Boy George Net Worth – Is the Notorious Singer Gay? Let’s Find Out!

In this article, we will look at Boy George’s age, relationship status, family, and net worth. Continue reading to the end for more information. As per Celebritynetworth, Boy George is a $50 million net worth English singer and songwriter.

Who is Boy George?

Boy George is an English singer, songwriter, DJ, fashion designer, mixed media artist, photographer, and record producer. He is the frontman of the pop band Culture Club.

Name Boy George
Birth June 14, 1961
Profession Singer
Nationality British
Net Worth $50 million
Gender Gay
Relationship With Unknown

Boy George’s Early Years

George Alan O’Dowd was born in Kent, England on June 14, 1961. Growing up in a Catholic, working-class family with five siblings, George had to deal with a violent, abusive father.Boy George Net Worth

O’Dowd closely followed the UK’s growing New Romantic Movement in his youth. He eventually relocated to London, where he was heavily influenced by artists such as David Bowie, Marc Bolan, and Patti Smith.

Boy George’s Career

Boy George began his career with the group Bow Wow Wow. He then left to form Culture Club, his own band. Despite the fact that the band recorded numerous demos, no one seemed interested in signing them to a record deal.

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Virgin Records and Epic Records eventually teamed up to represent the group, and they were able to release their debut album, Kissing to be Clever, in 1982.

The album included the smash hit “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,” which topped charts all over the world and peaked at number two in the United States. Color By Numbers, their follow-up album, became an even bigger success when it was released in 1983.

The album featured smash hits such as “Church of the Poison Mind” and “Karma Chameleon,” the latter of which charted at number one in the United States.Culture Club appeared to be on its last legs when they released their third album, Waking Up with the House On Fire, in 1984, despite their rapid success.

Although it contained the popular hit “The War Song,” the album did not perform as well as the previous two.Boy George was becoming more of a central figure by the late 1980s, booking cameos on shows like A-Team and receiving a lot of media attention for his alleged drug addiction.

Culture Club released their fourth album, From Luxury to Heartache, in the midst of the controversy. The album included the chart-topping single “Move Away.” Culture Club split up shortly after the album’s release.

Boy George released his first solo album in 1987, following treatment for various drug addictions. The album, Sold, did moderately well in the UK but went almost completely unnoticed in the US, possibly due to George’s drug charges, which prevented him from traveling to the States to promote his new solo career.

George continued to release a number of singles that were popular in the underground music scene after establishing his own record label in the late 1980s. He rose to prominence again in 1992 with the hit “The Crying Game.”

The song was included on the soundtrack of the film The Crying Game, and it was his first major hit in the United States. Boy George’s career then shifted toward electronic/dance music, and he became a well-known DJ in London.

This shift was reflected in his next two albums, Cheapness and Beauty and The Unrecoverable One Man Bandit. Dance-oriented singles like “Love Is Leaving” and “When Will You Learn” were big hits in Europe.

Boy George’s sound shifted toward electronica in the early 2000s, as evidenced by his 2004 album Yum Yum, released under the alias “The Twin.”

Ordinary Alien – The Kinky Roland Files, his 2009 album, was released. He released new solo tracks from his then-upcoming album, Geminis, in 2020.

What is Boy George’s Net Worth?

Boy George is a $50 million net worth English singer and songwriter. Boy George is best known for his pop hits “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.”

Boy George is also well-known for his striking, androgynous public persona. Boy George is a successful fashion designer and author in addition to his music career.

Boy George’s Assault and Legal Concerns

Boy George is accused of handcuffing an escort to a wall and beating him with a metal chain in 2007. As a result of the incident, he was charged with assault and false imprisonment in 2008 and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

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He was released early after four months due to good behavior. George struggled greatly with heroin addiction in the late 1980s. During this time, he was taking so much heroin that he was attempting (and sometimes failing) to perform on stage while high on the narcotic.

He was arrested for heroin possession in 1986. Michael Rudetsky, Culture Club’s keyboardist and co-writer, was found dead from an overdose in George’s London home that year. Soon after, two more of his friends died of overdoses, convincing him to seek treatment.

Boy George was arrested in Manhattan in 2005 for cocaine possession and “false burglary reporting.” He was sentenced to five days of community service and ordered to participate in a drug rehab program.

Books, Television, and Fashion

Boy George replaced Tom Jones as a mentor in The Voice’s fifth season in 2016. Cody Frost, who finished third, was his protégé. George later left The Voice to join The Voice Australia. For many seasons, he served as a coach on this show. George finished second in the eighth season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2017.Boy George Net Worth

Boy George’s autobiography, Take it Like a Man, was released in 1995. It quickly became a best-seller in the United Kingdom. In 2005, he released Straight, a memoir that also became a best-seller.

Boy George has his own clothing line, B-Rude. His collections have been shown in London, New York, and Moscow over the years. Boy George initially stated that he was bisexual, but later clarified that he is gay.

Boy George’s Real Estate

Boy George paid an undisclosed sum for The Logs, a gothic Grade-II-listed mansion in the North London hamlet of Hampstead, at the height of his fame in the late 1980s. For the next four decades, this was Boy George’s primary residence.

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George listed the mansion for sale in September 2022 for $19.5 million after undergoing extensive renovations. There are six bedrooms, a movie theatre, a private roof terrace, and meditation space in the mansion.

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