Jordan Belfort Net Worth 2022: How Does Jordan Belfort Spend His Money?

Jordan Belfort’s net worth is currently based on his travels across the world as a motivational speaker. Jordan Joss Belfort is an author and motivational speaker from Queens, New York.

His autobiography, The Wolf of Wall Street, is his most well-known work. He pleaded convicted to fraud and associated charges including stock market manipulation and penny stock scams in 1999.

Early Life

Jordan Ross Belfort was born on July 9, 1962, in The Bronx, New York. He grew up in a Jewish family in Bayside, Queens.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

During the summer between high school and college, Belfort and a close friend made $20,000 selling Italian ice from coolers to tourists on the beach. Belfort earned a biology degree from American University.

He enrolled in the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. He left after the first day of classes when a faculty member told him that being a dentist wasn’t a good way to make money.

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On Long Island, New York, Belfort delivered meat and fish door-to-door. His meat-selling company developed from a one-man operation to a company that employed many people and sold 5,000 pounds of beef and fish each week.

When he was 25, he declared bankruptcy and landed a position as a stockbroker trainee at L.F. Rothschild. Belfort’s first supervisor allegedly informed him that the keys to success were masturbation, cocaine, and hookers.

Following the 1987 Black Monday stock market crash, he was laid off from this firm. Despite this failure, Belfort remained enamoured with the prospect of making the kind of money that the more senior stockbrokers made.

Belfort worked for several financial firms in the late 1980s, soaking up as much knowledge as he could. He honed his sales speech and decided to launch his own company in 1989. In the early 1990s, Belfort established Stratton Oakmont. The company sells penny stocks in a boiler room.

Belfort defrauded his investors using a pump and dump scheme. At the height of Stratton Oakmont’s success, Belfort employed over 1,000 stockbrokers and managed over $1 billion in assets. The National Association of Securities Dealers, on the other hand, was on to Belfort and Stratton Oakmont.

The firm’s dealings were being extensively scrutinised by the association. The National Association of Securities Dealers then threw Stratton Oakmont out of its membership in December 1996, and the firm went out of business.

Belfort allegedly laundered his money through Swiss banks. His mother-in-law and his wife’s aunt both assisted in the money smuggling into Switzerland. He allegedly organised parties with midget-tossing contests while running Stratton Oakmont.

Career as a Motivational Speaker

Belfort has reinvented himself as a motivational speaker since his release from prison. He established Global Motivation, Inc. as his company. He spent about three weeks a month on the road, giving speeches about the importance of business ethics and learning from mistakes.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Back in the 1990s, for example, he believed he was justified in breaking financial regulators’ rules because many others did. Booking a speaking engagement with Belfort will cost you between $30,000 and $75,000.

A sales seminar with him costs $80,000 and up. He has received mixed reviews for his speeches, with commenters reacting negatively to his stories about flouting financial regulations in the 1990s.

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Writing Profession

Belfort’s memoirs “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street” have been published in over 40 countries and translated into 18 languages.

The film adaptation of “The Wolf of Wall Street” starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese. In 2017, he published “Way of the Wolf: Become a Master Closer with Straight Line Selling.”

Personal Life

Belfort lived a lavish lifestyle and threw frequent parties during his time at Stratton. He also experimented with recreational drugs, namely methaqualone and quaaludes. During his tenure as CEO of Stratton Oakmont, Belfort and his first wife, Denise Lombardo, divorced. From 1985 to 1991, they were married.

Tommy Chong, his prison cellmate, was the one who persuaded Belfort to write “The Wolf of Wall Street.”In 1991, he married British-born model Nadine Caridi. They first met at a party. Chandler and Carter were their two children.

They divorced in 2005 after she accused him of domestic violence (possibly driven by drugs). Belfort purchased the luxury yacht Nadine, which was designed for noted designer Coco Chanel in 1961. The yacht was renamed after his second wife. In June 1996, the ship went down off the coast of Sardinia.

The Italian Navy’s Special Forces rescued everyone on board the yacht. Belfort later admitted that against the advice of the ship’s captain, he insisted on sailing the yacht in severe gusts. Belfort began dating Anne Koppe in 1988. In 2015, they got engaged. They are still together but unmarried as of 2020.

Belfort has been likened to the famed Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Belfort makes a brief appearance near the end of “The Wolf of Wall Street.”His former chief of security, Bo Dietl, stated in an interview that he never saw Belfort sober while working for him and indicated that Belfort had close contact with the Mafia.

What is Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth

Jordan Belfort is a convicted felon, a former stockbroker, and a published author. Jordan Belfort’s net worth is a negative $100 million as of 2022.

How Does Jordan Belfort Spend His Money?

In the 1990s, Belfort acquired a fortune through his investment firm, Stratton Oakmont. Belfort is said to have paid $14 million of the $110 million fine levied against him. He used to own a lot of expensive automobiles and residences.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

One of his previous residences is valued at $3.4 million. The mansion has five bedrooms, a garage, a big pool, and other recreational areas. Belfort purchased a luxurious yacht that was once owned by Coco Chanel. One of his most expensive purchases is a kit-built aeroplane that he formerly had aboard his yacht.


Here are some of Jordan Belfort’s career highlights:


  • The Wall Street Wolf (2007)
  • Catching the Wolf of Wall Street (2009)
  • The Wolf’s Way: Learn the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and Success (2017)

Awards & Nominations for The Wolf Street

  • Oscars in the United States (Best Performance by an Actor leading role, Leonardo DiCaprio, 2014)
  • The Golden Globes (Best Motion Picture, 2014)
  • The BAFTA Awards (Best Leading Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, 2014)
  • MTV Movie and Television Awards (Movie of The Year, 2014)

Assets and Properties

Belfort’s Long Island, New York estate was confiscated by the federal government in 2001 and traded to reimburse some of his fraud victims.

Jordan Belfort Net WorthThe house has changed hands several times since then. In 2017, it sold for $3.4 million on the open market. It decreased to $2.89 million in 2018.

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Jordan Belfort, dubbed “The Wolf of Wall Street,” made a fortune through his investment firm, Stratton Oakmont. He had significant difficulty with the law, which followed with four years in prison and a fine of $110 million.

As of 2022, Jordan Belfort’s net worth is expected to be around $-100 million. He is 59 years old and works as a motivational speaker all over the world.

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