American Sniper 2: Is A Sequel Coming Anytime Soon?

American Sniper 2: Is A Sequel Coming Anytime Soon?

The film about the American sniper, Chris Kyle was a huge success in 2014. We tell you what the chances are for “American Sniper 2”.

The biographical drama “American Sniper” follows the story of the most successful American sniper Chris Kyle ( Bradley Cooper, “A Star Is Born”), from his training to his first and last deployment in Iraq. A subplot of the film is everyday life in his native Texas, how he meets his wife Taya ( Sienna Miller, “21 Bridges”), gets married, and has children with her. Time and again, the traumatic events in the war zone impact his family life, which is peaceful. We’ll tell you about “American Sniper 2” here.

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“American Sniper 2”: The Storyline Is Complete

Even if director Clint Eastwood  (“Million Dollar Baby,” “Gran Torino”) has a penchant for emotional storytelling, there were natural limits with this film because it is based on a true story. After his wife’s repeated requests and killing the best Iraqi sniper, Chris returns to his homeland. It is difficult for him to lead a normal life there, so he begins to listen to the stories of the others at veterans’ meetings and spends a lot of time with the former soldiers. When he takes a young marine to a firing range, Chris is shot by him. The last few sequences show excerpts from the procession convoy and its memorial service in Arlington, Texas. “American Sniper 2” is therefore not to be expected because the heroic story of Chris Kyle is over.

“American Sniper 2” Alternatives For Action Fans

For all those who have been looking forward to “American Sniper 2”, we have put together a list of alternatives that will keep you entertained:

  • “Deadly Command: The Hurt Locker”: A bomb disposal command is deployed in Iraq and is being put to the test in the war zone. You can find the Oscar-winning film by  Kathryn Bigelow in the stream on Netflix. 
  • “1917”: At the height of the First World War, two British soldiers are sent across enemy territory to warn another unit of an ambush. The film is available on subscription on Sky from “American Beauty” director Sam Mendes. 
  • “Dunkirk”: The Allied troops have been encircled on the beach at Dunkirk, and Hitler’s armed forces are getting closer and closer. Will the spectacular rescue operation succeed? You can find Christopher Nolan’s action war film on Netflix and Amazon by subscription.


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