Coolio Net Worth-What Was Rapper’s Fortune at the Time of His Death?

Coolio, a rapper who won a Grammy, became a major figure in the 1990s rap scene and was worth an estimated $1.5 million in 2022, according to celebrity net worth. The 59-year-old musician was found dead at a friend’s house on the morning of September 28. There is no confirmed explanation for his death.

He was also well-known for his acting in both television and film in addition to his musical accomplishments. There is no denying that the entertainment industry is poorer with his passing.

Who is Coolio?

Artis Leon Ivey Jr., better known as Coolio, was an American rapper, record producer, and actor. Coolio earned mainstream popularity in the mid-to-late 1990s with his albums It Takes a Thief (1994), Gangsta’s Paradise (1995), and My Soul (1997). He was well known for his Grammy Award-winning hit single “Gangsta’s Paradise” in 1995.

He was also noted for providing the opening music “Aw, Here It Goes!” for the Nickelodeon television series Kenan & Kel in 1996. Coolio has published records independently since 1996 and has also become a chef, producing a web series titled Cookin’ with Coolio and publishing a cookbook.

Ivey rose to prominence as a part of the Gangsta rap trio WC and the Maad Circle, alongside WC and his brother, Crazy Toones.

Name Artis Leon Ivey Jr.
Birth August 1, 1963, in Monessen, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession Rapper, Record Producer, Actor, and Chef
Gender Male
Age 59 Years
Net Worth $1.5 Million

Early Life of Coolio

Artis Leon Ivey Jr. was born on August 1, 1963, in Compton, California. His mother, Jackie, was a factory worker, and his father, Artis Sr., was a carpenter; the couple separated when Coolio was 11 years old. As a child, he was frequently forced to stay indoors owing to asthma attacks, so he spent a lot of time reading.

coolio net worth

Coolio struggled to cope with his parent’s divorce, so he joined the Baby Crips and began carrying guns to school as a youngster. He spent a few months in prison at the age of 17 after being charged with stealing.

Coolio attended Compton Community College and began competing in local hip-hop contests as “Coolio Iglesias,” which led to his being featured on the Los Angeles radio station KDAY on a regular basis.

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His singing career was being hampered by a drug problem, so he checked himself into a recovery facility. Coolio worked as a firefighter and airport security while pursuing his rap career after recovery.

Coolio’s Fame Skyrocketed in the ’90s

It Takes A Thief, Coolio’s debut album, was released in 1994 by Tommy Boy Records and includes the smash single Fantastic Voyage. He wrote the theme tune Aw, Here It Goes for the Nickelodeon series Kenan & Kel.


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The rapper’s track “C U When U Get There” from his 1997 album My Soul peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Tommy Boy’s final studio album. debuted in 2001, El Cool Magnifico debuted in 2022, The Return of the Gangsta debuted in 2006, Steal Hear debuted in 2008, and From the Bottom 2 to the Top debuted in 2009.

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After his success as a musician faded, Coolio switched to television, with his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2009 being one of his most memorable roles to date.

In 2012, he released the cookbook Cookin’ With Coolio and placed second on the Food Network show Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.

What Was the Coolio’s Net Worth?

When Coolio died, he left behind an estimated $1.5 million in wealth. “Gangsta’s Paradise,” a megahit song he created, was featured in the 1995 film Dangerous Minds, catapulting him to popularity in the Los Angeles rap scene.

According to Billboard’s Hot 100 list, three weeks at the top of the charts confirmed the song’s position as the year’s most popular single in the United States. Gangsta’s Paradise received two Grammy nominations: Record of the Year and Best Rap Solo Performance, the latter of which the rapper won.

Personal Life of Coolio

From 1996 to 2000, Coolio was married to Josefa Salinas. He had six children from four different relationships. Along with saxophonist Jarez, he was a spokesperson for Environmental Justice and Climate Change, as well as the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

coolio net worth

After a woman sued Coolio for leaping on her back and bull-riding her, a federal court entered a default judgment against him in 2013. Later that year, Coolio was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault for hitting his three-year girlfriend in the face after an argument that erupted after he brought another woman home.

In 1998, he was convicted to six months probation and had to pay a $17,000 fine after reportedly punching a store owner who tried to stop Coolio and his band from stealing nearly $1,000 in apparel.

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In 2016, he has sentenced to probation again after TSA authorities at Los Angeles International Airport (where Coolio previously worked) discovered a loaded revolver in his carry-on luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did Coolio Die?

Coolio, the West Coast rapper who helped define hip-hop in the 1990s with gritty music and soaring singles like “Gangsta’s Paradise,” died on Wednesday in Los Angeles. He was 59. Jarez Posey, his longtime manager, confirmed his death.

How did Coolio die?

According to his management, Coolio suffered a heart attack at a friend’s residence.

How Tall Was Coolio?

Coolio stood at 5’8″ tall.


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