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Tyson Fury is a professional boxer from England. He was born in Manchester. In 2015, he beat long-time world champion Wladimir Klitschko in Germany and won the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, Ring magazine, and lineal heavyweight titles. He was named Fighter of the Year and Upset of the Year for his win.

Early Life

In August 1988, Tyson Fury was born in Wythenshawe, England, to Irish parents Amber and John. He came into the world one month early. Doctors told his parents that their baby didn’t have a good chance of living.


In the words of John: “Doctors told me he didn’t have a good chance of living. I had lost two babies who were born too soon in the same way.”John named his son Tyson because he was a fighter and made it through being born early.

When Tyson was born, Mike Tyson was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. He had never lost a fight. Tyson’s mother gave birth to 14 children, but only four of them lived to adulthood.

Tyson Fury Net Worth

When Tyson was 9, his mother had a daughter, but she died just a few weeks later. The event had a big effect on Tyson when he was young. He began boxing to get rid of his anger.

His father taught him how to fight, and he kept doing that until 2011 when his father went to jail. At age 11, Tyson quit school and went to work with his dad and three brothers paving roads.

Career in Boxing

Fury wasn’t allowed to fight for Ireland at the Olympics, but after he found his family roots in Belfast, he was able to fight for both Ireland and Great Britain. In 2008, he won the ABA championship as an amateur. In December 2008, Fury beat Bela Gyongyosi in his first professional boxing match.

He beat John McDermott in November 2009 to win the English Heavyweight title. In June 2010, Fury beat McDermott again to win the empty English Heavyweight title. In July 2011, he beat Dereck Chisora to become the British and Commonwealth Heavyweight champion.

Tyson Fury Net Worth

In 2012, Martin Rogan gave Fury the Irish Heavyweight title. In 2012, Vinny Maddalone gave Fury the WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight title. In 2014, Dereck Chisora gave Fury the European and WBO International Heavyweight titles.

Klitschko Fight

In 2015, Tyson and Wladimir Klitschko fought for the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO, Lineal, and The Ring heavyweight titles in a world heavyweight title match. On November 28, 2015, 55,000 people watched the fight in Dusseldorf, Germany. At odds of 4 to 1, Klitschko was the clear favourite.

The game went on for a long time. After 12 rounds, all of the judges agreed that Fury was the winner. Fury’s pay was $7 million, while Klitschko’s was about $23 million. The win made Fury’s record 25–0, with 18 knockouts, and set him up for a rematch with Klitschko, which should have made him a lot of money.

Tyson Fury Net Worth

The second match was set for April 2016. Fury gained 100 pounds, which was a bad thing. In September 2016, Tyson was said to not be “medically fit” to fight. He was said to have failed a drug test for cocaine, so the fight was put off again.

Fury fell into a deep depression. He told Rolling Stone in an interview: “I’m dealing with a lot of personal demons and trying to get rid of them. This has nothing to do with fighting; it’s about my personal life. I haven’t been to a gym in a while. I’ve been feeling depressed.

If you understand what I mean, I just don’t want to live anymore. I’ve had all I can take of it. Don’t worry about coke. I just didn’t care. I don’t want to go on living. So using cocaine isn’t as bad as not wanting to live anymore. I’m getting help, but they can’t help me at all. I can’t get better from what I have.

I don’t want to stay alive. If you’re not happy, it doesn’t matter how much money, fame, or glory you have. I’m going to see a psychiatrist. People say that I have a form of bipolar. I’m a manic depressive. I don’t even want to wake up.

I hope I die every day. And that’s a bad thing to say since I have three kids and a beautiful wife, right? But I no longer want to live. And if I could kill myself, and I wasn’t a Christian, I would do it right away.

I just hope someone kills me before I kill myself. I’ll have to stay in hell for all time. I’ve been drinking and doing cocaine from Monday to Sunday. I can’t handle it, and the only thing that makes it better is getting drunk.”

Personal Life

When Tyson was 17 and Paris Mulroy was 16, they met. Both of them come from Gypsy families that are Catholic. They got married in 2008, and they now have five kids. They live in the Lancashire town of Morecambe.

Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth says that Tyson Fury’s net worth in 2022 is about $65 million (£52.3 million).

How Does Tyson Fury Spend His Money?

Tyson Fury owns a mansion in Marbella that has a huge training area inside for him to use. Fury has a great collection of cars.

Tyson Fury Net Worth

In his collection, we can see a Metallic Hummer H2 that’s worth about $70,000, a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Range Rover, and a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Ferrari Portofino, and a Rolls Royce Phantom. The Morecambe house, which is thought to have cost around $685,000, is one of his most expensive purchases.


Here are some of the best things that have happened to Tyson Fury:

  • He won the WBA (Super), IBF, and WBO all at once (2015)
  • Fury won two of the most prestigious awards from Ring Magazine at the end of 2018.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Most Wealthy Boxer Ever?

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a famous boxing champion and promoter who doesn’t mind showing off his money online. He is also the best-paid boxer in the world and the richest boxer of all time, with a $450 million net worth.

How Many Times in His Career Has Tyson Fury Been Knocked Down?

When a young Tyson Fury was knocked down for the first time in his career, it was a big moment. He got back up and won the next round by knockout. Tyson Fury was knocked down four times during his famous trilogy of fights with Deontay Wilder, but he got back up and kept fighting.

Why Did Tyson Fury Lick Blood?

Tyson Fury has said that he licked the blood off of Deontay Wilder’s neck to “find out what his prey tasted like.” When they fought again a year ago, the Brit beat Wilder so badly that the Americans had to stop in the seventh round.

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