Daz Black Net Worth – How Did Daz Amass His Fortune?

Darren Black is an English YouTuber who owns and maintains the Daz Black channel. He first gained notoriety on Vine, where he amassed over three million followers. According to Biooverview, Daz Black’s net worth is $7 Million.

The majority of the videos on this YouTube channel are for games such as The Sims, Uncharted, Minecraft, GTA 5 & others. In this article, you’ll read about the early life, personal life, and net worth of Daz Black. Let’s start reading.

Who is Daz Black?

Daz Black is a popular YouTube personality. YouTube celebrity with over 5 million subscribers to his channel Daz Games. Another prominent YouTube channel of his is named Daz Black. He originally gained fame on Vine, where he created the humorous characters Tea Party, Happy Cloud, and Predator.

Full Name Darren “Daz” Black
Date of Birth 7 August 1985
Age 37 Years Old
Birth Place Hastings, England, United Kingdom
Currently, Live In London, United Kingdom
Profession YouTuber & Social Media Personality
Nationality English
Hometown Hastings, England
High School Local High School in Hastings, England, UK
University Hastings College of Arts & Technology, Hastings, England, United Kingdom
Education  Graduate
Net Worth $7 Million

Early Life of Daz Black

Daz Black, who was born on August 7, 1985, has reached the age of 36. He was born & reared in a middle-class Christian family in Hastings, England, UK. He is of English descent. Daz Black completed elementary & secondary education in Hastings, England, UK, at a local high school.


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After that, he attended & graduated from Hastings College of Arts & Technology in Hastings, England, UK. He was always more interested in extracurricular activities than in academics, & his goal was to become a well-known figure in England.

Daz Black’s Career

Young adult Daz worked in the construction sector. In the early 2010s, when the Vine Platform initially launched, he was an early adopter. One of the most recognizable individuals to have appeared on this platform.

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That’s developed a cast of entertaining characters, such as Tea Party, Happy Could, & Predator, to keep his followers coming back for more small chuckles. When he hit 1M followers, he decided to quit his construction job & become a content creator full-time.

Before achieving popularity on Vine, Daz created his own YouTube channel in November 2007. While continuing to work as a construction worker, he began uploading occasional comedic videos to his own YouTube channel.

Daz Black Net Worth

Prior to the popularity of his Vine videos, he received little attention. In Dec 2013, following the popularity of his first YT channel, Daz started his 2nd channel, Daz Games. A month later, he would publish his debut video entitled “Welcome to Daz Games! Start the Killzone!”

Since then, Daz’s programming has expanded substantially, & he now provides not only gameplay commentary videos but also response clips, sketches, & the try not to laugh challenge. Another popular series that began in 2014 is “Daz Watches Found Footage.”

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Daz also plays small appearances in English-made films such as Brotherhood & Eddie the Eagle. He even shared a moment with the well-known actor Dwayne Johnson. Additionally, he performed stand-up comedy for the first time at the 2019 Edinboro Festival.

How Much Does Daz Black Games Make?

8 million-subscriber channel with 1.8 billion views. 1.5 million daily views earn him the projected cash. Every thousand video views earn ad revenue. Daz Black Games’ YouTube channel earns $3 to $7 per 1,000 views. Successful YouTubers have sponsors and can promote their own items to boost revenue.

Love Life of Daz Black

Kate is the former girlfriend or wife of Daz Black. The daughter of this couple is named Sarah. We do not know why, but Kate and Daz became separated.

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Daz Black is in a committed relationship with his current partner, Soheila Clifford, as of 2022. Soheila is an extremely gifted and well-known pop vocalist.

Achievements of Daz Black

Daz Games is actively involved in charitable causes. He has participated in numerous live broadcasts & charity activities that have raised thousands of pounds for the less fortunate. In 2014, he launched the Ditch or Dare initiative to generate funds for the anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label.

Daz Black Net Worth

In 2019, he also participated in a skydiving fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy UK. He participated in the 125th Boston Marathon in 2021 to collect funds for a Boston-based charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Daz Games Have a Kid?

Daz Games and his ex-wife Kate have a daughter named Sarah Blackmore. She has appeared in a number of videos on his YouTube channel.

Who is Black Daz’s Wife?

According to the latest Daz Black girlfriend reports, the popular British YouTuber began seeing the British singer Sohelia Clifford in 2019. Fans believe Sohelia Clifford will marry Daz Black in the near future. Kate was the former spouse of Daz Black. Nevertheless, this union did not survive long.


Darren Black is an English YouTuber who owns and maintains the Daz Black channel. He originally gained fame on Vine, where he created the characters Tea Party, Happy Cloud, & Predator. In this article, you’ll read about his early life, personal life, and net worth.

Daz Black’s net worth is estimated at $7 million. He has a YouTube channel with 1.8 million subscribers and 1.5 million daily views. According to Bio overview, he earns $3 to $7 per 1,000 views. Every thousand video views earn ad revenue.

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