How Did Julie Chrisley’s Net Worth Skyrocket to $1.5 Million?

Julie Chrisley is a reality TV star from the United States. She became well-known because she was on the USA Network show Chrisley Knows Best.

Do you want to know how much money Julie Chrisley has? Have you ever wondered, How much money she makes? How much she spends on other properties? All of these questions will be answered right here. Julie Chrisley’s net worth is $1.5 million right now, according to celebrity net worth.

Read the article below to find out everything you need to know about Julie Chrisley’s wealth.

Who is Julie Chrisley?

Julie Chrisley is a famous reality TV star, cook, social media influencer, media face, businesswoman, realtor, and entrepreneur from Winchester, South Carolina, United States. Her real name is Julie Hughes, and she was born on January 9, 1973.

She is 49 years old. As Todd Chrisley’s wife, she is well-known all over the country. Julie is related to the Chrisleys, so she has also been on the reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best.

Name Julie Chrisley
Birth January 1973
Nationality South Carolina
Profession TV star, Cook, Social media influencer, Businesswoman, Realtor, and Entrepreneur
Net Worth $1.5 million
Age 49
Children Savannah Chrisley, Chase Chrisley, Grayson Chrisley

Early Life of Julie Chrisley

Julie Chrisley was born in South Carolina, the United States, on January 9, 1973. Her mother used to be Miss South Carolina, and her father is a Baptist minister. Julie and Harvey Hughes’s brother were raised together.

Julie Chrisley net worth

Julie Chrisley’s Career

Before she met her future husband Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley worked at a number of low-paying jobs in different places. Later, she was a mom on the USA Network show Chrisley Knows Best with her four kids, Savannah, Chase, Kyle, Grayson, and Lindsie.

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In a short amount of time, the show became a huge hit and was watched by more than 1 million people. After that, more than 1.5 million people continued to watch each episode. Julie Chrisley has also been on episodes of The View, Today, Steve Harvey, The Real, FabLife, Hollywood Medium, and Steve.


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Todd Chrisley, her husband, was very successful in the real estate business and made a lot of money over the course of his career. In the last few years, though, he ran up huge debts and had to file for bankruptcy. At one point, he was said to owe the banks around $49 million.

How Did She Spend Money on Real Estate?

Julie Chrisley is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $1.5 million. The Chrisleys bought a house in Nashville for $1.6 million in 2016. In June of 2019, the couple bought a home outside of Nashville for $3.4 million.

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Two months later, they had to sell the house because they were still accused of committing financial crimes. The first price they asked for was $4.7 million.

Married Life of Julie Chrisley

Sources say that Julie became well-known after she married the well-known real estate mogul Todd Chrisley. Reports say that Todd and Julie have been together for a long time. She married Todd Chrisley on May 25, 1996.

Julie Chrisley net worth

She has three kids, Savannah Chrisley, Chase Chrisley, and Grayson Chrisley, from her marriage to Todd. She also has two step-children, a stepson named Kyle Chrisley and a step-daughter named Lindsie Chrisley, from her husband’s first marriage to Teresa Terry.

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Wikipedia says that Julie was married to her high school boyfriend before. We found out that Julie likes to play with her grandchildren Jackson Campbell and Chloe Chrisley after looking at her social media profiles.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Julie Chrisley’s Height?

Julie Chrisley is a well-known reality TV star. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 61 kgs at the moment. Even at this age, she takes good care of her body. She works out regularly and eats healthy foods.

Why is Todd Chrisley Taking Julie to Court?

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a federal jury found Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, guilty in June of conspiring to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and tax fraud. Julie was also found guilty of fraud by wire. (The couple has denied all of the accusations.)

How Long Will the Chrisleys Be in Jail?

Before the Chrisleys went to court, it had been three years. After a three-week federal trial that ended on June 7, they were found guilty of the charges against them. They could now face up to 30 years in prison and fines that could be in the millions of dollars. Always keep in mind that God is always in charge.

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