Michael Bivins Net Worth 2022: What Does Michael Bivins Do for a Living?

Michael Lamont Bivins was born on August 10, 1968, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His star sign is Leo, and he is an American citizen. He is known for his work as a singer, rapper, manager, and producer. Michael and a couple of his friends were behind the start of the R&B bands New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe.

Early Life and Education

Michael grew up in Boston, but he hasn’t said much about his parents because he respects their privacy and doesn’t want them to be in the news. Most people think he is an only child because he hasn’t talked about having any brothers or sisters.

Michael Bivins Net Worth

Michael grew up listening to R&B music, which was a way for him to escape the harsh realities of life. He has said many times that music kept him out of trouble.


Michael went to high school in Boston, where he was somewhat popular because he was already making his own music. After he graduated, he decided to focus on his music career and not go to college.


Michael’s friends helped him start his career by forming the New Edition band in 1978. (at the age of 10). It took a while for the band to become popular. In 1983, when Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Ronnie DeVoe, and Ralph Tresvant were all in the band, they were at their most popular.

In 1990, the group took a long break. They got back together in 1996, but when their “Home Again” tour didn’t go well, Michael left the group for good, and that was the end of New Edition.

So, Michael, Ricky Bell, and Ronnie DeVoe got together and made the band Bell Biv DeVoe, which became even more popular than New Edition. Their first album, “Poison,” was popular all over the world and got to number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Michael Bivins Net Worth

They are also credited with starting the “new jack swing sound.” The band is still going strong and has put out three more albums, but none of them is as good as their first one. Michael is not only focused on his own band, but he is also a music manager.

He has helped other bands like Another Bad Creation, MC Brains, and 702 find members and create their music and sound. Michael has also tried his hand at movies.

He played the character Heart Attack in the movie “Crossover.” He is also the CEO of the company Sporty Rich Enterprises and gave permission for his songs to be used in the video game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

Personal Life

Michael likes to keep his family out of the spotlight, so not many people know much about his wife and kids. In 2008, he married Teasha Bivins. They may have met for the first time when they were in high school together.

Michael Bivins Net Worth

When they met, they started dating, but they didn’t rush things because they both wanted to work on their careers before getting married. The couple now has four kids—Michael Bivins Jr., Savi, Shi, and Star—but no one knows when they were born.

The family seems to be getting along well, and there haven’t been any rumours or problems about them up to this point. Michael hasn’t talked about any other women he might have been with, and since he met Teasha in high school, she seems to be his only love.

Hobbies and Interests

Michael has spent most of his life focusing on music, but he still has many other interests and things he likes to do in his spare time. People say that Michael is a great family man and a loving father. He often posts pictures of his wife and children on his Instagram account.

Since he started high school, he has played sports. His favourite is basketball, which he still plays sometimes with his friends and is trying to get his kids to play as well. Even though he doesn’t read a lot, he has read many books that have inspired him over the years.

Michael Bivins Net Worth

He often posts quotes from the books he reads on his Instagram account. Michael loved to travel until he had his first child. After that, he decided it was time to settle down and take care of his family.

Net Worth

The American R&B singer Michael Bivins has a net worth of $40 million. Michael Bivins started the R&B/pop group New Edition. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1968. The band got together in 1978, and in 1983, they put out their first studio album, “Candy Girl.”


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Michael Lamont Bivins Height, Weight and Other Info

Michael Bivins stands at 1.68 m. This person weighs 85 kilogrammes. Since the weight changes often, we put the value on the moment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Michael Bivins Do for a Living?

He is from the United States and is a singer, rapper, manager, producer, and one of the original members of both new edition and bell biv devoe.

What Is Michael Bivins’ Age?

Michael Lamont Bivins has been alive for 54 years.

What Is the Net Worth of Michael Bivins?

The American R&B singer Michael Bivins has a net worth of $40 million.

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