Frozen 3: Is It Happening Anytime Soon?


The animated sequel to the Disney film Frozen II has grossed more than $392 million worldwide. The success of the stories of the sisters of Arendelle is already a sure thing, and, considering its good data at the box office, it is not surprising that The House of Mickey Mouse wants to continue harvesting figures like these. Will there then be a third instalment?

Directors of the second instalment, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and its producer, Peter Del Vecho, commented on the possibilities and answered the question if we will see Frozen 3 at some point. As Cinemablend points out, when Frozen II comes to an end, Olaf wants to know if the protagonists’ adventures will continue. Elsa’s response is: “No. We are done. ” Is this a warning to fans?

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Here’s The Statement Of Creators

“I think when we watch these two movies together…it feels like a complete journey ,” says Del Vecchio. “I feel that way,” adds Lee. “But, I don’t know. Ask Chris in a year,” concludes the director. Frozen I and Frozen II had a six years difference between both. So Disney could release the third instalment in a while. Would you like it?

In Frozen II, Arendelle’s sisters must embark on a journey into the unknown. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel repeat as the voices of Anna and Elsa, respectively. Also Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Olaf. Regarding the new signings, Evan Rachel Wood was in charge of lending her voice to Queen Iduna and Sterling K. Brown to Lieutenant Matthias. 

Does Elsa Have A Girlfriend?

The famous request for Elsa to have a girlfriend gained a lot of traction in recent years, and fans were shocked to see a brunette girl in the forest. As expected, Twitter was filled with joy in assuming that she has the powers of autumn and is Elsa’s girlfriend.

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck directed the sequel, and we believe that the two will team up again for the third instalment. Given the movie’s popularity, we understand that a third instalment is something the fans have been expecting for quite some time. Disney has not yet commented on the possibilities on an official level, but it has neither denied the presence of a third instalment in the near future. We hope to get an official announcement regarding Frozen 3 soon.


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