Jann Wenner Net Worth – Does He Still Own ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine?

This article examines Jann Wenner’s age, marital status, family, and wealth. Continue reading the conclusion for additional information. As per Celebritynetworth, Jann Wenner is an American publisher, entrepreneur, and producer with a net worth of $600 million.

Who is Jann Wenner?

Jann Simon Wenner is an American tycoon who co-founded the popular culture magazine Rolling Stone and was previously the owner of Men’s Journal. While attending University of California, Berkeley, he participated in the Free Speech Movement. In 1967, Wenner and his mentor Ralph J. Gleason co-founded Rolling Stone.

Wenner co-founded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and other magazines later in his career. As a publisher and media figure, he has faced controversy over Hall of Fame eligibility favouritism, the end of his friendship with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and allegations that his magazine’s reviews were prejudiced.

Name Jann Wenner
Birth January 7, 1946
Profession Magazine Magnate
Nationality American
Net Worth $600 million
Gender Male
Relationship With Matt Nye

Jann Wenner’s Early Life and Profession

Wenner was born in New York City to Sim and Edward Wenner, his parents. He was raised in a secular Jewish household. In 1958, after his parent’s divorce, he and his sisters Kate and Merlyn were sent to boarding school.

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In 1963, after completing his secondary education at the Chadwick School, he attended the University of California, Berkeley. Before leaving Berkeley in 1966, Wenner was active in the Free Speech Movement and wrote the column “Something’s Happening” for The Daily Californian, the student-run newspaper.Jann Wenner Net Worth

Wenner found a job at Ramparts, a high-circulation muckraker, with the help of his mentor, San Francisco Chronicle jazz critic Ralph J. Gleason, where Gleason was a contributing editor and Wenner worked for the magazine’s spin-off daily.

Jann Wenner’s Career

Wenner and Gleason co-founded “Rolling Stone” magazine in San Francisco in 1967 after Wenner borrowed $7,500 from his family and his future wife’s family. In 1977, “Rolling Stone” relocated its headquarters to New York City.

Despite a drop in readership in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the magazine’s circulation hit a record high of 1.5 million copies every two weeks in 2006. In May 2006, the magazine published its 1,000th issue with a 3-D holographic cover. Jann’s 2005 interview with Bono of U2 was nominated for a National Magazine Award.

He founded “Outside” magazine in 1977 and then sold it in 1978. Wenner temporarily ran “Look” magazine before launching “Family Life” in 1993. In 1986, he co-owned “US Weekly” with The Walt Disney Company. In 2006, he purchased Disney’s part of the publication.

In September 2016, it was revealed that Jann was selling a 49 percent ownership in “Rolling Stone” to a Singaporean company called BandLab Technologies. A year later, Wenner Media announced the sale of the remaining interest, which was acquired by Penske Media Corporation, who then acquired BandLab’s 49% stake.

About Jann and “Rolling Stone” are the novels “Gone Crazy and Back” (Robert Sam Anson), “Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine” (Joe Hagan), and “Rolling Stone: The Uncensored History” (Robert Draper).

Von Wenner joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation in 1983. Fans of various artists have held him responsible for their absence from the Hall of Fame, stating that Jann advocated against the nomination of some artists out of personal bias.

Peter Tork of The Monkees stated in 2007 to the New York Post, “Jann Wenner is solely responsible for our exclusion from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.” Tork continued by stating that Wenner “He disregards the regulations and simply works as he deems proper. It is a misuse of authority.

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I don’t know if The Monkees should be in the Hall of Fame, but it’s obvious that we’re not there due to a personal whim.” 2020 marked Jann’s departure from his role as chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation.

How Much Money Does Jann Wenner Have?

Jann Wenner is an American publisher, entrepreneur, and producer with a net worth of $600 million. Wenner helped start “Rolling Stone” magazine and is its publisher. He also helped start the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jann was a part of the Free Speech Movement, and in 1967, he and Ralph J. Gleason started the magazine “Rolling Stone.”

Jann Wenner’s Personal Life

Wenner and Jane Schindelheim got married in a small Jewish ceremony in the summer of 1967. This was a few months after Rolling Stone began. Even though Wenner and his wife got divorced in 1995, Jane Wenner is still a vice president at Wenner Media.

She and Wenner have three sons: Alexander Jann, Theodore “Theo” Simon, and Edward Augustus, known as “Gus,” who is in charge of Wenner Media’s digital operations.

Wenner has been living with fashion designer Matt Nye, who has been his partner since 1995. Wenner and Nye have three children, Noah, Jude, and India Rose, who were born to surrogate mothers.

Getting Awards and Nominations By Jann Wenner

In 2004, Jann was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a non-performer with a Lifetime Achievement award. The Norman Mailer Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Magazine Publishing was given to Wenner in 2010.Jann Wenner Net Worth

In the same year, he and Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Joel Gallen, and Joel Peresman were nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Special for “The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert.”

Real Estate Belongs to Jann Wenner

Wenner and Nye bought a 6,300-square-foot home in Montauk, New York, for $11.9 million in 2009. The house on the water has eight bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and 1.5 acres of land.

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At the time of the sale, Jann owned at least five other properties, including a Manhattan brownstone that was 9,030 square feet, a Manhattan townhome that was 6,540 square feet, and a ski condo and ranch in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Jann Wenner Live?

Wenner lives in Montauk, New York, and sometimes in Manhattan and Sun Valley, Idaho, with his husband, Matt Nye, and their three teenagers. Matt Nye is a good-looking designer who has worked for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Where Did Jann Wenner Grow Up?

Wenner was born in New York 76 years ago. He grew up in San Rafael, California, near San Francisco, on a stretch of road that his family called Rainbow Road. When he was 11, his parents split up. In the book, he called his father “a good-hearted, generous man,” but he said much fewer nice things about his mother.

Who Came First, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

The Rolling Stones started in London in 1962, just two years after The Beatles. After almost 60 years, The Rolling Stones are still playing shows and putting out new music.

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