Anthony Anderson Net Worth: How Much Does Black-ish Star Earn Per Episode?

Detailed information on Anthony Anderson’s personal life and career may be found on this page. One of the best-known actors is Anthony Anderson.

He is an American actor and writer in his role on the popular comedy show Black-ish. This is due to the money he makes from acting, producing, and his share of the show’s back-end.

Since becoming one of ABC’s most famous TV dads, Anderson has been working on other ABC shows. Jimmy Kimmel hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live while he was on paternity leave in 2017, and he appeared in both of ABC’s Live in Front of a Studio Audience specials in 2019 while he was on leave.

He’ll be back on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2020 as a contestant again.

Three different video games have used his voice throughout the years. Scarface: The World Is Yours was his first video game role, and Troy Dollar was his second in 2007, both of which came out the same year. Diablo III’s “Monster voices” were credited to him in 2012.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Education and Family

Anderson was born on August 15, 1970, to Doris Hancox and Sterling Bowman. His mother, Doris Hancox, was a telephonist and an actress best remembered for her role in the film The Truth (2010).

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Sterling Bowman, his stepfather, is an Arkansas native who moved to Los Angeles to work in the steel industry before starting a network of three clothing stores. Anthony graduated from Howard University, LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts), and Hollywood High School in Los Angeles.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Early Life

He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on August 15, 1970. he was born and raised in Compton, graduated from Hollywood High School’s Performing Arts Magnet Class of 1988, and attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. After his first attempt at stand-up comedy.

Which he called a “failure” (funny story: he performed at The Comedy Act Theater under the name “Tasty Tony, the One and Only, and if there’s another, he’s a phony,” and the audience booed him off the stage before he even said a word).

He kept trying and met an actor named Guy Torry, who would become a key partner in the Following failure of his stage debut; Anderson stated that he does not regard himself as a comedian in the classic sense but rather as an actor who frequently works in comedy.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Career as a Film Actor

His best-known work has been on television, although he’s also appeared in several feature films, including “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” In 1999, he made his cinematic debut in Liberty Heights, and he also acted in Life alongside Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

Big Momma’s House (with Martin Lawrence), Me, Myself & Irene (with Jim Carrey), and Barbershop (with Ice Cube) were just some of the high-profile films he appeared in in the following years. His recurring role in the Scary Movie trilogy also included appearances in Scary Movie 3 and 4 as Mahalik.

From The Departed to Michael Bay’s Transformers and Wes Craven’s Scream 4, Scary Movie 4 star Bryan Anderson went on to appear in a slew of high-profile films.

A few years after his breakout role in Black-ish, his film career has been slowing down a little, but it hasn’t come to an end. He’s acted in Small Town Crime, The Star, and Ferdinand, as well as Netflix’s Beats, in the past year.

A short video developed for the Responsibility Project and aired on the television show In The House in 2009 has Anderson’s directorial signature.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Personal Life

When Anderson decided to wed Alvina Stewart in 1999, he went through with it. Physicist, wife, and mother Alvina Stewart is an inspiration to us all.

Stewart avoids the limelight, unlike her renowned husband. Despite the fact that her Instagram is set to private, she can be seen on Anderson’s profile from time to time.

Kyra and Nathan Anderson are Anthony Anderson’s children. In the Netflix comedy “Richie Rich,” he played Tahj.

Because of that production, he rose to prominence in the film industry. Even though Anderson has a lot of money, he stated he couldn’t imagine himself “spoiling” his children, no matter how much he loved them.

Nominations and Awards

Anthony Anderson is the proud recipient of numerous honors, including several Emmys.


  • The National Board of Review gave the Best Cast award to The Departed.
  • The Black Movie Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role was given to The Departed for its supporting cast.
  • As a result of his work on Black-ish, he received three NAACP Image Awards: in 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  • The Satellite Award for Best Cast in a Motion Picture went to “The Departed.”

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Real Estate

Los Angeles, California, is Anthony Anderson’s primary home. The 3,451-square-foot property, which has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, was supposedly his in 2005 when he paid $1.1 million for it.

Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth

Anthony Anderson’s net worth is roughly $30 Million.

The Earnings of Anthony Anderson

Per Episode: $400 Thousand 

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

How Much Money Does Anthony Anderson Make?

American actor and writer Anthony Anderson have a $30 million fortune. On Black-ish, Anthony Anderson earns about $9 million a year thanks to his work as an actor and producer as well as his share of its back-end profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Anthony Anderson Earn Per Episode of Black-ish?

Anthony Anderson earns $400,000 every episode of Black-ish, including his actor fee, producer fee, and back-end profit revenue, as of the fifth season. Before taxes, that works out to $8.8 million a year over the course of the 22 episodes.

What Is Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth?

It is estimated that Anthony Anderson’s net worth is somewhere around $30 million.

What Is Anthony Anderson’s Height?

Anthony Anderson stands at the height of 1.78 m (5′ 8″) tall.

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