American Professional Basketball Executive Pat Riley’s Net Worth 2022!

Pat Riley, a former NBA player, and coach is a well-known figure. As of right now, he is in charge of the Miami Heat.

Former NBA player won his first championship with Los Angeles Lakers throughout his career.

After that, he became an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, where he earned his second NBA championship. Finally, as a player and coach in the NBA, he was a five-time champion.

While serving as Miami Heats’ president, he is also a two-time NBA champion. It is widely agreed that the former coach was one of the best and most successful in the franchise’s history.

Over the course of his coaching career, Pat has been named NBA Coach of the Year three times. In 1996, he was designated one of the NBA’s top 10 greatest coaches.

In addition, he was named NBA Executive of the Year in 2011 for his efforts. There are very few roles in his life in which he isn’t enormously successful, including acting.

As a result of his many achievements, Riley was awarded the Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. In addition, his collegiate team honored him by retiring his jersey number.

First, here are some facts about the NBA’s most successful player-turned-executive-president, one of the greatest players in history.

Pat Riley Net Worth 2022

Early Life

He was born in Rome, New York, on the 20th of March 1945 to Patrick James Riley. A minor league baseball player who appeared in four games for the Philadelphia Phillies, Leon Riley was Pat’s father.

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Pat was an accomplished basketball player and a football team member throughout his high school years. While a student at the University of Kentucky, he continued his athletic career by participating in football and basketball.

Both the NBA’s San Diego Rockets and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys had snatched him up before finishing high school. As an NFL wide receiver, his options were limited, but instead, he chose to join the Houston Rockets and play basketball.

He was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers during his career. He was instrumental in the Lakers’ NBA Championship win in 1972. After the 1975-76 NBA season, Pat retired from the game as a part of the Phoenix Suns organization.

Pat Riley Net Worth 2022

Coaching in the Workplace

After the Lakers’ Jack McKinney was injured in a near-fatal bike accident, Riley stepped in as Paul Westhead’s assistant coach. The Los Angeles Lakers triumphed in the NBA Finals in 1980.

Riley was chosen head coach when the team failed to make the playoffs in the following season, although he quickly became known for his Armani suits and slicked-back hair. The “Showtime” period had just begun.

The Lakers ‘ solid defensive framework and unrelenting offensive game plan made four straight trips to the NBA Finals. Three consecutive championships in the legendary “three-peat” were made possible by the Lakers’ solid defensive framework and unrelenting offensive game plan. Riley later trademarked that word.

It was in 1991 that Riley resigned as Lakers coach and accepted a position with the New York Knicks. In 1995, he was hired as the Heat’s head coach after leaving the Knicks. Pat resigned from the role in 2003 after a period of poor performance.

As of 2005, Pat was back in charge of the club as head coach, and he led the team to their fifth championship 2006. President of the Miami Heat followed.

Trademark for the Phrase “Three-peat”

During Pat’s time as the Lakers’ head coach in 1988, the team was hoping to win a third consecutive NBA championship. The phrase “three-peat” in Laker country served as a rallying cry.

The Lakers’ hopes of a three-peat were dashed when the Pistons beat them in four games. Pat Riley had a glimmer of hope.

When Riley applied to trademark the word “three-peat” in November 1988, he applied through his company organization “Riles & Co.” The trademark #1552980 was given a few months later after the application was approved. In order to utilize the phrase commercially, Pat Riley would want a licensing fee from anyone who did.

Pat Riley acquired a fortune as a result of the Chicago Bulls’ two three-peats a few years later. Approximately $300,000 in license and royalty fees were collected by Riles & Co. in 1993.

over $600,000 in royalty income was generated in 1998, a significant increase from the previous year. Numerous more three-peat events have resulted in profits for Riles & Co. Between 2000 and 2002, the Los Angeles Lakers, Riley’s own team, also achieved this feat.

Pat Riley Net Worth 2022

Pat Riley’s Properties and Their Worth

A Miami property owned by Riley was reportedly sold for $16.75 million in 20ce. Pat was willing to accept a 25 percent discount on the original asking price, which was $23 mill The two-acre property boasts more than 900 feet of water frontage and a five-bedroom residence.ion.

According to the original purchase price of $6.3 million in 1996, he and his wife had made a sizable profit. According to reports after the sale, the couple moved into a nearby Miami house. After purchasing the estate, the new owner declared plans to demolish it in 2013.

Pat reportedly put two Malibu properties on the rental market in 2014. Located in the exclusive Broad Beach area, both bungalow-style houses offer residents access to beachfront land and spectacular ocean views. Renting one of these residences, on the other hand, is not exactly budget-friendly. The rental cost for one residence was $18,500 per month, while the other was $16,500 per month.

Three bedrooms, a fireplace, and an office make up the layout of one of these houses, which measures 1,386 square feet. It’s the most expensive of the two, costing Riley $1.6 million back in 1989. The less-priced renting option includes four bedrooms and 2,788 square feet of living space.

This house cost him $2.5 million when he bought it in 2000. In 2007, he paid $7 million for a third property in the same gated community. In any case, this house was never rented. During the busiest times of the year, these houses can rent for up to $35,000 per month.

Pat Riley bought a new Miami condo in 2019, according to reports. In Surfside’s Four Seasons Residences building, he and his wife spent $8 million for their place to live. Fort Partners, the building’s developer, was contacted directly about the unit’s acquisition.

This condo has four bedrooms and 3,948 square feet of space. Several more well-known celebrities have bought condominiums in this exclusive complex. Pat and his wife continue to own a condo in South Beach’s Apogee skyscraper.

Pat Riley Net Worth 2022

Pat Riley’s Body Measurements

As of March 20, 2022, the former basketball player is 77 years old. He’s a health nut and follows a strict diet because of his background as a former athlete and coach.

As a result, he is in excellent physical condition for his advanced age. As a result, he stands at 6 ft 4 ins and weighs 205 lb (93 kg).

Pat Riley’s Net Worth

Approximately $120,000,000

How Much Money Does Pat Riley Make?

American professional basketball executive Pat Riley has a net worth of $120 million, making him one of the wealthiest man in basketball.

He is likely most known for his time as the Miami Heat’s head coach, a post he held from 1995 to 2003 before returning to the franchise in 2005 to lead them again from 2008 to 2009.

During the “Showtime Era” of the Los Angeles Lakers, he was also a hugely successful player. Riley has five NBA championships under his belt as a coach. Numerous experts believe he is among the finest NBA coaches ever.

Riley was a successful NBA player before he became a coach. Until recently, he was most known for his role as CEO. As a player, assistant coach, executive, and head coach, he has won a championship in each of these capacities.

In North America, he was the first person to achieve this. The NBA Coaches Association honored him with the Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

Pat Riley Net Worth 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Does Riley Have?

According to, an American actress, Forbes Riley has a net worth of $120 million, according to Forbes April 1960 marked Riley’s birth in Brooklyn, New York, the city that would one day become his home.

What Is the Ownership of the Miami Heat?

Pat Riley, a former NBA player, and coach is a well-known figure in the sport. As of right now, he is in charge of the Miami Heat.

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