on to start the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at the University of California six years later. Her Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization offered medical assistance to thousands of earthquake victims in Haiti in 2010.

Jenkins and Sean Penn worked together to make it happen. She has also helped to organize fundraising events for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

She also secured bail for former Bosnian President EjupGani, who was arrested in the United Kingdom on a Serbian extradition request.Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Sanela worked with George Clooney to raise almost $10 million for the “Not on Our Watch” group, which raises awareness about human rights violations in Darfur.

Sanela Diana Jenkins’s Awards

Sanela received the Enduring Vision Award from Elton John’s Elton John AIDS Foundation in 2012. In the same year, she was designated one of the “World’s Top Three Justice Innovators” by the Hague Institute for Law Innovation. Sanela received the 2013 Isa-beg Ishakovi Award for Patriotism 2013.

Sanela Diana Jenkins’s Malibu Mansion

Sanela Diana Jenkins offered her previously mentioned Malibu mansion in June 2020. The asking price for the property was $125 million. Sanela paid $21 million for the mansion in the early 2000s.

She allegedly discovered the property while looking for a home with her buddy, singer Kid Rock. Kid was meant to be looking for a home for himself, but Diana ended up spending $21 million on him.

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It was disclosed in February 2021 that she sold the property to her next-door neighbor, WhatsApp founder Jan Koum, for $87 million. Jan spent $100 million for the property next door in 2019, indicating he has about $200 million in Malibu real estate.

Sanela Diana Jenkins’s Personal life

She married Roger Jenkins, a renowned executive of Barclays Bank, in 1999. The couple met in the Barbican gym, where Jenkins was living after his divorce from his first wife, a banker at Barclays. They had two children together before divorcing.

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