Mira Sorvino Net Worth: How Does Mira Amass a Fortune of $16 Million?

In this article, we are going to discuss some fascinating information about the life of famous actress Mira Sorvino, including her age, height, weight, relationship status, family, and net worth. So, read on till the conclusion for more information.

According to celebrity net worth, Mira Sorvino has an estimated net worth of $16 million.

Who is Mira Sorvino?

Mira Katherine Sorvino is an American actress and producer from Manhattan, New York City. She started acting in the early 1990s, and her big break came in 1995 when she played Mighty Aphrodite in a movie by Woody Allen.

Sorvino became the most famous actress in Hollywood by being in many popular movies. In 1996, the well-known U.S. magazine People Magazine put her on a list of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World.”

Name Mira Katherine Sorvino
Birth September 28, 1967, in Manhattan, New York City
Profession Actress
Net Worth $16 million
Relationship with Christopher Paul Backus
Children 4

Early Life of Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino was born on September 28, 1967, in Manhattan, New York City. She grew up in a stable family, and everyone in her family has worked in the entertainment business.

 Mira Sorvino Net Worth

Her father, Paul Anthony Sorvino, was an actor, director, sculptor, and business owner. Her mother, Lorraine Ruth, used to be an actress and is now a therapist for people with Alzheimer’s. Sorvino’s father died on July 25, 2022. He was 83 years old.

Sorvino grew up with a sister named Amanda and a brother named Michael, who were both younger than him. Both of her siblings are actors who are trying to make it in the movie business.

Mira was a great student at Dwight-Englewood School, so she was accepted to Harvard University soon after she graduated. She went to school to get a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies, and in 1989, she was given a Magna Cum Laude degree.

Mira Sorvino’s Career

Sorvino has wanted to be an actress since she was a child, but she had to do some odd jobs before she could start her career. In 1992, she got her first big part in the teen drama TV show Swans Crossing, where she played Sophia Eva McCormick De Castro for six episodes.

Mira continued to act in movies like “Quiz Show,” “Sweet Nothing,” and “Barcelona,” but her career took a big turn when she got a big role in 1995.


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 In the 1996 romantic comedy-drama Beautiful Girls, she played Sharon Cassidy. After that, she played a part in the short film Tales of Erotica.

Since then, Sorvino has had leading roles in movies like The Replacement Killers (1998), Too Tired to Die (1998), Summer of Sam (1999), At First Sight (1999), and Summer of Sam (1999), in which she played Dionna.

After making a name for herself as an actress, she became a producer and helped make the comedy Lisca Picard Famous in the 2000s. Sorvino started acting in movies like The Grey Zone, Triumph of Love, Between Strangers, The Final Cut, and WiseGirls at the beginning of the 2000s.

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Mira was in movies like Angels Crest, Union Square, The Trouble with Cali, Smitty Trade of Innocents, Space Warriors, Perfect Sisters, Quitters, Do You Believe? and Chloe and Theo, where she played Monica.

Mira Sorvino’s TV Career

Sorvino made her first appearance on TV in the drama series Swans Crossing in 1992. Then, in 1994, she was in the movie Parallel Lives and the BBC miniseries The Buccaneers (1995).

Her biggest break came in 1996 when she was cast in the popular HBO TV movie Norma Jean & Marilyn. She played Marilyn Monroe in the movie, and her performance was praised and earned her a number of awards.

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She then played Daisy Buchanan in the TV movie version of The Great Gatsby, which came out in 2000. Later in 2003, she had a part in an episode of Will & Grace. Then, in 2005, she was in the miniseries Human Trafficking.

What is Mira Sorvino’s Net Worth?

Mira Sorvino’s estimated net worth in 2022 is about $16 million. This makes her one of the most successful actresses in the American entertainment business.

She made most of her money in the early 1990s when she was in a number of blockbuster movies. Some reports say that Sorvino makes about $3 million per movie, and the actress has made a good amount of money from her work in movies and TV shows.

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Brand endorsements and TV commercials are also ways that she makes money. First, she sang in a commercial for Nivea Lotion. Then, she and her father, Paul Sorvino, promoted the movie Diabetes Co-Stars.

Properties Owned by Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino is worth $16 million, which means she can buy expensive homes. She spent $1.58 million on a duplex penthouse on the Upper West Side of New York City in 2007. It is in a nice neighbourhood.

The house has a modern kitchen, two bedrooms, and a lot of other things. In the end, Mira sold this house for $1.7 million in 2012.

Mira Sorvino’s Personal Life

Mira Sorvino dated the director and filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, from 1996 to 1998. The couple met for the first time at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1995. After that, they started going out together.

Mira Sorvino and Christopher Paul Backus started dating soon after they met at a Charades party in 2003. Sorvino and Christopher got married the next year, in June of 2004, in a private ceremony at the Santa Barbara courthouse. After that, they had a ceremony on a mountain top in Capri, Italy.

 Mira Sorvino Net Worth

In 2004, they had a daughter named Mattea Angel, who was their first child. Later, in May 2006, they had a son named Johnny Christopher King. In 2009, they had another son named Holden Paul Terry Backus.

In May 2012, Lucia, Mira’s second daughter, was born. They have four kids, and the whole family lives in Los Angeles, California, in a very nice way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Mira Sorvino’s First Movie?

Mira’s first movie was 1985’s The Stuff, in which she played a plant worker without getting any credit. After going to Harvard University to get her degree, she kept working on her acting career.

How Many Awards Does Mira Sorvino Have?

After acting in a few movies, she became a producer and has been nominated for many awards over the past 30 years, including the Primetime Emmy Award, the BAFTA, and many others.


Mira Sorvino is an American actress who has a net worth of $16 million. Mira Sorvino is best known for her role as a lively prostitute in Woody Allen’s 1995 comedy “Mighty Aphrodite,” for which she won an Academy Award.

She has also been in a number of movies, including “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion,” “Mimic,” “Lulu on the Bridge,” and “Summer of Sam.” Sorvino’s roles in the made-for-TV movie “Norma Jean & Marilyn” and the miniseries “Human Trafficking” earned her a lot of praise.

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