What Is Killer Mike’s Net Worth? Famous Rapper’s Lifestyle, Career, and More in 2022

Born as Michael Render on the 20th of April 1975 in Adamsville, Atlanta, Georgia USA, Killer Mike is best known for being a rapper, who has released five solo albums and several mixtapes, and founded the Grind Time Official Records.

He is an actor as well, perhaps recognized for appearing in the films “Idlewild” (2006), “ATL” (2006), the cartoon “Frisky Dingo” (2006-2008), etc. His career has been active since 1999.

killer mike net worthHave you ever wondered how rich is Killer Mike as of early 2016? According to sources, it is estimated that Killer Mike’s overall net worth is $5 million, an amount acquired through his career in the music industry, with another source coming from his acting career.

Other than that, he is the owner of a barbershop in Atlanta, named “Graffitis SWAG Barbershop”, which also adds to his fortune.

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Early Life

He was born on the 20th of April in the year 1975 in the city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia. He is the son of a florist’s mother and the father of a police officer. In the year 2002, he received the Grammy Award for his contribution to the world of rap music. He has also released a large number of albums. Because he hasn’t divulged anything about his early life and parents, very little is known about him and his family.

Personal Life

Killer Mike married Shana in the year 2006, and they had four children as a result of their union. Both of them have children, whose names are Malik, Aniyah, Mikey, and Pony. Malik and Aniyah are sisters.

On the 1st of November in the year 2011, he and his wife launched a barbershop in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. He now intends to open approximately 150 stores in various locations throughout the United States.

killer mike net worth

As an outspoken social activist, he is best known for his work on issues of systematic racism, police brutality, and social equality, among others. He has also made an appearance in the political arena.

Eventually, he was elected to serve as the 55th district’s representative in the Georgia House of Representatives. Because of Sanders’ advocacy, he received a great deal of negative attention in 2016.


In the late ’90s, Killer Mike became well-known for his work as a producer and songwriter for both other artists and himself. Michael was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 20, 1975. To a police officer father and a florist mother, he is the first of two children.

Sarah is his younger sibling. Because their parents were still in high school when they were born, both of them were reared by their grandparents in the Collier Heights neighborhood.

The Beat Bullies and Big Boi of “Outkast” met Michael in 1995 while he was a student at Morehouse College. After he dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music, he started working on several projects.

In OutKast’s song “Snapping and Tripping” from the album “Stankonia,” he made his musical debut. When OutKast’s “The Whole World” was released one year later in 2001 and went on to win a Grammy Award for “Best Rap Performance by Duo or Group,” he co-wrote and performed on it.

The talented rapper became a millionaire by putting all of his energy into music while also working as an actor in films and television series. “Aktion,” “A.D.I.D.A.S.”, the Killer, and other hits were released in early 2002 and early 2003.

killer mike net worth

Columbia Records signed Mike to a recording contract. In March 2003, he released his first solo studio album, named “Monster,” on the label. The album was well-received by critics and climbed to the top of multiple US Billboard charts.

Mike was able to make an estimated $50,000 from the sales and promotion of his album at the end of the year.

He continued to put out albums and write songs for other musicians over the next nine years. “Grind Time official records” was established by him in early 2006 when he left Columbia Records and launched the SMC and Fontana Distribution.

In addition to being his first album published under his record label, “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind” was also one of his earliest commercial successes.

“I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II”, “PL3DGE”, and “And R.A.P Music” were his most successful solo albums, earning him an estimated $250,000 in royalties and sales. Rapper T.I., Shawty Lo, T.I., and Bun B are just a handful of the artists he has collaborated with throughout the years.

Net Worth of Killer Mike

Killer Mike has a net worth of approximately $6.5 million as of 2022, which he has accumulated via his profession as a hip-hop recording artist and a successful actor. Besides that, he is the founder of official records and has received several Grammy awards.

killer mike net worth

He recorded a total of six studio albums as well as four mixtapes over his career. He has also made cameo appearances in several films.

KILLER MIKE is an internationally renowned hip-hop recording artist who has also achieved success as a nice actor and a successful political leader.

He has created several song albums as well as mixtapes, which have enabled him to earn millions of dollars. He and his wife have also opened a barbershop, which they run together.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Height of  Killer Mike?

He stands about 1.83 m in height.

What Exactly Is Killer Mike’s Line of Business?

He is a rapper, actor, and activist from the United States.

What Day Does Killer Mike Celebrate His Birthday?

Killer Mike was born on April 20, 1975, on the 20th of April in the year 1975.

What Is Killer Mike’s Net Worth in Today’s Money?

The net worth of the company is $6.5 million.

Is Killer Mike in a Relationship?

He has a wife and children.


The rapper Killer Mike began his career in his early twenties. Since 1995, he has been consistently producing and writing songs for both himself and many other artists. Throughout his career, the actor and activist have earned an estimated net worth of $3 million from his many professions. Apart from the music industry, he has been highly praised for his work as a political and social activist that focused his attention on police brutality, social inequality, and systematic racism.

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