Gunna Net Worth: What Was the Reason for His Imprisonment in 2022?

Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, known as Gunna (born June 14, 1993), is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is signed to the record labels YSL Records, owned by Young Thug, 300 Entertainment, and Atlantic Records.

In 2019, he released his debut studio album, Drip or Drowned 2; in 2020, he released Wunna, which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. In 2022, he released his third album, DS4Ever, which became his second consecutive number one album.

Music Industry

Two years later, their mutual buddy Keith “King” introduced Gunna to fellow rapper Young Thug. Then Young Thug signed Gunna to his company YSL Records, and on October 14, 2016, Gunna released his debut mixtape ‘Drip Season’ under the YSL Records label. Later, he released “Drip Season 2,” which featured Young Thug, Playboi Carti, and Offset, but the song failed to garner him any fame.

The release of Gunna’s third mixtape, “Drip Season 3,” which reached number 20 on the US Rap chart and 25 on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, was the beginning of his financial success. Young Thug had a guest appearance on his debut EP, Drip or Drown, which was released in November 2017.

Breakthrough of Life

With the release of his fourth mixtape, ‘Drip Harder’ featuring Lil Baby, Gunna gained significant notoriety. The mixtape reached number four on the Billboard 200 chart. On February 1, 2019, he released his debut studio album, Drip or Drown 2, which reached number three on the US Billboard 200.Gunna Net Worth

His most recent album, ‘Wunna,’ has sold over 111 copies in the United States, making it his first number-one album. During the course’s first week alone, the song Wunna was streamed over 150 million times. Gunna has collaborated with numerous notable rappers, including Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Lil Yachty, Lil Durk, Drake, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Business Ventures Related to Gunna

Gunna has a passion for fashion that extends beyond his music. Thus he also has a hand in the garment industry. His own merchandise line includes Gemini hoddies, t-shirts, and a birth chart poster for your zodiac sign.

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The best way to estimate the value of merchandise sales is to multiply monthly site traffic by the average conversion rate. If a website receives approximately 10,000 unique visitors per month, multiplying the average monthly site traffic by the average conversion rate is the most accurate method.

The average price of the item is approximately $40. Thus he is earning a substantial sum. All estimates indicate that Gunna earns $28,000 monthly from his merchandise line.

In the meantime, Gunna is expanding into larger-scale initiatives with established fashion brands such as “A Bathing Ape,” with whom he collaborated to develop his own Sneaker series. This awesome-looking shoe sold out within three minutes of its release.

These pairs cost approximately $389, which is a remarkable effort. The rapper soon established himself as a fashion hero, sporting a shirt that pays homage to iconic labels such as CHANEL number 5 or a $2,000 Yves Saint Laurent athletic jacket.

He is frequently wearing a pair of Mary Jeans for approximately $5,000. Gunan’s admirers are also aware of his affinity for Rolex watches, and he just purchased a Prezi Rolex that he had custom-made to get the desired two-tone aesthetic.

How Much Money Does Gunna Have?

Gunna is a rapper and songwriter from the United States. His net worth is $4 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. Gunna got a lot of attention with his “Drip Season” mixtapes. After putting out his first studio album, “Drip or Drown 2,” in 2019, “Wunna,” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, was his biggest hit to date.Gunna Net Worth

“DS4Ever” was Gunna’s second number-one album in a row. It came out in 2022. “Drip Too Hard,” a song by Gunna and Lil Baby, got to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He has worked with Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, Drake, and other artists.

Legal issues

In May 2022, a 56-count Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) indictment was filed against 28 YSL members, including Kitchens and Young Thug. Kitchens turned himself in on May 11, 2022, and was charged with conspiring to break a RICO Act.

Charity Works

Gunna teamed up with Goodr, a company that helps hungry people and reduces food waste, to open a free grocery market at his old school, Ronald E. McNair Middle School.

Collaborations and Guest Appearances

Over the years, Gunna has worked with a lot of different artists. He worked with Lil Baby to make the mixtape “Drip Harder” in 2018. The single from the mixtape, “Drip Too Hard,” and the mixtape reached number four on the Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100 charts.

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Also, with Lil Baby, Gunna put out the hit single “Sold Out Dates!” which was not on an album. On the single “Yosemite” by Travis Scott, Gunna was a featured guest along with Nav.

Gunna and Nav worked together on the song “Turks,” the first single from Nav’s “Good Intentions” album in 2020. Gunna is also on the theme “Codeine” on that album. After that, he worked on the song “Quarantine Clean” with Young Thug and Turbo.

Gunna and Thug worked together again in 2021 to make the “Slime Language 2” compilation album for YSL. Gunna has also been on the remix of Pop Smoke’s “Dior,” “My Hood” by Marlo, and “Numbers” by A Boogie with the Hoodie.

He was also on Young Thug’s first studio album, “So Much Fun,” on the songs “Hot” and “Surf.” He was also on the hip-hop group Internet Money’s single “Lemonade.”

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