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Scott McGillivray is a Canadian business owner, investor, television host, author, and educator.

He is the host and executive producer of the HGTV Canada and DIY Network (Canada) home renovation show Income Property, as well as HGTV and DIY Network in the United States.

He judges HGTV’s All American Handyman alongside Mike Holmes and Canada’s Handyman Challenge alongside Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, and Paul Lafrance.

Early Life

Scott McGillivray was born in Richmond Hill, Canada, on April 7, 1978 (age 44). He attended the University of Guelph and graduated with honors in Commerce in 2001. What started as a school project about income properties evolved into a business model that he would later implement.


McGillivray purchased and renovated his first rental property at the age of 21, using student loans, and by the age of 23, he owned five rental properties. In 2004, he became a licensed contractor to manage his crews. He now owns hundreds of rental properties in Canada and the United States.

Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth

McGillivray has hosted HGTV in the United States and Canada since 2008, appearing in over 400 episodes, and is best known for the HGTV shows Income Property, Moving the McGillivrays, and Buyers Bootcamp. Scott’s House Call, his digital series and Canadian Screen Award nominee, is currently in pre-production for its fourth season.


McGillivray is the CEO of McGillivray Group and McGillivray Entertainment, as well as the co-founder of Keyspire, which provides real estate investing education, and a real estate investor in properties throughout North America.

On HGTV Canada, he launched Income Property, a show in which McGillivray assists homeowners in turning a portion of their home into a money-maker to help with mortgage payments. In each episode, he shows the homeowners various renovation options for converting their home into a legal rental unit.

The audience witnesses the renovation as well as the final reveal. The show debuted in 2009, with the 100th episode premiering in 2013. In 2013, Income Property expanded from a half-hour to an hour format. It was reduced to a half-hour show in 2014.

McGillivray appears in the half-hour format to assist homeowners with their existing properties, renovating them for profitable rental units. In the full-hour design, he helps people purchase homes and renovate them, including creating a profitable rental unit.

There have been several theme seasons, in addition to regular non-themed ones, and the full-hour show, like others, can be seen as a themed season that focuses on specific types of rental properties.

It was broadcast in 33 countries as of 2013.

Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth

On HGTV Canada, McGillivray and his wife and daughters buy and renovate a house into their forever home in Moving the McGillivrays. They decide to build their dream home on a fixer-upper that they torn down due to reno costs.

Instead of assisting buyers in purchasing new properties and converting them into income properties (as in the full hour version of Income Property), McGillivray assists buyers in renovating and flipping properties on Buyers Bootcamp.

In the 2016 pilot for HGTV Canada, he assisted owners in selecting a property to buy and renovate in order to flip for a profit. He joins the HGTV (USA) series as a partner to help renovate investment properties and flip them for profit.

In 2018, one season aired. The Vacation House Rules are similar to the Income Property Rules. The show’s distinguishing feature is that the homes featured are all vacation cottages.

McGillivray and the owners transform properties into high-end investment vacation rentals.

The second season will begin in June 2021. McGillivray has appeared on other HGTV and HGTV Canada shows. Facelift with Debbie Travis (2003-2005) and From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis (2006).

McGillivray began his career in television as a crew member and later as a project manager on Debbie Travis’ home improvement reality shows. McGillivray and Kim Myles co-host this homeowner competition for the best holiday-decorated home.

He and Mike Holmes co-host the HGTV show All American Handyman. Along with Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, and Paul LaFrance, he is a judge on the HGTV Canada show Canada’s Handyman Challenge.

McGillivray appears on Flipping the Block as a judge, judging the renovation abilities of four couples competing for money at an auction in a home-flipping competition.

The teams renovate identical run-down condos before auctioning them to the highest bidder.

Scott McGillivray joins Nicole Curtis, David Bromstad, and hosts Josh Temple as guest judges. McGillivray appeared as a guest renovator on HGTV Canada’s Home to Win, renovating a house for a deserving family chosen by the producers.

McGillivray published his first home improvement book in 2014, advising homeowners to make the most of their renovation investments. McGillivray and business partner Michael Sarracini have co-authored a number of real estate investing books.

McGillivray founded his own real estate education company, The Lifetime Wealth Academy, in 2010, which was later renamed Keyspire in 2013. Keyspire provides investing training and workshops.

Keyspire is also a leading North American real estate network.

Private Life

McGillivray spent his childhood in the city of Toronto, in the province of Ontario. He has two children with his wife, Sabrina McGillivray. The family has homes in both Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Fort Myers, Florida, in the United States.

His only sibling is Erin, his younger sister, and he has an older brother named Andrew who also works with him.

Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth

Scott Mcgillivray’s Net Worth

Scott McGillivray is a TV personality and real estate investor who has appeared on several reality shows, including Income Property and All American Handyman.

It’s no surprise that he has multiple sources of income and is financially well-off. McGillivray’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million in 2022.

Collection of Scott Mcgillivray’s House and Cars

Scott had purchased and renovated his first home at the age of 21. He was only 23 years old when he bought five rental homes, which grew to 30 by the time he was 30.

Without a doubt, the home renovator has designed and decorated his home beautifully.

According to 2017 reports, Scott and his family moved to their new “FOREVER HOME.” The couple desired a home closer to their relatives where they could have more privacy.

Scott made numerous improvements to his home to make it appear more luxurious and comfortable. The magnificent mansion includes a master suite, a playroom for children, a large kitchen, and a workshop for himself.

A cozy living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, expensive furniture, and a fireplace joins the open kitchen. He has even collaborated with his wife to create a “femme-den” for crafts and projects.

Scott McGillivray and Sabrina McGillivray’s home includes a skating rink in the basement. In an interview with The Globe and Daily Mail, Scott stated that his last three cars were BMW 3-series, which cost more than $40 thousand.

Did you know his first vehicle was a 1994 Ford Escort? He purchased the blue because blue is his favorite color. Later, he added a Hyundai Tiburon and an Audi A4 worth $39,000 to his car collection.

He also owns a 2006 Shadow motorcycle, a 2006 Didge Ram truck, and other vehicles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scott Mcgillivray Still Married?

McGillivray grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and attended school there. His wife is Sabrina McGillivray, with whom he has two children. They split their time between Toronto, Canada, and Fort Myers, Florida, where they own homes.

What Has Happened to Scott Mcgillivray?

Scott’s House Call, his online series in which he assists fans in exchange for home-cooked meals, has entered its fourth season, thanks to a recent partnership with a Canadian bank that has kept McGillivray busy (think Dijon salmon, moussaka, and hamburger cupcakes).

How Many Homes Does Scott Mcgillivray Own?

His skill as a carpenter landed him his first TV job, working on Facelift by designer Debbie Travis. Today, Mcgillivray owns over 100 rental properties, the majority of which are multi-unit buildings, including 15 in Guelph.


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