Matt Ox Net Worth: What Was the Reason of His Father’s Death?

Matt Ox is a rapper who got his start when he was young and became famous right away. Matt Ox’s real name is Matthew Grau, but he is better known as Matt Ox, which is his stage name. When he put his song “Overwhelming” on YouTube, it made him a well-known rapper and helped him start his hip-hop career.

As a child, he became more interested in rap and started listening to rap songs.When he was only four years old, he heard the rap song “Young and Black” by Kendrick Lamar, w hich made him want to start rapping.

He also liked listening to Eminem songs, which had a big effect on him. At age 12, Matt began to work toward his goal of becoming a rapper. At 17, he is already a well-known rapper, and his future in rap holds many golden opportunities. We can see that he will make great songs and become more well-known than he is now.

Matt Ox’s Girlfriend and Relationship

Matt Ox is in his teens, so a lot of people might think he’s dating or has a girlfriend now. But this is where many people go wrong. Matt Ox is not dating anyone right now. He is single, yes. At least in public, because the young rapper never talks about his private life.

On his social media accounts, especially Instagram, he only posts photos from his concerts and album covers. Also, Matt seems to care more about his career and spends his time getting ready to be a great rapper.

As was already said, Matt has kept his past relationships and his current relationship status a secret. As cute as Ox is, he probably had a lot of girls who were crazy about him. He never said anything about relationships or girlfriends in public, which is a shame.

How Old is Matt Ox and When Was He Born?

Matt was born on December 13, 2004, in Lawncrest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is 17 years old and has a birthday on December 13 every year. His star sign is Sagittarius because he was born in December.matt ox net worth

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are thought to be optimistic, fair-minded, and honest. He is 5 feet 4 inches tall and his hair is brown. Also, Matt is only a teenager, which means he has a lot of room to grow.

Matt Ox’s Wealth

He also has a clothing line, which has helped him become more wealthy. His career is going well, and estimate that he worth is between $500,000. Ox also said that Drake put in a $150,000 bid for one of his songs, “Message,” before it came out.

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Matt said no to Drake’s idea. He seems to use social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Matt has almost 550k followers on Instagram, and about 32k people follow him on Twitter. On the other hand, about 14,000 people follow him on Facebook.

Matt Ox’s Mom and Dad

Matt’s mother is called Laurel Grau, but no one knows what his father’s name is. When he was very young, his father died because he had a mental illness. Matt only had his mother for most of his childhood.

Also, it was hard for Laurel to raise Matt on her own since she was only 15 when he was born. Now, think about being 15 years old and having a child. On top of that, she had to take care of her husband, who had a mental illness.

Career of Matt Ox

Ox released the music video for his single “Overwhelming” in 2017, which had instrumentals by Oogie Mane. He was only 12 years old at the time. Before he joined Motown in 2018, he put out singles with Warner. In March 2018, he worked with the rapper XXXTentacion on the song “$$$,” which was on his second album?matt ox net worth

Ox, his first album, came out on October 30, 2018. It has 11 songs that are shorter than three minutes, and three of them feature Chief Keef, Key!, and Valee. Working on Dying, a group of people from Philadelphia who make movies, made it.

Father of Matt Committed Suicide

Things were really difficult for Matt’s mother. Matt’s father committed suicide when he was just two and a half years old. In addition, because Matt’s father had a mental disorder, Laurel noted that this has always been her primary concern for Matt.

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Nonetheless, the young man has an extraordinary ability for rap music from an early age. Similarly, upon observing his mother’s arduous efforts to preserve his lifestyle, Matt resolved to take care of her.

Matt said, “Because she cared for me when I was young, it is my responsibility to care for her when I am young.” Matt reportedly purchased a home for his 30-year-old mother Laurel.

Summary of Matt’s life

The estimated net worth of American singer, songwriter, and rapper Matt Ox is $500,000. His smash tune “Overwhelming,” which has 31 million views on YouTube, has made him renowned. Matt’s net worth will improve as his career progresses, despite the fact that he is still quite young.

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