Montrezl Harrell’s Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career | What Is in Montrezl’s Name?

Montrezl Harrell, the power forward for the Washington Wizards, is a well-known NBA player who has had a short but important career in basketball.

Over his years in the NBA, the American pro player has played for several different teams, such as the Houston Rockets, the Los Angeles Clippers, and others.

Montrezl was born and raised in the town, and he now wants to be the best athlete in the town. Kelvin Bryant and Todd Gurley, two of the best players from where he comes from, are also from the same area.

Montrezl Harrell Net Worth

This article will talk about some important facts about the NBA star, including his wife and personal life, as well as his career in the NBA. Let’s look at some quick facts about Montrezl Harrell as soon as possible.

Early Life

Montrezl Dashay Harrell, who is better known as Montrezl Harrell, was born in Tarboro, North Carolina, on January 26, 1994. He went to North Edgecombe in Tarboro, North Carolina, and Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia. He also played basketball in college for the Louisville Cardinals.

High School Success

Montrezl Harrell was the best player at North Edgecombe High School. He then went to Hargrave Military Academy for a year to get ready. Harrell scored 25.2 points and grabbed 13.6 rebounds per game, on average.


Montrezl Harrell Net Worth

So, he led his team to a record of 38–1. As he moved from high school to college, he promised Seth Greenberg that he would play for Virginia Tech. But after coach Greenberg was fired, he chose to play college basketball for Louisville.

College Life

In his first year of college, Montrezl Harrell averaged 5.7 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 16.2 minutes per game. He played when power forward Chane Behanan was out. At the end of his first year of college basketball, Harrell had an even better game for his team.

He scored 20 points as Louisville beat Syracuse to win the Big East Conference Championship. The Cardinals won the 2013 NCAA Championship in the end. Harrell was one of the best-known basketball players by the time he started his second year.

The basketball player who is 6 feet 7 inches tall was also named to the 2013–2014 preseason All-America Third Team by Sporting News. Harrell and Russ Smith both got awards at the end of the season.

He was chosen to be on the All-Conference First Team for the American Athletic Conference. Montrezl could have gone to the NBA after his junior year. But he chose to play basketball in college for the season.

Montrezl Harrell Net Worth

Harrell averaged 15.7 points and 9.2 rebounds per game during the 2014-2015 season. He was also the first person to win the Karl Malone Award. The award goes to the best power forward in the country. He was also chosen for the All-ACC Second Team.

Montrezl Harrell: Career

The Houston Rockets picked Montrezl Harrell in the 2015 NBA Draft. And, in the end, he played for different NBA teams.

Rockets of Houston

In 2015, Montrezl Harrell agreed to play for the Houston Rockets for three years. He played his first game with the Houston Rockets in October 2015 against the Denver Nuggets. The Houston Rockets’ first game of the season was on that day.

In his first game, he scored 8 points and grabbed 3 boards. He got better for the games that were coming up. Two days later, in the game against the Golden State Warriors, he scored 17 points.

Later, in November, he got off to a great start and scored 5 points in less than 13 minutes. In March 2016, Montrezl Harrell was banned for five games because he pushed a match official. In a game against the Los Angeles Clippers in December 2016, Harrell scored 29 points, which was his career-high.

Montrezl Harrell Net Worth

Los Angeles Clippers

In 2017, Montrezl Harell was sent to the Los Angeles Clippers in a trade. In January 2018, Harrell scored 25 points against the Sacramento Kings, which was his season-high. He quit his job with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2018.

In October 2018, he beat the Houston Rockets while scoring 30 points, which was his career-high. In the win over the Memphis Grizzlies, he soon tied his career-high of 30 points.

Again, just three days after that game against the Grizzlies, he scored 32 points in a win over the Dallas Mavericks, which was a new career-high. He got the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award because he played well and consistently in the league.

Los Angeles Lakers

In November 2020, Montrezl Harrell will start playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. And in December, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time. He had 17 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists. But they lost the game to the Los Angeles Clippers, which was his old team.

Wizards of Washington

Montrezl Harrell is a power forward for the Washington Wizards. He has been doing this job since August 2021.

Life, Wife, and Family of Montrezl Harrell

The public does not know anything about Montrezl Harrell or the people he is with. So far as we know, he is not married.

Besides that, he has a son and a daughter. His son’s name is Amari Harrell, and his daughter’s name is Alyeshia. Too little is known on the web about his partner, with whom he had children.

Staying Solo Dolo

You are about to hear some interesting news. Harrell found a cute girl online and went out with her because she agreed with The Fumble. The next thing that happened was kind of lame: the girl recorded the whole trip on Instagram and posted stories about everything from packing to watching the Clippers play.

Montrezl Harrell Net Worth

She posted Harrell’s car and part of his house, which was an unavoidable part of the story. The Clippers’ monster couldn’t handle these actions, so he tweeted, “It’s a reason I stay solo dolo.”

Parents and Children

Samuel and Selena Harrell have a son named Montrezl Harrell. He has two brothers and sisters. Cadarius Harrell and Quatauis Harrell are both younger brothers.

Montrezl left the 2020 NBA Bubble at Walt Disney World because he had to deal with a family issue. Later, it came out that he wanted to go see his grandmother, who died soon after.

Net Worth

Reports say that Montrezl Harrell’s net worth is between $7 million and $9 million. Reports also say that Montrezl Harrell’s total NBA salary up to the 2021 season was more than $24 million. So, Harrell has made a lot of money in a short time in the league.

Several big international companies also back him. He mostly works on deals between the biggest sneaker brands in the United States. His most recent endorsement is with Reebok. He switched from “AND1” to “Reebok.

“Because of his huge net worth, Montrezl Harrell can spend a lot of money on expensive deals. And shoes are one of them. Harrell is seen wearing expensive, brand-name shoes. He has been seen wearing Nike Kicks, Jordans, AND1, Reebok, and a lot of other brands.

Harrell also likes to collect and make his own shoes. He also spends money to make his already expensive shoes unique. His behaviour on the court also makes sense of how much he loves sneakers. During the first half and second half of every basketball game he starts, he wears a different pair of shoes.


In 2020, the Los Angeles Clippers gave Montrezl Harrell to the Los Angeles Lakers in a trade. Essential Sports says that the deal was worth a huge $18 million.

The deal was good for two years. Harrell, on the other hand, used the second-year player option to get traded from the Lakers to the Wizards.


Montrezl Harrell is in charge of the Montrezl Harrell Youth Foundation, which is a charity. The organization’s main goal is to give young people more power. They also give young people resources for school and health in general.

Montrezl Harrell: Awards & Achievements

The awards and accomplishments listed below are the best parts of Montrezl Harrell’s career.

  • 2020 NBA Sixth Man of the Year
  • 2020 NBA Hustle Award
  • 2015 Karl Malone Award
  • 2015 Second-team All-ACC
  • 2014 First-team All-AAC
  • 2014 AAC Most Improved Player
  • 2013 NCAA Champion


Frequently Asked Questions

In How Many Teams Have Montrezl Harrell Starred in the Nba?

Montrezl Harrell has starred in 5 NBA teams as of now. The most current one is the Washington Wizards. One of the teams he has been a part of is an NBA G League team.

What Is in Montrezl’s Name?

His initial name is pronounced as mon-TREZ, and subsequently, his father added L to make it unique.

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