American Actor, Producer and Director James: What Is His Net Worth?

Biography of James Hong

David Lo Pan in “Big Trouble in Little China” (1986), Hannibal Chew in “Blade Runner” (1982), and the voice of Mr. Ping for the animated series “Kung Fu Panda” are among the many roles he has played since his birth on February 22, 1929, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States. Since the middle of the 1950s, he has been actively pursuing a profession.

How much money does James Hong have as of 2017? As reported by reputable sources, Hong’s net worth is estimated to be as high as $8.5 million. This sum was amassed through his long and successful acting career, which has seen him appear in more than 500 films, TV shows, and voice roles.

Aspects of the James Hong Company

The Place You Call Home –

A well-known personality in the United States with an Asian background, James Hong has achieved great success. The impact of James Hong on American film and television is immeasurable. His home is in the United States, as well as other properties. Los Angeles is James Hong’s home city. That’s not all. He also owns properties in Minneapolis and New York City.

Collection of Automobiles –

James Hong has a collection of cars from his younger years. His automotive collection includes some classics and one-of-a-kind models. The Jaguar, Lexus, and Ford that James Hong owns are all quite nice looking. Chris Hemsworth’s Net Worth can also be found.

American Actor, Producer and Director James: What Is His Net Worth?

Career and Awards of James Hong

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In the course of his career, James Hong has established himself as one of the best actors in the business. Astonishing achievements have followed Hong’s debut in 1952. The New Adventures of Charlie Chan made Hong a household name in 1957 when he starred in the popular detective series.

A number of other shows followed, such as Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza, and The Man From UNCLE, and he also starred in Kung Fu. Other notable works include Chinatown, The Two Jake’S, and Balls of Fury to name just a few. As a voice actor, Hong’s work is equally impressive.

He’s been in a slew of films and TV shows, including Kung Fu Panda, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Jackie Chan Adventures. James Hong will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in recognition of his long and distinguished career in the entertainment industry. The net worth of Robert Redford should be checked.


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James Hong was born and raised in Hong Kong for a short period of time. When Hong returned to the United States, he attended Minneapolis Central High School, where he earned his high school diploma. Hong got his civil engineering degree at the University of Southern California.

Who Is James Hong’s Girlfriend?

We have it on good authority that James Hong and Susan Hong, aka Pearl Huang, were married in 1997. James Hong is single as of December 2021.

We do not have any previous relationship records for James Hong. You can help us develop James Hong’s dating history!

American Actor, Producer and Director James: What Is His Net Worth?

Fascinating Facts and Figures

James is On the list of the most popular actors in the movies. A well-known American celebrity who was born in the United States. Every year, February 22 is James Hong’s birthday.

According to the Forbes Rich List, James Hong Has a Net Worth of Around

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In addition to acting, James Hong is also a voice actor and director. For more than 50 years and more than 500 roles in film and television, as well as games, James Hong has carved himself a distinguished acting career in Minneapolis. For many years, he served as the president of the Association for Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA).

In Chicago (via Canada), his father started a restaurant, and Hong’s mother worked there as a waitress. In the 1950s, James Hong began his career in the entertainment industry by doing dubbing for various Asian films. It was during this period that he appeared on episodes like The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, Zorro, Perry Mason, and Sky King.

Bob Newhart Show in the 1970s, a tiny part for him. Perhaps most recognized for his role as the eternal ghost sorcerer in Big Trouble in Little China, John Carpenter’s cult masterpiece (1986). The Big Bang Theory, Alias, and Friends are just a few of Hong’s other notable television appearances.

Additionally, he is well-known as a voice actor for a variety of media and has directed films including Teen Lust. Susan, who he married in 1977, currently resides in Los Angeles with Hong, who was born in Hong Kong.

American Actor, Producer and Director James: What Is His Net Worth?

Inquiries That Are Frequently Asked

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How Much Money Does James Hong Have in the Bank?

James Hong has a net worth in the neighborhood of $9 million, according to Forbes.

James Hong Is What Age?

James Hong, who is currently 93 years old, is one of the world’s oldest actors (22 February 1929).

How Much Does James Hong Earn?

James Hong is rumored to earn more than $1 million a year.

What Is James Hong’s Height?

He stands at a height of 1.78 m.

What Is James Hong’s Wife’s First Name?

Since 1977, James Hong has been married to Susan Tong.

American Actor, Producer and Director James: What Is His Net Worth?


James Hong is a star in the making, a one-of-a-kind performer who has made a significant impact on the film business. He has put in a lot of effort to bring together the Asian American film and television industries. In addition, he has opened a theatre for Asians who reside in the United States. It functioned flawlessly and produced a plethora of brilliant outcomes.

Rather than for his acting abilities, Hong is often referred to as the finest artist due to his dedication and enthusiasm for his craft. He’s a master of his craft.

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