Marcie Hobbs Net Worth: Is Marcie Hobbs Using Instagram?

Marcie Hobbs is a reality TV star and has a license to sell real estate. Because she was on the Bravo reality show Southern Charm, she became more well-known.

Hobbs lives in the South Carolina city of Charleston. She is an agent for The Boulevard Company and a property manager for dunes properties of Charleston.

Biography of Marcie Hobbs

In 2022, Hobbs, who is on the show Southern Charm, will be 37 years old. The 21st of December 1984 is her birthday. Hobbs’ birthday is on December 21, which is also the day of her party.

Marcie Hobbs Net Worth

Marcie Hobbs is a real estate agent who also has a show on reality TV. Most people know her from her time on the Bravo reality show Southern Charm. Hobbs lives in Charleston, South Carolina. She works as a real estate agent and property manager for both The Boulevard Company and the dunes estates of Charleston.

Marcie Hobbs Parents

Nan Hobbs Barganier and Dexter Cummings Hobbs, from the United States, brought her into the world in Los Angeles, California. The maiden name of her father and the name of her mother was Barganier.

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When Marcie’s father, Dexter Cummings Hobbs, died in 1990, it was sad and out of the blue.

Hobbs’ younger brother is Dexter Hobbs, and his older brother is Jay Barganier. Jay is the name of her step-brother. Marcie’s cousin Shep Rose is a cast member on the TV show Southern Charm.

The Husband and Kids of Marcie Hobbs

John is Hobbs’s husband, and they are married. Through her Instagram posts, she told everyone that she and John got engaged on March 31, 2021. Hobbs and John got married on May 15, 2021. On May 24, 2021, she posted some photos from the wedding on Instagram.

Hobbs and her husband John had their first child, a beautiful girl they named Edith Cummings Crowe, in December 2021.

Marcie Hobbs Net Worth

Education of Marcie Hobbs

Hobbs, who is on the show Southern Charm, went to Loyola Maryland University and got a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies. She attended Montgomery Academy for her high school education.

Marcie Hobbs Job

Hobbs works as a real estate agent or realtor. She has been a property manager at The Boulevard Company, according to her Facebook page. She is also a licensed realtor with Dunes Properties of Charleston and a property manager with

Hobbs used to work at Miami-Dade Guardian and Litem Program as a part-time Events Coordinator.

Hobbs is also a reality TV star, and she can be seen on the Bravo reality show Southern Charm.


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Early Life

Marcie Hobbs was born in Los Angeles, CA, on December 21, 1984. Dexter Cummings Hobbs and Nan Hobbs Barganier gave birth to her. In 1990, Marcie’s father died. Dexter is her brother, and Jay Barganier is her stepmother. She is related to the Southern star Shep Rose.

Marcie spent her high school years at the Montgomery Academy. She then went to Loyola Maryland University and got a Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies.

Marcie Hobbs Net Worth


Hobbs makes a living as a real estate agent. In 2017, she became a property manager for Still working for RentCharleston is Hobbs. In January 2018, she started working for the Dunes Properties of Charleston as a licensed real estate agent.

She’s worked at Dunes for more than four years. In 2017, she became a realtor for both homes and businesses at The Boulevard Company.

In addition to being a real estate agent, she also works at the Miami-Dade Guardian ad Litem Program as an events coordinator. Since October 2019, she has worked as an events coordinator.

In the same year, she went into business for herself as a specialist in public relations, events, and marketing. According to the sources, she worked as an assistant registrar and admissions counselor at the New York Film Academy in Manhattan before she got into real estate.

Marcie has mostly been in the news because she is one of the new people on Season 8 of the Bravo show “Southern Charm.”

Southern Charm’s eighth season started on June 23, 2020. Olivia Flowers and Chleb Ravenell are the other two new cast members who will be joining her. The reality show is about the lives of Charleston, South Carolina, and its socialites.

Shep Rose, who is Hobbs’ cousin, is one of the most well-known faces on Southern Charm. Since the first season of the reality show, which started in 2014, he has been on it. Marcie has said that Shep is one of the few people she can ask the tough questions to without getting into trouble with him.

Since she is a new cast member, it will be interesting to see how she changes the atmosphere of the popular reality show with her other co-stars. The way the characters interact with each other has always been one of the most interesting parts of Southern Charm.

Personal Life

John Hobbs and Marcie Hobbs have been married since May 2021. They have a daughter together. She appears to be having a great time with her husband and daughter. On June 20, 2022, she posted on Instagram to celebrate both her husband’s birthday and Father’s Day. Marcie even called John her soulmate, best husband, best friend, and father.

In December 2021, Marcie had her daughter. She also posts a photo of her daughter and herself on Instagram. On March 18, 2022, she shared a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Instagram post with her adorable little daughter. Which is her official Instagram account, and has 2849 followers right now.

Marcie Hobbs’s Net Worth

When you talk about how much Marcie Hobbs is worth, it is $2 million according to filmysiyappa. Her Facebook handle tells us that the new member of Southern Charm has been working as a Realtor/Property Manager for The Boulevard Company since 2018.

Marcie Hobbs Net Worth

We also know from her LinkedIn handle that she has been working as an Events, Public Relations, and Marketing Specialist for a few years now. In October 2019, Marcie also started working as a part-time Events Coordinator, Public Relations Assistant, and Marketing Specialist for the Miami-Dade Guardian and Litem Program.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Marcie’s first job was as an Assistant

Registrar/Admissions Counselor at the New York Film Academy. She left that job to become a real estate agent. She also worked briefly at MBHobbs Properties LLC.

Marcie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from Loyola Marymount University. The real estate agent finished high school at Montgomery Academy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cast of the Southern Charm by Marcie Hobbs?

Hobbs will be a part of the cast of Bravo’s eighth season of the reality TV show Southern Charm. In the eighth season of Southern Charm, which started on June 23, 2020, she joined the cast for the first time.

Southern Charm will add two more new cast members for its eighth season: Chleb Ravenell and Olivia Flowers.

How Much Money Does Marcie Hobbs Have?

Hobbs is thought to be worth about $2 million. She has a license to sell and manage real estate. Hobbs has made a lot of money through her work in real estate.

Is Marcie Hobbs Using Instagram?

Marcie Hobbs has a little over 2,849 followers on Instagram, where you can find her at @marcie.hobbs. On Facebook and Pinterest, you can also find her.

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