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Laura Stella Sohn is a well-known fashion model and actress from the United States, better known as Laura Sohn. This rising star has appeared in several Hollywood films and given her all each time.

You may have seen her in notable projects such as The Blacklist (2013), Instinct (2018), NCIS New Orleans (2014), and others. She has also appeared in several songs and music videos.

Laura Sohn Net Worth

Laura rises to fame by utilizing her strong acting abilities, appealing body shape, and especially her soft speaking style, which makes it easier for her to complete her role in every project.

Furthermore, when it comes to Laura Sohn’s modeling abilities, her dressing style and bold appearance make her ideal. Anyway, keep reading to learn more about Laura Sohn’s birthday, net worth, childhood, and more.

Family, Childhood, and Career

Laura Stella Sohn, the highest-paid actress, was born in New Jersey, USA. The Asian-American actress of American nationality is well known for her incredible roles. Laura Sohn’s family later relocated to San Francisco, where she now resides.


Laura has been interested in movies and theatre since she was a child. Laura Stella Sohn’s background states that after graduating from high school, she attended and graduated from Rutgers University. She has a BFA in acting from Maison Gross School.

Laura Stella Sohn rose to fame as a result of her extraordinary career. Laura Sohn’s Net Worth places her among the top celebrity net worths. Laura, the wealthy and well-known Asian-American actress, began her career as a model in the modeling and film industries.

Laura Sohn Net Worth

Laura Sohn’s career began in 2016 with a role as Fang Wang in The Vampire Legend. Her charming personality and exceptional performance helped her win people’s hearts. She has appeared in several television shows, including Instinct and NCIS: New Orleans.

Laura rose to prominence as Agent Alina Park in the popular thriller The Blacklist. Her dedication and passion aided her greatly.

Laura Sohn, a well-paid American actress, and model, received widespread acclaim in 2018 for her work on the police procedural drama television series Instinct. Fans also adore her for the 2014 action crime drama and police procedural television series NCIS: New Orleans.

Who Are Laura Sohn’s Parents?

Because the rising star is familiar with the entertainment industry and the costs of fame, she has not specified or mentioned her parents’ personal information to the public. However, while browsing her social media, we discovered her mentioning the name “Stella Sohn,” who is most likely her mother.

Aside from that, the general public is only aware that, despite her Asian ancestry, her family has lived in the United States since Laura was born. Meanwhile, it’s unclear whether the stunning actress has any other siblings or is an only child.

Laura Sohn is an eligible individual who attended a local private school for her secondary level of education before deciding to attend a high school in the United States to further her studies. Similarly, Sohn received her bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, but her major is still unknown.

Laura Sohn’s Acting Career Began When?

Laura Sohn, like many others, has had a lifelong interest in acting and the entertainment industry. Laura began her career as a model but later began performing in theatrical plays.

Laura Sohn Net Worth

Sohn’s acting career began before she became famous when she appeared in “The Blacklist” in 2013. Laura was also cast in the 2014 film NCIS: New Orleans. She is also well-known for her roles as Wang Fang in the 2016 film The Wampire Leland and Instinct in 2018.

Does Laura Sohn Have A Husband?

Laura Sohn is said to be someone who prefers to keep her personal life private. Laura prefers that the public focus on her acting rather than her personal life. As a result, she has not considered dating anyone in the industry, nor has there been any news of her romantic affairs.

We do know, however, that she is not married. However, the media has been disappointed because the outlets have been unable to reveal the actress’s previous romantic relationships.

Despite this, her fans appreciated Laura Sohn’s portrayal of Alina Park and her on-screen husband Peter. Not to mention, filming on the all-time public favorite, The Blacklist, resumed in October following the season 8 cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, many fans were outraged when the series revealed Peter’s untimely death. However, the new season may be a ray of hope for “The Blacklist” fans, as news of Colby Lewis returning as Peter to support and protect made headlines.

What Is the Net Worth of Laura Sohn?

Along with the challenges of competing in the entertainment industry, there are several benefits. One of them is having a large amount of money. As a result, one of the most famous actresses of all time, Laura Sohn, has a net worth of $100,000, according to the wiki.

Laura Sohn Net Worth

Her monthly earnings are estimated to be in the $20,000 range. Of course, her earnings are primarily derived from her work as a professional actress and other endorsements.

Facts About Laura

The following are some well-known facts about Laura:

  • Laura is fluent in the Korean language.
  • Laura has approximately 6,000 Instagram followers.
  • Laura Sohn’s full name is Laura Stella Sohn.
  • Laura Sohn’s current address is in New York.
  • Her special abilities include speaking Korean (fluently), playing the flute, and singing (Alto). She is also an expert in Yoga, Biking, Swimming, and Shooting.
  • She had gained theatre experience before venturing into the showbiz industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Laura Sohn, How Old Are You?

Laura Sohn will be 29 years old in 2022.

What is Laura Sohn’s Height?

Laura Sohn is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

How Much Does Laura Sohn Weigh?

Laura Sohn weighs 58 kilograms.

Laura Sohn, Is She Married?

Laura Sohn is not married.

Is Laura Sohn Lesbian?

Laura Sohn is not a lesbian.


Many megastars today rose to prominence overnight, but Laura Sohn is a girl on the rise thanks to her dedication and passion for the entertainment industry. And she is in the position she had hoped for at such a young age.

However, we decided to write a full biography because you all expressed an interest in learning more about Laura Sohn’s life experiences. Laura Sohn’s birthday, early life, relationship status, and other details are all covered in this section.

We hope that this biography has been of some assistance to you. Also, if you want to learn more about your favourite celebrities, please visit our website right now. Laura Sohn’s age, height, weight, and many other unknown facts are discussed below.

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