Gilbert Arenas Net Worth: What Is He Doing Now?


On January 6, 1982, Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr. was born in Tampa, Florida. The rest of his family followed him to Los Angeles, where he finished high school and played basketball for his high school’s basketball team.

A two-year collegiate career at the University of Arizona followed Arenas’ graduation, and he declared his NBA draught eligibility after his sophomore year.


The Golden State Warriors selected Gilbert with the 31st overall choice in the 2001 NBA Draft. He had an instant impact, winning the NBA Most Improved Player Award in 2002-2003. As a free agent after this season, Arenas signed a six-year, $60 million contract with the Washington Wizards.

Gilbert was recognized for his thefts and technical prowess during his tenure with the Wizards. He was also well-known for his late-game “buzzer-beater” shots. At this point, he had been nominated for All-Star games on a regular basis.

As of 2008, Arenas’ deal with the Wizards was worth $111 million over the course of six years. His stint with the Wizards would only last one more year, though, until his shooting incident. In the aftermath of the season-long suspension, he played for the Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, and Shanghai Sharks in the last few years of his career.

Gilbert Arenas Net Worth: What Is He Doing Now?

Salary and Benefits in a Professional Position

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Gilbert made $160 million in salaries and tens of millions of dollars in endorsements over his career.

Endorsements of a Certain Brand

A lot of companies have signed Gilbert as an ambassador during the course of his career, but Adidas is probably the most renowned. Arenas were given a special pair of Adidas shoes, the Adidas Gil Zero, by the company.

Adidas TS Lightswitch shoes were afterward released by him. As a result of the 2009 shooting incident, he was forced to cancel his connection with Adidas.

Gilbert Arenas Net Worth: What Is He Doing Now?

Investing in Property

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A residence in Great Falls, Virginia, was believed to have been sold by Arenas in 2014. After being on the market since 2012, he was able to sell the house for $2.5 million.

His initial asking price was $3.5 million, but he was obliged to lower the price and remove a shark tank that he had installed when he purchased the home for $2.875 million in 2003. A grotto, a bar, a pool, and a big black-crystal chandelier are all part of the home’s 1.2-acre grounds.

Gilbert reportedly listed a second home in 2015 for $3.495 million, according to reports at the time. His case against his financial advisor for financial mismanagement was ongoing at the time.

The 5,800-square-foot mansion has five bedrooms and Mediterranean-style construction. In addition, there are five fireplaces, a swimming pool, and a secluded spa on the property. In 2007, he paid $3.1 million for this Encino home, which he first bought in 2007.

In 2016, Arenas sold the third property in Calabasas, California. The gated community home, which sold for $3.35 million, is perched atop a hilltop on a seven-acre lot.

There are stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys from this Tuscan-style home There are also seven bedrooms, a custom movie theatre, and an underground wine room in the 9,600 square feet of living area.

In the backyard, you’ll find a saltwater pool as well as a three-car garage. Having purchased the property for $2.75 million in 2014, Gilbert was able to sell it for $3.35 million.

Gilbert Arenas Net Worth: What Is He Doing Now?

Concerns About Money

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Arenas have had financial difficulties in recent years and were even compelled to sue a former financial counselor for $40 million in damages.

A total of $2 million had been paid to the firm by him and his advisor, but they claim he actually lost a lot of money as a result of his advisor’s “extreme carelessness.” Arenas, on the other hand, wasn’t exactly frugal when it came to his expenditures, as evidenced by his $1 million birthday celebration in 2007.

It was after a long period of time together that Laura Govan and I decided to call it quits. Over the course of their relationship, they had four children, and as a result, Govan was entitled to child support payments of $20,000 a month (according to Arenas).

For example, Gilbert indicated in a court file from 2016 that his children may be forced to switch from private to public school. He claimed to be making about $170,000 a year in investment income at the time. At the time, the annual cost of sending his children to a private school was $96,000.

Gilbert Arenas Net Worth: What Is He Doing Now?

Issues of the Law

Basketball Wives LA’s producers and Laura Govan were sued for trademark infringement and false advertising by Gilbert following her appearance on the show. In 2012, he agreed to abandon the claim.

There were two unloaded guns in Gilbert Arenas’ locker at the Verizon Center when he acknowledged stowing them there in 2009. In the end, he handed up the weapons to stadium security, but the harm had already been inflicted. He broke both NBA and D.C. laws when he brought guns into the stadium.

A further team member, Javaris Crittenton, claimed to have unloaded guns from his locker. It was just a matter of time before the DC Metropolitan Police and the US Attorney’s Office initiated an inquiry.

Gilbert was arrested in 2010 for allegedly having a firearm in his possession without a permit. In the end, he admitted his guilt and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The NBA ordered an indefinite suspension for him, and the Washington Wizards published a statement criticizing his actions. They were eventually suspended for the rest of the 2010 season, as well. Probation and a halfway house sentenced Gilbert to two years and 30 days, respectively, for his crimes.

Gilbert Arenas Salary and Salary Range:

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Twenty Million Dollars

Gilbert Arenas Net Worth: What Is He Doing Now?

What Are Gilbert Arenas’ Net Worth and Earnings History?

Gilbert Arenas, a former NBA player from the United States, is worth $20 million. Even though he began off with the Golden State Warriors, the Washington Wizards are where Arenas is most remembered. With the Wizards, Gilbert lasted seven seasons before moving on to Orlando, Memphis, and Shanghai for one-year stints.

“Agent Zero” Arenas picked the number zero for his jersey, maybe due to the fact that he had previously been told that he would play “zero minutes” in the NBA. After all, he’s known for his “zero” points in the last minutes of games. “Hibachi” and “Gilby” are two more common moniker choices.

Arenas’ career was not without controversy, even after he was named to the NBA All-Star team three times and won the NBA Most Improved Player Award one of those times as well.

He was suspended for the full 2010 season after a high-profile gun incident. Gilbert’s NBA career was cut short after this incident, and he spent the remainder of his career playing in China. On December 31, 2013, he ended his career.

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