Genghis Khan Net Worth – Was He the Richest Ruler in the History?

Today, in this article, we will discuss Genghis Khan’s whole net worth, earnings, salary, and all other economic affairs. You must be thinking about how much money he earns in order to live such a lavish lifestyle.

Consequently, the answers to all your inquiries will be provided in this post today. Let’s investigate his net worth. As per caknowledge, Genghis Khan’s Net Worth is $120 Trillion (adjusted for the present-day).

Who Was The Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan was the creator and first Great Khan (Emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which after his death grew to become the greatest continuous empire in history. He ascended to power by unifying numerous nomadic tribes of the Mongol steppe and proclaimed Genghis Khan, the universal ruler of the Mongols.

He initiated the Mongol invasions, which ultimately resulted in the subjugation of much of Eurasia and incursions by Mongol raiding bands as far west as Legnica, Poland, and as far south as Gaza.

During his lifetime, he waged war against Qara Khitai, Khwarezmia, the Western Xia, and the Jin dynasty, while his generals ravaged medieval Georgia, Circassia, Kievan Rus, and Volga Bulgaria.

Name Genghis Khan
Birth Around, 1162 
Profession Emperor
Nationality Mongol
Net Worth $120 Trillion
Gender Male
Relationship With Several Relations

Early Life of Genghis Khan

Temüjin was born as the first son of Hoelun, the second wife of his father Yesügei, the chief of the Borjigin clan in the nomadic Khamag Mongol confederation, nephew of Ambaghai and Hotula Khan, and ally of Toghrul of the Keraite tribe.Genghis Khan Net Worth

On his father’s side, Temüjin was linked to Khabul Khan, Ambaghai, and Hotula Khan, who had led the Khamag Mongol confederation and were descendants of Bodonchar Munkhag (about 900), while his mother Hoelun was a member of the Olkhunut sub-lineage of the Khongirad clan.

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Temüjin’s noble background made it simpler for him to beg assistance from and subsequently unite the other Mongol tribes later in life. There is much doubt about both the date and location of Genghis Khan’s birth, with historical accounts assigning birth dates varying from 1155 to 1182 and a vast array of putative birthplaces.

Temüjin was raised with three brothers, Qasar, Hachiun, and Temüge, one sister, Temülen, and two half-brothers, Behter and Belgutoi. As was typical for Mongolian nomads, Temüjin’s early existence was plagued by adversity.

At the age of nine, his father planned his marriage and delivered him to the family of his future wife, Borte, of the Khongirad tribe. Temüjin was to reside there and serve the household’s head, Dai Setsen, until the age of twelve.

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On his way home, his father encountered the Tatars, who had long been Mongol adversaries; they offered him food under the appearance of welcome but poisoned him instead. Temüjin returned home upon learning this to claim his father’s title as chief, but the tribe refused him and abandoned the family, leaving them defenceless.

What Was Genghis Khan’s Net Worth?

Genghis Khan’s Net Worth is $120 Trillion (adjusted for the present day). People often say that Genghis Khan was one of the best and richest rulers in history.

Value of the Land Genghis Khan Won

At the height of his power, Genghis Khan controlled over 15 million square miles of land in Asia and Europe. Taking into account how much this land is worth on the market today, Genghis Khan’s land is thought to be worth more than $90 Trillion US Dollars.

Genghis Khan had gold and gold mines that added up to more than 200,000 tonnes. Genghis Khan has taken over a lot of land in China and Mongolia that is full of precious metals and minerals. This means that Genghis Khan’s gold is worth more than $10 Trillion Dollars.

Wives and Concubines of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan had many wives and concubines, as did most powerful Mongol men. Most of the time, these women were queens or princesses from the places he conquered, or they were given to him by allies, vassals, or other tribe members.Genghis Khan Net Worth

Borte, Yesugen, Yesui, Khulan Khatun, Moge Khatun, Juerbiesu, and Ibaqa Beki were some of his most important or well-known wives and concubines.

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He gave some of his high-ranking wives their own ordos, or camps, where they could live and run things. There were also junior wives, concubines, and even children in each camp. The Kheshig, which was the Mongol imperial guard, was in charge of protecting the yurts where Genghis Khan’s wives lived.

The guards had to pay close attention to Genghis Khan’s yurt and camp, which could change every night because he went to see his different wives. When he went on military campaigns, he usually took one wife with him and left the rest of his wives (and concubines) to run the empire while he was away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Would Genghis Khan Have Had Today?

Genghis Khan’s Net Worth in today’s money is $120 Trillion US Dollars, which makes him the richest person on the planet. His wealth is equal to three times the total net worth of all the companies in the world.

Mansa Musa or Genghis Khan, Who Had More Money?

Mansa Musa is at the very top of our list. When no one can describe how rich you are, you know you’ve made it. In the 1400s, when gold was in high demand, the King of Timbuktu was in charge of the place that made the most gold in the world.

Has There Ever Been Someone Who Was Worth a Trillion Dollars?

A trillion is a very big number with twelve zeros after it. That’s a million times a billion (nine zeros followed by 1). Do you know that only six people have ever been worth a trillion dollars? As of right now, there are no trillionaires on the planet.

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