The Kissing Booth 3: Ending Has Left Fans Disappointed

The Kissing Booth 3: Ending Has Left Fans Disappointed

“The Kissing Booth 3” can now be streamed on Netflix, and the end is upsetting, for better or for worse. While some ask for a fourth part after the end, other fans are a little annoyed by how the story of Elle, Lee, and Noah came to an end. We have summarized particularly profound problems in the final film of the “The Kissing Booth” trilogy for you.

There Were Too Many Parallel Storylines

We remember, “The Kissing Booth 2” ended with Elle having to choose a college. Would she go to UC Berkeley with her BFF Lee as they had planned since childhood? Or would she attend the elite Harvard University with her partner Noah? One would think that the plot’s core would be this decision, but instead, the third part throws many more stories into the pot, many of them quite unnecessary. Chloe returns yeah, but does that have any noticeable impact? 

Even the story of her parents’ divorce led nowhere. Marco is back, too, of course. And his role is the same as in the second part, with the difference that Noah can now watch how he tries to flirt with Elle. In addition, the Flynn brothers Noah and Lee are vying for Elle’s attention AGAIN, we already had that in the parts before.

Noah And Elle’s Relationship And Separation Makes No Sense

Speaking of repetitions from old parts, Noah and Elle split up at the end of “The Kissing Booth 3”. Again. This time, however, for a full six years (at least). After Noah realized that he would be the only reason Elle chose Harvard, he made it easier for her and ended the relationship, and then it seems that he hasn’t even contacted her for six years. Not that she did it any other way. 

There is hardly any other explanation that after the jump in time at the end of the film, when they meet, the two first have to tell what has been going on for them in recent years. Wait a minute, you didn’t even send a message? Not a call, not even a letter? The two come from very closely interlinked families, and none of the members has ever said a word about one of the two? We can hardly imagine that. Oh yes, and Noah said he would protect Elle. How is that supposed to work when he has completely broken off contact with her for six years? We are more than confused!


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