Kyle Troup Net Worth – Early Life | Career | Personal Life and Everything You Need to Know!

In this article, we will discuss the age, dating status, family, and net worth of the famed bowler Kyle Troup. For additional information, please see the conclusion. As per Celebritynetworth, Kyle Troup is a professional bowler with a $2 million net worth.

Who is Kyle Troup?

Kyle Troup is a professional American ten-pin bowler from Taylorsville, North Carolina. With his dominant right hand, he employs a two-handed shovel-style delivery. Troup claims that he was self-taught when he learned to toss the ball with two hands as a young child.

Name Kyle Troup
Birth June 11, 1991
Profession Bowler
Nationality American
Net Worth $2 million
Gender Male
Relationship With Unknown

Kyle Troup’s Early Years

Kyle Troup is a professional ten-pin bowler from North Carolina who resides in Taylorsville. John “Guppy” Troup, his father, was a former PBA Tour standout and professional bowler.Kyle Troup Net Worth

Kyle Troup became one of the youngest-ever members of the North Carolina All-Stars bowling team as a teen, mostly due to his father’s influence. As an amateur, he competed outside of his native state in South Carolina and Georgia.

Kyle Troup’s Career

Kyle Troup’s PBA Regional Tour

In 2008, Troup joined the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). During his first five years as a member, he primarily competed in PBA Regional Tour events while managing Wendy’s.

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In 2010, in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Troup won his first Regional Tour victory. In 2013 and 2014, he was subsequently named the PBA Southern Region Player of the Year.

PBA Tour, 2015-2020

2015 marked Troup’s professional debut on the national PBA Tour. In Shawnee, Oklahoma, he won his first PBA championship after advancing to the championship round four times that year.

In 2016, Troup finished in second place at the Downums Waste Services Xtra Frame Open and in fourth place at the Gene Carter’s Pro Shop Classic. In the Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship the following year, he and Jesper Svensson won his second PBA Tour championship.

Later in the year, he placed fourth at the 2017 PBA World Championship. In early 2018, Troup reached the final of the DHC PBA Japan Invitational, where he ultimately placed second to Dominic Barrett. In September 2018, he won his third PBA championship in Malmo, Sweden, at the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters.

As a member of the Portland Lumberjacks squad, Troup went on to win the 2019 PBA League championship. He also reached five championship rounds, but he was unable to win an individual title. In early 2020, in the PBA Jonesboro Open, Troup earned his fourth PBA title.

A few weeks later, he won the Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship for the fifth time alongside Jesper Svensson, earning him his fifth title.

PBA Tour, 2021-2022

Troup’s PBA Tour season in 2021 was his best to date. After winning the East Region finals, he went on to win the PBA Players Championship and the record-setting $250,000 first-place award.

This earned Troup the No. 1 seed in the PBA Tour Playoffs, where he defeated Sam Cooley in the final round to win his seventh overall title. Troup also won the $100,000 first-place award, bringing his total earnings for a single season to a record $469,200.

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He earned a total of $496,900 throughout the 2021 season. Troup was ultimately voted PBA Player of the Year by a landslide margin.

International Performance

Beyond the PBA Tour, Troup has participated internationally for Team USA. He bowled with the team for the first time in the 2018 World Bowling Tour Men’s Championship in Hong Kong, where he won the gold medal in trios with colleagues E. J. Tackett and Andrew Anderson. In both 2019 and 2020, Troup and Team USA defeated Team Europe to win the Weber Cup.

What is the Net Worth of Kyle Troup?

Kyle Troup is a professional bowler with a $2 million net worth. On the PBA Tour, Kyle Troup participates in ten-pin bowling. Since his full-time debut in 2015, he has won many PBA Tour titles and set a record for single-season earnings with his victory in the PBA Playoffs in 2021 (with earnings that exceeded $496,000). Troup also participates internationally as a member of the United States national team.

Kyle Troup’s Personal Life

Kyle is the son of eighttime PBA Tour champion Guppy Troup, making them the fourth father-son duo to each win a PBA Tour championship (following Dick and Pete Weber, Don and Jimmy Johnson, and Don and Eugene McCune).Kyle Troup Net Worth

Troup has become one of the most recognizable players on tour because of his throwback Afro hairdo, Partridge Family bus-styled outfit, and other distinctive pant choices, akin to his father’s colorful public image. On the Tour, Kyle is known as “Afro Fish,” “The Pro with the Fro,” and “Bob Ross of Bowling.”

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Troup, along with Jason Belmonte and the traditional PBA broadcast crew of Rob Stone and Randy Pedersen, gave analysis for the last four and championship finals live broadcasts (aired June 1 and 2 on Fox) after being eliminated from the 2019 PBA Tour Playoffs in the second round.

Kyle Troup’s Public Persona

Troup’s look has become rather famous, particularly his throwback Afro hairstyle and colorful, bus-inspired outfit. His hairstyle has earned him the nicknames “Afro Fish” and “The Pro with the Fro,” among others. Troup has likewise created a similarly flashy public character as his father.


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