Ronda Rousey Net Worth: What Happened to Ronda Rousey’s WWE Career and Will She Return?

Ronda Jean Rousey is an American professional wrestler, actress, and mixed martial artist who used to do judo. On February 1, 1987, she was born. She is currently under contract with WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand and is the SmackDown Women’s Champion in her first reign.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was her most well-known job (UFC). A professional wrestler named Roddy Piper gave her the name “Rowdy,” which she has kept for a long time.

Early Life

Ronda Rousey was born on February 1, 1987, in Riverside County, which is in the state of California. Because her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck when she was born, Rousey had trouble speaking for the first six years of her life.

When she was three, her parents moved from Riverside, California, to Jamestown, North Dakota, so that she could get speech therapy at Minot State University. Her mother, AnnaMaria De Mars, was the first American woman to win a World Judo Championship.

Also, while taking care of her daughters, her mother went to get her Ph.D. at the University of California, Riverside. Ron Rousey, her real father, killed himself in 1995 after breaking his back sledding and finding out he would be a paraplegic. At the time, Rousey was only eight years old. Rousey didn’t graduate from high school, but she did get her GED.

Ronda Rousey Net Worth

Ronda Rousey’s Career

Rousey’s mother taught her how to do Judo for the first time when she was 11 years old. Ronda was only 17 years old when she qualified for the 2004 Olympics. She was the youngest judoka who took part in those games.

In the same year, she won a gold medal at the World Junior Judo Championships. Rousey went on to win more medals in judo, but when she turned 21, she quit the sport to focus on mixed martial arts (MMA).

During the time she was only training in mixed martial arts, she did things like wait tables, work at a bar, and so on.

In 2011, she had her first MMA fight, and she joined the UFC right away. She became well-known when she became the first UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and won 12 fights in a row.

Ronda Rousey’s Personal Life

Rousey lives in the city of Venice California. She stopped eating animals after Beijing in 2008. Ronda voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 U.S. election for president. She spends her free time watching Dragon Ball Z, playing Pokémon, and playing World of Warcraft.

She has raised money for the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, which wants to get big cats out of circuses and zoos. Rousey has said that she has issues with how she sees herself and is depressed.


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 In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she said that after losing to Holly Holm and getting hurt, which kept her out of the ring for a year, she thought about killing herself. Brendan Schaub was also a UFC fighter, and Rousey used to date him. She started dating UFC fighter Travis Browne in October 2015.

At the time, Browne was still legally married to Jenny Renee Webb, even though they had broken up, and he was being investigated for domestic violence. In New Zealand in April 2017, Rousey and Browne said “I do.” They got married in Hawaii in August 2017.

Ronda Rousey’s Net Worth

Ronda Rousey is an American MMA fighter and judoka with a net worth of $13 million. She used to be one of the best female MMA fighters of all time. She now acts in movies and wrestles for a living.

Ronda Rousey Net Worth

Earnings and Endorsements

On February 28, 2015, Ronda Rousey beat Cat Zingano with a 14-second armlock. Ronda got $65,000 just for showing up, another $65,000 for winning, and a $1 million Pay Per View bonus. Between June 2014 and June 2015, Ronda won about $6.5 million in prizes and endorsements.

She is a spokesperson for Monster headphones, Carl’s Jr., Reebok, Metro PCS, and other companies. Ronda’s run of good luck came to an end on November 16, 2015, when Holly Holm beat her easily at UFC 193.

Ronda made $14 million in 2015 alone from her wins, PPV money, endorsements, and appearances in the media. Ronda was paid $3 million just to show up on December 30, 2016, for her fight against Amanda Nunes.

How Much Money Does Ronda Rousey Make?

The WWE wrestler who makes the most money right now is Ronda Rousey. Her salary is about $1.5 million.

What’s Next for Ronda Rousey?

*Since this article was written, Ronda Rousey made a big comeback to WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble and won the whole match. She went back into the ring for the second time on TV at the Elimination Chamber PPV, where she and Naomi fought Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair.

Ronda Rousey Net Worth

What Happened to Ronda Rousey’s Career?

This victory turned out to be her last in the sport, as she quit at age 21 to focus on mixed martial arts (MMA). 9 | Up | First money-based MMA title: In 2010, Rousey started doing MMA as an amateur, and she won her first three fights. In 2011, she chose to play for a living.

Will Ronda Rousey Return to WWE?

The Baddest Woman on the Planet is back and will win the Women’s Royal Rumble in 2022. Ronda Rousey returned to WWE on Saturday night at the 2022 Royal Rumble. She started the Rumble with the No.


Ronda Rousey is one of, if not the most famous female UFC fighters in the world.

As of 2022, Ronda Rousey has a net worth of $13 million. This makes her one of the wealthiest fighters in mixed martial arts in the world.

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